My mother -in -law stared at me from beginning to end, and a word made me collapse immediately

“Headline article development plan”

"Powerful, hard, work harder, and then work hard. Yes, cheer, come out!"

At 9 o’clock in the morning, I went to the oxytocin, and then experienced a contraction of nearly 10 hours. Finally, I waited for the palace mouth to open 3 fingers and entered the delivery room to make painless pain. At more than 12 am, I tried my best to my life.", Finally pulled out a" rake "close to 7 pounds.

◎ After the vein dripping oxytocin, contractions and severe pain occur every few minutes./ Interviewee confesses

The son’s wrinkled face was completely cute.After looking at him, I lay back to the giving birth bed, thinking that when I returned to the ward, I could start to be the role of a mother. It turned out that I was too naive.


Why is there no milk

After sewing the wound, the midwife held the baby to me to feed me.I have done my homework before, knowing that it is the best for breastfeeding for about half an hour after birth. At this time, feeding can help the emotional connection between the mother and the baby. The baby’s sucking experience is more conducive to his growth and development.EssenceI put my nipples in his mouth with confidence, thinking: Son, you are hungry.

He took about 10 minutes, I looked down, and my heart was stunned. Is this a loneliness?In addition to saliva or saliva.Except for a little numb and pain, I have no other feeling.

Uh … why is it different from the popular science article? Where did it make a mistake?Multimary nurses comfort me: "It’s okay, maybe just finished, and the body hasn’t responded to lactation."

Because it was a smooth delivery, I didn’t feel how tired after giving birth to a child, and the whole person was still in a state of excitement.After being pushed back to the ward, I got out of bed to go to the bathroom, and then dinner that I hadn’t had time to eat last night -a bowl of wonton noodles was dried in three or two times, and then slowly took a photo of the sleeping baby mad.Essence

◎ The son came to this world’s first "ID card"./ Interviewee confesses

After a while, the baby cried, and my husband and I were at a loss. The auntie of the caregiver rushed over and said that the baby was hungry and let me feed.The child took about 20 minutes, unhappy, and started crying again.I looked down and found that it was exactly the same as the situation in the delivery room.

As a last resort, you can only let the nursing aunt be fed with milk powder first.

◎ The breastfeeding powder tool specified in the hospital — contains a small stainless steel cup and a small stainless steel spoon.Because breastfeeding is advocated, the hospital is not allowed to bring a bottle into the obstetric ward./ Interviewee confesses

On the next day, my nipples were absorbed, and the strong tingling was stimulating the nerves all the time.The doctor patrolling helped me to check. They guided me to breastfeed. I also went to the Kang room to massage the milk at my own expense, but the results were very small.The increasingly painful feeling made me start to be afraid of breastfeeding. Whenever I hear it, I have a urge to escape.

On the fifth day, I was discharged from the hospital. I moved to the confinement center with anxiety, and we ushered in a bunch of problems.


Is it suffering from depression?

Compared to the hospital, the method of confinement center Tongtong is more comfortable.I looked at the milk out, and my heart was happy. Is there any obviously?

Immediately afterwards, I put a rush to place an imported breast pump, intending to be together.

◎ There are only a few milliliters sucked out on the 5th day after giving birth./ Interviewee confesses

In addition to these external forces, the two large cups of stew soup are never absent every day, coupled with the various soups such as confinement water, sugar water, meat porridge, etc., I drink it from morning to night.It can be said that I almost all used the way to promote lactation.

◎ At the dinner at the center of the confinement./ Interviewee confesses

During this period, in order to chase milk, I always stare at the feeding time, thinking that it is one minute to feed for one minute; the nipples are always broken and good, good and broken, every time I feed, I will apply a thick oneThe layer of sheep fat paste is covered with a plastic wrap to avoid being scratched by clothes.

But the reality is cruel, and the "milk scum" still has not succeeded in counterattack. I feel like a big stone in my heart, and I can’t breathe.

My mother -in -law would come to see the baby from time to time. What is embarrassing is that if I meet me just feeding, she will stare at her eyes.Every time I feed the milk, she strongly asked to make up for milk powder, saying that she was afraid that the baby would not eat.This was a lot of pressure to me, and the anxious mood was covered with another shadow.At the beginning, I was struggling to give her the food demand for her infant at this stage.But under her constant emphasis, I couldn’t fight, so I had to gradually compromise and increase the amount of milk powder according to her meaning.

◎ The amount of milk sucked on the 27th day after giving birth is already the most ever./ Interviewee confesses

When the child was almost full moon, my husband’s aunt came to see the child, and immediately taught me a variety of prolactin remedies in her hometown.A weird emotion rushed to my heart: "How did she know?" If you think about it again, you guess the answer.I listened and listened with a smile, and my heart had turned up.

After they left, I immediately sent a lot to my husband: "Why would the little aunt know that I had no milk? If it wasn’t for you, it was your mother, this is my privacy, do you want to hand it a horn to you?My own business, please don’t interfere in the future! "

I endured the urge to smash things, I ran into the bathroom, throwing it on the door hard, and crying silently on the toilet.

◎ Many treasure moms with the same troubles on the Internet./ Network screenshot

Of course I understand that my mother -in -law’s starting point is for the sake of children, but the doubts and impose interference again and again make me more and more doubt whether I can be a competent mother. I feel full of guilty and feel that I am hungry to my child.Essence

Similar to negative ideas are increasing day by day, my emotions are getting lower and lower, and tears are not controlled several times.Even once, I sat by the bay window and watched the car on the dozen floors downstairs, and a terrible idea suddenly flashed in my head.

Fortunately, after a few minutes, I found that I was not right, and quickly shifted my attention, silently cheering myself.

I do n’t know if Mr. I later reported to my mother -in -law. I do n’t want to conflict face to face. The only way is to choose some of her questions to automatically filter, and I do n’t listen to it.


Reconcile with yourself

After 42 days, I passed, and I took my child back to the long -lost home from the confinement center.

At home, I still try to breastfeed as much as possible. The baby often sleeps for about half an hour.I can’t verify whether he is full, so I use milk powder to supplement at other times.

◎ On the 68th day after giving birth, there is only this milk./ Interviewee confesses

At the time of pregnancy, I joined a pregnant woman WeChat group in the hospital, which were pregnant mothers who gave birth at the same time as me.Later, this group automatically transformed into a mother group.I watched the milk -treated experience that everyone shared, and found that they all mentioned a word -milk array.

I checked the information before I realized that when the milk array came, I felt my breasts swell and the nipples were hemp. At this time, the milk would spit out immediately.Compared with my own feelings, I did not realize the appearance of the milk array at a time, which made me puzzled.

Some Baoma said that the increase in milk rose very hard, and breast inflammation caused a high fever, and even was hospitalized.I was still scared when I heard it when I was pregnant, but later I found that I was worried about it. I comforted myself: The milk residue was not completely good at all, isn’t it?IntersectionAt least, do not need to experience terrible mastitis.

◎ Postpartum mastitis is a common disease in puerperium. Most of them are acute mastitis. They often occur in lactating women 3-4 weeks postpartum, so they are also called mammitis./ Station Cool Hyllo

Later, my mother said that one month after she gave birth to me, the milk was gone.I seem to have found another reason to comfort myself: Look, my mother is the same. Maybe it is inherited, and I can’t control it.

In this way, I no longer attached to milk and less milk. If there is, I feed it. If I do n’t, I will rush my milk powder and let myself completely let myself go.Six months after my son was born, before I went back to work, he naturally weaned.

◎ The rivers and lakes call it "self -humiliation three -piece set" -the breast suction, anti -overflow pad, and milk storage bag.More than 200 slices of anti -milk pads, more than 100 milk storage bags, and whole sets of breast pumps were finally resold to other treasure mothers in the community./ Interviewee confesses

A mother -in -law later complained to me. Her son refused to drink milk powder, and the breast milk was squeezed out and put it in a bottle. She was not willing to drink it. She only accepted it. Sometimes it was inconvenient to go out. Considering that she had to go to work, she was worried about it.died.Listening to her words, I felt an inexplicable hint in my heart.

In this matter of breastfeeding, as a novice mother, I experienced breast milk anxiety and abandon breast milk, and my mood was like a roller coaster.It’s all: Since this is the case, why not force yourself to the dark corner of darkness.It is best to breastfeed more. If it does not work, don’t force yourself. Only if you are in a good mood, your baby will be fine.

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