My wife has, what should I do?Precautions

October in pregnant is a magical journey. This process came one day, and it was connected by a small and small thing.For pregnant women, all aspects of life will affect the fetus in the abdomen. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to every small link in life, and patiently respond to make the life during pregnancy easily and pleasant.In order to welcome new lives in the best state, parents in the future must be prepared for details before pregnancy.During pregnancy, the body and mind of pregnant women will change greatly. As a pregnant woman, we must face up to these details. We must know what can be done and what cannot be done.Life starts with fertilized egg cells. A cell is divided, differentiated, developed as normal fetal and childbirth. It requires the coordination of the mother and fetus.In this process, whether the mother and the fetus appear abnormal, it may affect the normal progress of pregnancy.In short, pregnancy is a happy and worrying physiological process. The prospective mother’s healthy mentality to care for themselves is to care for their children.

Women who are pregnant for the first time will have a series of changes in their bodies and psychology. Because for the first time, pregnant women themselves often do not realize, and there is no plan for birth, or they do not understand the body’s response at all, so that they eat them by mistake, so that they eat them by mistake.Drugs or negligence in life are likely to have adverse effects on the fetus and mother.

Pregnancy test

There are two types of pregnancy test failure: 1. Pregnancy, but the test shows that there is no pregnancy, that is, the pregnancy test pen is not sensitive enough: the possible causes include the expiration of the pregnancy test, the pharmaceutical agent has failed; the other reason is that the manufacturer uses it.There is a problem with the agent.2. Not pregnant, but it is too sensitive to show that the pregnancy test reagent is too sensitive: the velvet glandular hormone in the body during pregnancy will increase, which can be detected by the urine.EssenceBut the velvet hormone exists in each human body (including men), but the amount is small.Some reagents are too sensitive, and even if the amount is small, it may be positive, which makes users mistakenly think that they are pregnant.The inspection time is incorrect, too early and too late, and the test results may be incorrect.Some people are tested 2 to 3 days after the house, and often cannot verify the correct results.Some people are only verified after a period of pregnancy. However, because the value of the villosal hormone will increase with the number of pregnancy weeks, for example, after 10 weeks, the value may reach more than 100,000, and the general pregnancy test pen is more than a certain amount of more than a certain amount of certainty.It will not be verified after the value.

You should adjust your dressing table, temporarily put beauty products and cosmetics aside, leaving skin care products.Because pregnant women are only skin care.

Your skin care products should choose well -known brands to prevent skin allergies from harming the fetus.

TV, audio, computers, microwave ovens, and mobile phones can cause electromagnetic pollution, which is extremely unfavorable to fetal development.The "nursing treasure" protection that has been available can effectively prevent magnetic prevention. It is recommended that you buy a set in advance.

Prepare at least one set of pregnant women’s clothes and two pairs of flat shoes.

Do not choose long -distance business trips and fatigue for two weeks.

Pay attention to the month of pregnancy to avoid conception of the full moon night, so as not to cause low wisdom or deformity.

This month you can organize your living environment to facilitate your action after pregnancy.

Return to the items that may have stumbling frosters and leave the maximum space.

The items that are often used should be placed in the place where you stand for easy placement and adjust the location of the kitchen supplies.

Prepare special pots and towels. From the beginning of pregnancy, you should insist on washing your buttocks and changing panties every day.

Stick your feet before going to bed every day, don’t be too hot.

Wipe the breasts and underarms frequently. If the nipples have a small white dot, gently wipe it out to prevent the milk from being blocked and the milk is not smooth.

Do n’t pay too much attention to diet during early pregnancy. Even if you go to the hospital for consultation, the doctor will not give you a lot, and there is no taboo.

A piece of folic acid (300mg) every day has confirmed by many parties that Slien given by the hospital is very good, so you don’t need to buy very expensive.If there is no folic acid before pregnancy, there are two folic acid a day in March after pregnancy.Some pregnant women are uncomfortable after eating folic acid. It is recommended to eat half an hour after meals, which can be slightly better.

Contraindications: hawthorn, longan, crab, sea cucumber, abalone, papaya, mango, reverse seasonal food.Yiyu: grapefruit, apple, banana, navel orange, grapes (more navel orange and grapefruit I ate in the first three months).Eat less celery, my mother -in -law said.

Even if the appetite is not good, a glass of milk, one cooked white egg, three kinds of vegetables, and three fruits are sufficient to provide early nutrition (what the doctor said).After 16 weeks, the appetite is good. Don’t worry too much. I can eat it now.

From 18 weeks of pregnancy, drink grain soy milk every day.Soak beans every night (soybeans, peanuts, millet, red beans, oats, corn residues, black sesame, walnuts, walnuts).Drink, pretty good.

Don’t mention heavy objects.

Don’t raise it (dry clothes and raise things), it is easy to sting and danger.

Get the sun every day and walk more.

Record your physical condition, and use it to be convenient to describe to the doctor in the hospital and take a few minutes of the diagnosis.Certificate processing.

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