N times (functional uterine bleeding) experience and experience summary, reference for friends who need it (1)

N experience of collapse/functional uterine bleeding experience, non -advertising does not recommend medicine and do not recommend medicine, giving sisters who are experiencing the same pain and friends engaged in Chinese medicine.Non -Chinese medicine powder is not happy, do not spray!

From the first leak in July 2018, to the last time in 2021, it passed for a long time. A leak in 2020 was facing life and death. At that time, I was thinking, if I survive, I want to take my experienceRecord it, give reference to those in need. May sisters who are sympathetic to the disease get out of suffering as soon as possible and regain health.

However, every time I can’t write it, I can’t think of my past experience, I can’t re -appreciate the pain again. I feel that I can’t breathe, and my body starts to lose consciousness.

Over the past year, my body has been raised a lot, and I can finally face the pain of the past.Yeah, the physical pain on the flesh is also memorable, and the pain of the body can also cause the soul’s pain.

The content of this article is relatively long. After so many times, the time span is large, and the process of seeking to treat the disease is twisted.I try to record in detail as much nonsense as much as possible. I think this is more of this significance.Taking records that these will spend me a few days and energy, but if I can help others, even if there is only one, what I do is worth it.

This article does not recommend any doctors and drugs, but in order to give my cure experience for your reference, I will record the drugs I use, but friends do not copy it.The recipe for others has suffered a lot!The reason why I have to record in detail is to be able to compare my illness more accurately.You have to get medicine yourself, you have to have a certain basis of Chinese medicine, but it is best to ask a Chinese medicine doctor.

The first split

In 2018, at that time, I had ended my career for a period of time. I was looking for directions. I don’t know what I can do, but I know what I don’t want.I don’t want to throw my limited life on endless work, nervous and busy work and the scams of the workplace, which makes me bored.

In early July, I went to an ecological farm to study the Parkmen course. At that time, I became interested in natural and agricultural laws, and I had the idea of planting land. I like to contact nature, and I can eat safe, peaceful, fresh melon.Fruit and vegetables.

After studying on the farm for a week, I ate ecological food for a week. Although it is only a vegetarian, the meal is very delicious. It is much better than the ingredients I bought in the city in the city or vegetable farm in the city. I eat it every day.

After the course, I went to another farm to be volunteer. The meal was not so delicious. The rice was still very hard, and the toilet was the most primitive dry toilet with mosquitoes in groups.In order to avoid going to the toilet, I tried to endure it.

A week later, I returned to the home in the city. I felt weak and didn’t want to eat.Under such circumstances, I came for a holiday.I thought it ended in a few days as usual. I never thought that it had opened the long leak for the first time, for nearly half a year.

Nowadays, a large part of the reason for the problem is to eat, there is a problem with diet, too much, and less digestion and excretion, causing the burden on the spleen and stomach, and the spleen deficiency.TCM viewpoint spleen blood.But I didn’t understand it at the time.

Before recording this leak, I would like to talk about my physical condition at that time.

About seven or eight years before the collapse, my menstruation was five or six days in advance, and the amount was less and less. Later, only one or two days came, two or three sanitary pads a day.Later, it was not developed once in a few months, and the amount was even less.Before this collapse, I had not been in menstruation for half a year. At that time, I went to the hospital for examination. The B -ultrasound showed that the endometrium was much thickened than normal.Otherwise, menstruation will probably bleed next time.

I did not listen to the doctor’s advice. I don’t want to perform surgery. I think a surgery is a harm to the body.Later, it collapsed.

At that time, I was still insomnia, and I went to see Chinese medicine many times before and after 16 years.Here, I want to talk about my experience of seeing the doctor.Good Chinese medicine can cure diseases, and bad Chinese medicine killed people.

At that time, the outpatient clinic of the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine took several medicines. Later, the number of deputy presidents was hung.I remember that at the time in the early morning, there were some old men and old ladies, and they lowered their heads. The whole space was silent and depressed. The deputy dean was about sixty years old.When it was my turn, I asked me some physical condition, and then the three cold fingers put on my wrist and pulled the pulse. I was very impressed. The fingers were too cold. When I put on my hand, my body was stunned.(Later, he was also studying Chinese medicine. Listening to Xu Wenbing or Teacher Ni Haixia said that if you go to see Chinese medicine, if you give you the pulse’s doctor’s fingers cold, do not find him to see a doctor, his own illness is not good).

After the dean gave me the pulse, he asked me if he had medical insurance, and said that my condition was very serious and I needed to be hospitalized immediately.I am a little bit embarrassed: it ’s not the same, is n’t it insomnia and weaker?I asked him what was going on?He said that you should go through the hospitalization procedures for a whole body check.

The nurse came over and took me to a room, and pushed the bottle shelf to get a needle.The more I think, the more I feel like this. Even if I am sick, I have no qualifications to be sick!I live in this city alone. There will be no loved ones and no lovers to visit me, take care of me, and no one will sign for surgery.I am a good person now, and then I am hospitalized like this?I don’t want to make myself so pitiful, who am I pity!I have no choice but to take care of myself.

I told the nurse that I would not be hospitalized anymore.Looking back, I went to the deputy dean again and said, you can show you the sleeping pills.The deputy dean was a little angry, and he wrote the consequences on my medical records and let me signed it on it.

Later, I went to the end of the Disease Center of the Chinese Medicine Hospital to find a attending doctor. The doctor prescribed a lot of medicine for me. It is estimated that a recipe piled up all the medicines that can be cured.It ’s good, I hugged a big hug home, I could n’t cook it with a 5L pot at the bottom.I consulted the doctor assistant and answered me and said that you can cook it twice and then.This medicine did not take insomnia well, but I had bad stomachs. There were too many keel oysters like gold and stone powder in it, and I might drink some of them into the stomach.In this way, I have no confidence to cure.

Looking back, the first collapse.

After returning from the farm, I came for a holiday. At that time, my physical condition was not good, weak, insomnia, and poor appetite.I thought it was over soon, but the week passed before, and I began to mutter.After 10 days, I was not over, and I started to doubt. I haven’t ended in half a month. I started to worry about it. I thought about it every day. Maybe these two days will end … When one month is not over, it is really anxious at this time.

During that time, the physical condition was obviously worse.I feel tired when walking in the community.I used to send waterman and water, and I made people let go of the door. I came in myself, but at that time I found that I couldn’t move.

At that time, there was no trust in the Chinese medicine medicine in the city and did not want to see Western medicine.At this time, my friend introduced me to the "X Qi Sheng" of the Internet.

After paying the consultation fee of 400 yuan, I filled out a detailed physical condition Q & A through the Internet consultation, and then got a prescription, and went to the pharmacy to take medicine to drink water.

The amount of medication is very small. Each medicine may be 1-2 grams. There are peach kernels, filaments, Poria, etc., and drink water in the insulation cup.After getting the medicine, I murmured: Can you do such a small amount?But I still drink it carefully.I drank about more than a week. During the period, the menstrual volume became larger and larger. Later, the amount was so large that I sat on the floor with a sanitary napkin and soaked my pants and wet the floor.Although I was endless every day, it was only a drop of bleeding.

I dare not continue to drink.Due to the respect of this well -known Chinese medicine medicine on the Internet, I have high hopes. I told the other party after drinking my medicine, hoping that he could restore me again.

However, I never thought that a day or two passed, and there was no reply.I’m in a hurry!I am scared for the first time, for the first time, for the first time.I sent a few more information to the other party, and the other party still didn’t reply to a word. Later, they threw it with the same recipe as before.I read it wrong in the future, and carefully checked, it was exactly the same.I told each other, but I still didn’t reply.

At that time, my bleeding was very large, and my physical condition was worse than before. I was anxious. I asked the friend who introduced me to me to ask me.My friend took a screenshot to the chat history.The idea is, "X Qi Sheng" said, I don’t trust people.

Well, from the beginning of the consultation list to the medicine side, I took your medicine to get worse. You have time to talk to your friends, but you don’t have time to talk to me and care about the patient’s situation.

What does I do not trust people?Dare you a placebo?Even if your medical skills are clever, what is your medical morality?I want to trust you. From beginning to end, from paying to medicine, have you communicated with me?Have you responded to me once?What do I trust you?Moreover, you are not for me for free, you charge me for four hundred dollars.

Having said that, I am scornful about such so -called "famous doctors". I hope that the sisters are brightering their eyes. Don’t get sick and take care of the medical treatment. Don’t spend money and don’t look at the illness but hurt your body.

Of course, the reason why famous doctors are famous should also be cured a lot, but medical ethics is really important!Also, think about it, there are more people who see a doctor. The same recipe, the right person is cured, the right person is not cured, and the cured people can sing, but what about those who are not cured?Who do you find?

There is a strange problem in this matter. If his medicine is so small, it is not good to cure. Why is it worse and worse?At that time, I was puzzled. Later, I also learned a little Chinese medicine. I wanted to come. The reason for the breaking blood of Tao Ren. Tao Ren was promoted blood circulation and stasis, but I was not right.Can’t bear it.

(Unhappy to be continued …)

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