Net red Sydney’s belly is exposed at the beginning!Starting to be vegetarian and fat at 6 months of pregnancy

In order to double 11, many merchants started preparing for several months in advance. As the leader of the Internet celebrity e -commerce, Sydney insisted on taking pictures in Paris in person even if he was pregnant with a big belly.On the night of November 10, she exposed her big belly photos on Weibo for the first time: "Women are married, pregnant, childhood, and not the end of their career. Instead, it will inspire us to greater energy, becauseSuperman Ma Ma, want to care for more people, and hope to give the baby a good example -we don’t need to be perfect, but we must do our best. "

At the count, Sydney is almost 6 months old now. Judging from the itinerary exposed by her Weibo, her work after pregnancy has never stopped at all.Fortunately, I recently taken photos of winter clothes. The belly can be covered with a coat. The following groups of photos and pregnant photos are taken on the same day. It is really difficult for people who do not know that this is a pregnant woman with 6 months of pregnancy.

The photographer who took this group of "pregnant photos" for Sydney forwarded the Weibo and exposed the story behind the photos. It turned out that Sydney took a lot of photos every day, but the stomach was covered.Finally, I was free to record this precious moment under the Eiffel Tower.

Sydney revealed on Weibo that he would take a break for a while, and I am afraid that it will not be able to work as a model until next year.The 160cm tall Sydney weighs 86-88 pounds before pregnancy. At present, it has been fat to 106-108 catties. Netizens who know the truth are incredible, and I can’t see it from the recent photos!

In order to control weight, Sydney exposed his nutritional fat reduction meal on Weibo trumpet, including bird’s nest milk papaya, fried olive oil, and fruit vegetarian dishes.

It is hard to imagine that the Internet celebrity Sydney, which was originally the girl’s route, also circled many mothers. Many people reminded her in the comments. It seems that Sydney will be transformed into mothers and infants and celebrities in the future.

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