Never be born until you don’t want to have a life, don’t want to give birth, don’t dare to give birth

Heaven has a good virtue.Endless life is the basic rule of the continuation of the earth.Who can foresee that the Chinese around the 21st century have experienced so many helplessness and anxiety in front of this basic rule.

It’s really hard to understand and imagine.How many investigations and research and demonstration did the original expert think tanks obtained the conclusion of the "population explosion", thereby implementing a strict "only one good" family planning policy.What really does the population means poverty and backward?Is it really easy to move towards wealth and prosperity?In the era of the Tang Dynasty and Tang Zong, the Chinese population had never exceeded 100 million, and they could have a well -off at that time?No, the lessons left by our ancestors are "shortly after the children are poor, no children are not rich."This "Zi", narrow explanation is male, and the broad explanation is the population.Narrow and wide are not contradictory.There are many people, and there are many men.This is the regular setting of nature.

The frequency of mating fertility stipulated in the heavens is different from the rodent mice after all.The mice have six to eight babies a year, and each child is five to ten.Over the past 50 million years, he has not heard that the "mouse explosion" has caused the mouse to extinct or the earth is destroyed.

People are both consumers and producers.This is common sense.

It seems that all the reason is all failed.Therefore, in the impulse to save humans to save the earth, in the eager dream of being eager to achieve a well -known well -off and eager to pursue wealth, a strict family planning policy has been fully landed.If you have a child, you have to have a permit first. There is no "not allowed to give birth". If you are born, it is illegal. If you have to be punished, a fine must be paid.How many public officials include state -owned enterprise employees and even private teachers lost their rice bowls for this.The rural areas are allowed to have a second child, but the condition is that the first child must be a girl, and the boy does not work.Therefore, the common slogan is "family planning is the basic national policy" and "one child wearing a ring two -child festival".Some people are not lucky and become "two -female households", but they are unwilling and are afraid of breaking the incense, so they secretly pregnant and sneak, and have staged countless "Super Guerrillas".When the contradiction pressure is particularly prominent, the extreme slogan "Ning Tian Xin’s Tomb, No Newcomer" is printed on the wall.What is the fine?

Fortunately, strict family planning policies stopped abruptly in 2014. The second child was released and the urban and rural areas were consistent; then the third child was released, and the rewards were encouraged.

But people can’t do it.The situation is completely reversed, and from the new era that I want to have a lot of life and not allowed to come to a new era.

Thirty years of strict family planning has enabled us to enter an aging society quickly, and it is not wealthy.The problem of population structure is becoming increasingly severe; at the same time, the pyramid -like family population structure completely subverts the ethical culture of traditional Chinese filial piety and elderly relatives.Children become the center of the family rather than the elderly, and equality is impossible."Buying a house in the six wallet cities" is not purely an economic assistance phenomenon of currency payment. It should also express the problem of a family wealth dominance, that is, who will dominate the problem of controlling family wealth.Pension disputes will even continue to occur.And its occurrence was not entirely filial piety.Time, space, energy and financial resources are intertwined, and whoever plays is enough for him to drink a pot and let him drunk.You can only send it to social care.

The phenomenon of "Dink" culture and "grass -eating man" has already occurred in developed western countries, and they have an impact on Chinese contemporary youth but they are quite limited.High house prices are the best sterilization drugs, which is the consensus of online society; it is a huge pressure on education and medical care. Some people choose to lie flat. It is helpless to choose not to marry.Essence

When a case becomes a common phenomenon, it is meaningless to accuse them of being lazy coward.The important thing is to help them get out of their indignation and stand up.The Communist Youth League, Women’s Federation, and Union that from top to bottom should not be allowed to take a break first.Anyway, you must first face the problem instead of ignoring your ears.The universal problem of contemporary times is best to solve the contemporary contemporary spirit.

Young people are our future.They need care.

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