Never imagined!Bleeding in the eyes of expectant mothers is actually a problem with her mind?

"You see me, he tall is not tall, and he weighs 90 kilograms. I am annoyed by myself. This is only 22 weeks of pregnancy.

28 -year -old Xiaolan (pseudonym)

Is a young expectant mother

She likes to drink drinks,

After pregnancy, the weight of the weight is soaring straight lines

But she didn’t care.

Half a month ago appeared

There is no obvious cause of headache, accompanied by dizziness and vomiting

At the same time, eyesight decreases

Ophthalmology expert diagnosis as bottom bleeding and vision edema

However, after treatment

Her symptoms have not improved

It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul

In fact, from a medical perspective

Eyes are also windows of the brain

After further evaluation and neurology consultation

Xiao Lan transferred to Zhengzhou People’s Hospital’s neurology department 1 ward for treatment

"What kind of disease is this, how to treat it?"

"What kind of medicine is it, has it impact on the fetus?"

"Does this affect the eyes?"

Xiao Lan’s family in the doctor’s office was anxiously questioning

In a neurology, a pathogenesis of a 28 -year -old was paying special attention to the 28 -year -old mother, and she was also anxious about her condition.


The doctor performed a lumbar spine for him,

The results show that:

Xiaolan’s intracranial pressure is actually 400mmh₂o high

You must know the intracranial pressure of normal adults

Generally between 70-200mmh0o

So what is the reason she causes

What is the high intracranial pressure?

It is because of high skull pressure

Is the bottom bleeding?

Finally, the diagnosis of intracranial venous sinus thrombus after the gynecological and interventional department was diagnosed after consultation. Zhang Shuling, director of the anecdotum of neurology, and Liu Bing, in charge of the doctor Liu Bing, finally formulated a treatment plan suitable for Xiaolan., Choose conservative treatment.

After the treatment of anticoagulant and dehydration, intracratini pressure,

Xiao Lan finally recovered!

She and her family’s face showed a long -lost smile!

So how does Ms. Zhang’s eyes bleed?

What is the edema of the vision?

Cranial venous sinus thrombus formation

Is it a causal relationship with the two?

Let’s watch

In fact, bottom bleeding is not an independent eye disease

It is the symptoms of many eye diseases and certain systemic diseases

Among them, the hair lesions with capillaries are the most common;

Secondly, vein bleeding caused by local or systemic lesions;

In addition, arterial bleeding is relatively rare,

It is mainly related to local porridge hardening or vascular embolism.

Plate edema, also known as vision swelling,

It is a kind of congestion and edema of the visual disk

It is due to increased intracranial pressure and certain systemic diseases

Eye disease and orbital disease cause

The main manifestations are blurred vision, vision defects, etc.

Those with severe condition can affect vision

It even led to blindness!

The formation of intracranial venous sinus thrombus is for various reasons

Vascular disease of the cerebral vein system

The vein sinus closed plug blocked the vein backflow

Varic venous pressure causes bleeding of cerebral tissue

Causes degenerative necrosis of brain cells and increased intracranial pressure

Causes of intracranial vein sinus thrombosis

There are the following aspects:

Blood is high -coordinated state: abnormal genetic coagulation mechanisms commonly used in pregnancy and puerperium

Hematology abnormalities: more common in patients with dehydration, shock, and malignant diseases, as well as decreased platelets, increased primary red blood cells, iron deficiency anemia, and diffuse intravascular coagulation.

Systemic diseases: such as malignant tumors, systemic lupus erythematosus, nephropathy syndrome, vasculitis, ulcerative colitis and other diseases.

Some drugs: such as oral contraceptives, cortisol hormones, androgen.

Infection or tumor infiltration: otitis media, sinusitis, purulent tonsillitis, cancer meningitis, etc.


Pregnancy and puerperium, it turned out to be

The main cause of the formation of intracranial vein sinus thrombus

It seems that expectant mothers still need to pay more attention

Mainly for prevention

Still the intracranial vein sinus thrombus in the cradle!

The key point is!IntersectionIntersection

How to prevent expectant mothers?

Avoid inducement: control blood pressure in stable state, avoid great fluctuations in blood pressure, causing venous rupture;

Keep the stool unobstructed: use a laxative when necessary;

Avoid emotional excitement and strenuous exercise.The sudden rise in blood pressure affects the expansion of blood vessels,

Pay attention to safety: Try not to go out or lock the door to take a bath alone, so as not to affect the rescue when accidents occur.

Scientific choice of diet: Avoid spicy stimuli, eat more fruits and vegetables, which is an auxiliary measure to prevent diseases.

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