New interpretation of taboo customs during pregnancy, do you believe it?

When you are pregnant, there are always those three aunts and six wives around you to remind you of various taboos and customs on pregnancy.They will vowed to tell you that if you don’t believe them, you will be suffering.As a modern expectant mother, do you want to believe in these folk claims?What are the sense of taboos and customs that are generally circulated, which makes sense, and which are completely scientific basis?Let’s analyze those customs and taboos one by one.

1. Unreasonable bogey saying

Some of them are fasting during pregnancy. Some are the summary of people’s long -term life experience.But many are purely nonsense, but it also reflects the willingness of people to be a kind of eugenic.

The folk diet taboos that are not scientific basis are common: the following are the following:

★ Pregnant women should not eat rabbit meat, otherwise the child will have rabbit lips.This statement has spread extremely widely, and it is quite a long time.In the "Museum" of Zhang Hua in the Western Jin Dynasty, there is a record that "the pregnancy must not be rabbit meat, and the rabbit is not visible, which makes the child lack of lips."

★ Do not eat dog meat, otherwise children will bite people in the future and bite their nipples when they eat milk.

★ Do not eat donkey meat, otherwise the child will be "donkey" in the future and is disobedient.

★ Avoid eating roosters so that the child born in this way will not cry at night.

★ Avoid eating crabs so that the children given birth will not drool in the foam, and say that eating crabs makes the fetus difficult to give birth.The folk customs of Taiwan thought that they had eaten crabs, and the children born twisted the hands and feet of others like a crab.

★ Avoid ginger to prevent six fingers from giving birth to babies.

★ Avoid eating ducks, think that after eating ducks, children have to shake their head.

Second, the behavior taboo of pregnant women

Many taboos circulating during the folk are not necessarily scientific, but most of them are conducive to maintaining the physical and mental health of pregnant women, the normal development of the fetus, or directly conducive to the tire.

1 Pregnant women’s house cannot be dismantled or moved casually.

This contraindication is mainly related to the fetal god.Of course, when moving, it will be sorted out, and the heavier furniture, etc. It does increase the chance of accidents for pregnant women, but these tasks can still be worked on their family.

2 Pregnant women cannot sew need to sew need to sew, moving scissors

According to legend, the children born like this may have defects. In fact, all fetuses have about 2-3%of the proportion of different sizes when they are born. Perhaps the uncertainty of these small parts is gradually formed.There is no reason to talk about it.

3 "Happy Holy Holy" endangers mother and child

There is such a statement in the tradition. During pregnancy, the uncle and aunt in the family are married and married.Endogly mother and child.This situation is also difficult to understand, but it can be regarded as a unique custom of Chinese people.Similarly, pregnant women cannot watch funerals to prevent flushing.There may be some truth about this, because pregnancy is a happy event, and now that the prenatal education is increasingly valued, the sad atmosphere of the funeral will affect the mood of expectant mothers. After all, it is not a good thing.

4 Dancing clothes cause miscarriage

After pregnancy, many actions are not very suitable for pregnant women, especially in large belly. Actions are often limited and easy to fall. It should not cause problems in the process of housework, but accidents in the process.Anyway, after pregnancy, many households will work for the other half.

5 Pregnant women can not see women’s delivery, otherwise they will be difficult to give birth in the future.

This taboos are a bit scientific. Because pregnant women see the painful expression of the mother who are childbirth, they can easily cause a kind of mental stress when they hear the shouting of the mother. They may be nervous when they give birth, causing difficulty in giving birth.

3. Other taboos during pregnancy

In some suburbs, after a daughter is pregnant, the custom of giving birth to beds.After women’s pregnancy, the mother’s family heard that the pregnant woman was generally about three months of pregnancy, and gave a single bed to the son -in -law’s house, called "sending a bed".Obviously, the delivery of the pavement has always been stored in the pavement to facilitate the health of pregnant women and the development of the fetus.So when can you not have sex during pregnancy?What should I pay attention to in addition to sexual life during pregnancy?Experts believe that the first three months of pregnancy and the last 2 months of pregnancy should be minimized or stopped intercourse, and the interim should be controlled.There are abdominal pain or vaginal hemorrhage, or doctors think that there is a might be aborted or premature; those such as front placenta and other obstetrics should not have intercourse activities.

[Drink more fresh milk, will the skin given to the baby be white?.

Many expectant mothers believe that drinking more milk, the skin of the baby will turn white, while the brown and dark color drinks or curry, etc., will make the baby’s skin yellow and black.In fact, the skin color of the fetus is affected by the genetic genes of the parents. At the moment of pregnancy, it has been determined by its gene, which has little to do with the diet during pregnancy.

[Born a child bad teeth?.

There is a saying in folklore’s saying that "having a child with a child". In fact, the reason why the ancients had such a statement was mainly because most of the previous pregnant women were malnourished, or they did not know how to ingest balanced nutrients. When calcium was insufficient, it was insufficient.Naturally, the problem of dental health is easy to occur during pregnancy or after production.

As long as the prospective mothers pay attention to nutritional balance, supplement calcium more, and do oral hygiene care during pregnancy, they can have the same "Hao teeth" as before pregnancy.

[Eating more fruits is harmless to the fetus?.

Old people always persuade mothers to eat more fruits.They believe that fruit is rich in nutrition, which is beneficial to mothers and fetuses. It doesn’t matter if you eat more.But in fact, expectant mothers should not eat too much sweet fruit, let alone eat fruits as dinner, otherwise it will easily lead to increased blood sugar in the body and may cause gestational diabetes.

【Doubles of Chinese Medicine】

Many expectant mothers and elders at home believe in the curative effect of Chinese medicine, and hope to help the fetus in the abdomen better development and growth through traditional Chinese medicine treatment or Chinese medicine food therapy.In fact, although traditional Chinese medicine is relatively mild, expectant mothers still need to use it with caution, such as some promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, qi -deoring wind, bitter cold and clearing medicine, and cooling blood detoxification drugs.Some expectant mothers want to consolidate the fetus by taking supplements, but in fact, ginseng, velvet antler, longan and other supplements cannot be taken in disorder. The expectant mothers can only take Chinese medicine and various tonic medicines under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Folk traditions in PART3 puerping period

In the traditional confinement, there are folklore advocating "I don’t wash my hair in confinement!", "Take a daily tonic every day!", "Be sure to sit up for 30 days of confinement!"One difficulty made many women who are pregnant or have just given birth to nervous nervousness.In fact, these taboos of confinement must take into account the factors of time and space, including the environment, climate, and civilian customs of life.Under the consideration of electricalization and water sources of modern life daily life, the taboos of confinement do not have to accept the taboos of confinement. Modern confinement must be scientific, healthy brown and comfortable!Sitting confinement in a scientific way should be used to promote the new proposition of postpartum health.

Customs cannot wash their hair and bath in January, because they will be attacked by the wind and cold, headache in the future, and physical pain.

Some think that new mothers after giving birth can take a bath, but in summer, it should be 3 days after giving birth. It should be after one week after giving birth, and the number of washing times should not be too frequent, especially for physical deficiency.When bathing, the water temperature should be warm. Even in the hot summer, it should not be lower than 37 ° C, because the water is too cool to cause the maternal qi and blood to stagnate. In the future, it may suffer from irregular menstruation and pain in the body.

After bathing, if your hair is not dry, you must not sleep immediately, or you must not sleep immediately, otherwise the wet evil invades and causes headache and neck pain.

In fact, if there is no wound in the perineum, and the fatigue has been restored, you can take a bath at any time. It is not advisable to take a bath, but the bathing time should not be too long. 5-10 minutes each time.Suitable, quickly dry your body after washing, and get dressed in time to avoid colds.

I suggest that new mothers must choose according to their physical conditions and bathing conditions at home.As long as you take warm measures so that you do n’t blow off the bath before and after bathing. The water used is clean and hygienic, and the new mother can wash my hair and bath with confidence.

In the customs of February, you cannot brush your teeth and comb your hair. In this way, your teeth will loosen prematurely and pain in the scalp.

New mothers who have postpartum should brush their teeth and comb their hair every day as usual.Most of the foods eaten by mothers are soft, and the mouth has lost the self -cleaning effect in the chewing process, and it is easier to provide conditions for the formation of plaque.Therefore, the new mother cannot ignore the brushing, let alone brush her teeth.

Combing your head can stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp, keep your hair healthy, and make your hair better.The new mother can keep the habit of combing her hair like the past.

Customs San cannot eat vegetables, fruits and cold foods, otherwise it will hurt the spleen and stomach and teeth.

Modern medicine believes that vegetables, fruits and cold foods can be eaten after giving birth.Because the body’s recovery and milk secretion require more vitamins, especially vitamin C, which has the effect of stopping bleeding and promoting wound healing, and vegetables and fruits contain a large amount of various vitamins.And they also contain more food fiber and can promote gastrointestinal motility, which is conducive to postpartum laxative.But when eating vegetables and fruits after giving birth, pay attention to the freshness and cleanliness of the food.

Four customs can not get out of bed, and you have to lie on the bed so that your body recovers quickly and good.

The current point of view is that the normal maternal can get out of bed for 3 days after the birth of the maternity after birth.If the new mother is lying on the bed all day, and even eating in bed, this will not only reduce the appetite of the maternal, the reproductive organs will slow down, but it will also cause the whole body to be weak.Vascular embolism and other diseases.If the maternal can often get out of bed, it will enhance the contraction of the abdominal muscles, promote uterine recovery, dew discharge, enhance appetite, and prevent urine retention and constipation.Maternal mothers with cesarean section can also prevent intestinal adhesion early.

After the customs, you cannot get out of the hair dryer. Even in the room, you are afraid of the wind.

In the past, maternal doing this may be related to poor postpartum nutrition and weak resistance at that time, because they are vulnerable to the infection of germs and have a fever.Nowadays, the nutritional photography of the mother is sufficient, and the ability to resist disease is strong. The indoor must ventilate to keep the air fresh, but be careful not to blow through the wind.The new mother does not need to be wrapped too tightly. If it is hot when it is hot, it will cause heat stroke.In the hot summer, blow the fan against the opposite direction, let the wind hit the wall rebound back, and circulate the indoor air.The air -conditioned air conditioning should not be blown directly to the maternal, and the room temperature is maintained at 26 ~ 28 degrees Celsius, with a humidity of 55%to 65%. Such an environment is conducive to maternal rest.

The customs can not do business within 100 days after the birth of the Six births.

This custom still makes sense.Because the reproductive organs take at least 8 weeks after delivery to recover, mothers with complications need more fully rest.If you travel too early, it is prone to inflammation, uterine bleeding and tearing of perineum.Therefore, it is necessary to wait for the lochia to be completely clean. The postpartum examination is normal and after more than 2 months of delivery.

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