Newborn umbilical cord care dry goods knowledge: Mom learns in advance, it is not easy to do wrong when nursing

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It is a new year. The baby born this year is a babies of the tiger. As the first wave of "Big Tiger Baby" born in the first month, novice parents should pay attention to taking care of the baby and lay the foundation for the health of the baby!

When the baby is in the belly, it takes the umbilicus to bring oxygen and nutrition. After birth, start "self -reliance", cut the umbilical cord, establish the respiratory system by himself, and eat it by himself.

Speaking of "umbilical cord", it is also the trouble of many novice parents, because they do not care, and even dare not move the baby’s belly button.

After cutting the umbilical cord, you need to disinfect it every day. After a week, the disability will fall and grow into the navel.

In the days of hospitalization, the nurse will help disinfection. Before discharged from the hospital, the doctor will tell parents to disinfect the baby’s umbilical cord every day to avoid dipping water until the scabs of the umbilical cord completely fall off.

However, after all, novice parents have no experience. When they go home, they will still have problems. Then the Beijing mother will summarize the knowledge of "newborn umbilical cord care".A few times!

First of all, parents need to understand that the time for the umbilical cord end to fall off depends on the dryness of the navel. The more dry the navel, the faster the residual end.

It is usually dropped within 7-14 days after the baby is born, and then gradually grows into a navel.

Before falling off, you need to remind you these few days:

Disinfection every day, and the umbilical cord disinfection must be disinfected;

Do not use purple potion, refreshing powder, umbilical cord powder, etc.;

Keep the umbilicus and surrounding skin dry and avoid infection;

Avoid friction when wearing and take -off;

Change the diaper frequently to avoid urine pollution belly button;

When you fall off, do not force off with your hands.

Actually, it is not difficult!Just take 4 steps.

Step 1: Use a cotton swab dipped in the disinfectant with a cotton swab, gently lift the baby’s umbilical cord with your left hand, expose the umbilical nest, and use a cotton swab to go deep into the bottom of the umbilicus along the root, and take a circle clockwise.

But pay attention: Do not repeat the circle with a cotton swab!If you don’t clean it, you can change a few more clean cotton swabs.

Step 2: Disinfection in the umbilical circles, about 2 cm around.

Step 3: Change another disinfection cotton swab and disinfect the umbilical cord end.

Step 4: After waiting for 2-3 minutes, after the disinfection fluid becomes dry, you can cover it with gauze.

In addition, when you wear diapers for your baby, avoid pressing the edge of the urine to the belly button.

The umbilical cord residue end is the best, but in case the accident occurs during this period, it is very dangerous. For example, these abnormal situations below, parents should take their children to the hospital in time, not careless!

1. The umbilical cord end is not falling off for a long time.

After the baby leaves the mother, the doctor will cut the umbilical cord and hit a knot at the break at the broken end.

Generally, the time to remove the umbilical cord crust is about 7-10 days after birth. If the baby’s umbilical cord does not fall off for a long time, parents must pay attention to it and pay more attention to observation.

2. Infection or bleeding at the umbilical cord.

If the baby’s umbilical cord occurs at the cord, it may be infected. At the same time as care, you should also observe more. If necessary, bring your baby to seek medical treatment immediately.

How does novice parents judge whether the baby’s umbilical cord is infected?

The most important point is to look at the dryness of the baby’s umbilical cord. If there are many secretions, the umbilical cord is always very humid, and the possibility of infection must be considered.

3. Umbilical hernia appears.

Umbilical hernias are also common. The umbilical hernia occurs because the baby’s congenital navel development is abnormal, but it is more because the umbilical ring of the baby’s belly button is too large. When the baby is crying, sneezing, etc., you will see the baby.A small drum bag appeared at the navel.

If you are not allowed to judge yourself, go to the doctor in time and obey the doctor’s suggestion to correct it.You must not treat some small recipes at home.

The baby’s umbilical cord problem seems to be a small problem, but it is also the details that cannot be ignored. In case of novice parents, it is not right to do it, and it may be a baby to make the baby sin.

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How often does your baby’s umbilical cord end fall off after birth?Welcome to share your parenting experience with novice parents!

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