Newly married pregnant women were gang raped by four people for 8 hours, and the husband and wife were destroyed afterwards, of which the minimum year was only 17

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In May 2013, a shocking case occurred in Feixian, Shandong Province.This case affects the hearts of the people across the country.A young couple who has just married has become the victim of this tragedy.

The four gangsters suddenly broke into the family, and the gangsters were not just satisfied with robbery.

Also in front of the man, he continued to perform sexual assault for the hostess for eight hours.

During the period, the four also asked the men to cook for them. They claimed that they would leave after eating. As a result, they were afraid that the couple would call the police. They ruthlessly killed the young couple and abandoned their bodies in the cave.

Police investigations found that the woman was pregnant before being violated.These four gangsters are simply unknown.

What is the fate of these four gangsters?


Sun and Li are a couple of green plums. They have understood and supported each other since childhood, and spent good childhood together.They went to school together and grew up together.

Sun is a honest boy. He is kind and generous, and has always been very affectionate to Li.Li is a beautiful and kind girl. She is smart and deeply attracted by Sun’s sincerity and kindness.Their emotional development was in full swing, and the two quickly determined their love relationship.Both parents support them together.

After a good period of love, Sun and Li decided to enter the palace of marriage.They have prepared a lot of details from wedding dresses to wedding banquets. Each detail reflects their deep love for each other and their beautiful expectations for the future.

Finally, the grand and warm wedding arrived.Friends and relatives witnessed the happy moment of the new couple, the joyful laughter and sincere blessings are full of the entire venue.Sun Mou and Li Mou held hands, full

The wedding was completed joyfully.

After the marriage, Sun and Li decided to decorate the wedding room to add warmth and comfort to their new home.They enthusiastically choose furniture, arrange the room, and work together to complete this beautiful home.

Sun’s parents loved Li Mou.As a daughter -in -law, Li received their warmth and support.Sun’s mother took care of Li, three families, often chanting, and the family was happy.

A few months later, Li suddenly realized that he hadn’t had menstruation for two months.She told Sun nervously that she asked her to take him to the hospital to see if she was sick.

In the hospital, after a series of examinations, the doctor announced the good news to them -Li was pregnant!

This news made Sun and Li’s heart surging with infinite joy and expectations.They told the parents of both parties with joy, and their families were even more happy.


However, I did not expect that this happy thing was not long, and a huge disaster came to them.

On the morning of May 15, 2013, her mother was busy preparing breakfast for the young couple, and after the meal was made.She picked up her mobile phone, called Sun and Li, and called the two for breakfast.

However, the phone ringing for a long time, but no one answered.Mom began to feel a little disturbing. She knew that Sun and Li’s usually got up and would not answer the phone.

So she decided to go to her son’s house to see what happened.She hurriedly put on her jacket, picked up the key, and quickly left the door.

Mom came to the residence of Sun and Li, and knocked the door, but did not respond.Entering the home of Sun and Li.The room was silent.

When my mother saw the leftovers and vegetables left on the table, and a few bottles of wine that had not been drunk, she was suddenly surprised and confused.Why does my son make braised pork at this time?Is there a friend at home?How many people went out together?

Although doubtful, rest assured.So he began to help the couple clean up the house.After cleaning up the room, her mother -in -law was frightened and looked at the blood of the house, but she did not see her husband and wife.

The mother -in -law panicked and immediately called the police to seek the help of the police.The arrival of the police gave her mother some comfort.They started an investigation and blocked the scene, and their parents shouted sadly outside the house.People in the same village came to ask, and everyone hoped to find the missing Sun and Li as soon as possible.

Police in -depth investigation of the scene of the incident and conducted detailed investigations and evidence on the scene.They collected the broken female underwear fragments as physical evidence and paid attention to the traces of fighting in the bedroom, which implied that Li Hong might be sexually assaulted, and Sun fought fiercely with the gangsters.

When further searching the house, the police noticed that all cash, bank cards and passbooks were stolen.This discovery confirmed their preliminary judgment on robbery and killing.

During the investigation, the police also noticed that the camera in Sun’s family was crushed.

Knowing that this important information, the police immediately accelerated the progress of the investigation, mobilized more police force and experts, and began to track suspicious clues and suspects.They investigated surrounding surveillance videos and conducted investigations with people in the same village, hoping to find any clues related to the case.

A few days later, the police noticed that several people dressed up strangely to Sun’s house every day, and they did not ask and asked not to ask. They were like stepping on the spot.

So some police officers left the whereabouts of these people, and some people continued to find husband and wife.At the time of the case, the police salvaged a bag in a river near Sun Mou’s house, which contained several bloody clothes and a vital certificate -a minimum -guaranteed card.

Seeing these parents of both sides know that their children must be killed, who is it, and to the young couple who is just married?

Police immediately investigated this subsistence allowance.

The owner of the subsistence allowance is Fu Daguang, and a family of life is difficult. Because he is inconvenient to work, the government provides him with economic subsidies to help over the difficulty.

However, his son Fu Gang did not cherish this opportunity, but used his father’s subsistence allowance card to eat, drink and play, and soaked in various entertainment venues.Without a fixed job, when there was no money, he did something about thieves. The local police were quite familiar with him.

According to the survey, Fu Gang has not returned home for a long time, which is a major breakthrough for the police.They realized that Fu Gang might be related to the case and began to track his whereabouts.

Soon after the police’s unremitting efforts, he finally found the bodies of the husband and wife in a cave.Because it has passed for a while, the corpse has begun to rot and stink.

When the police immediately pulled the warning line at the cave entrance, and then when they entered the cave to lift their bodies from the cave, their tragedy made the people present unbearable, and the forensic doctors felt chilling.

Sun Mou’s head has three obvious large holes. There was a knife in his chest, and his whole body was covered with traces of beating.He must have experienced extremely cruel treatment in fighting with his wife during his lifetime.

However, his wife Li’s chest suffered a large number of bites, which was obviously caused by many people’s violations.At the same time, the children in her arms could not be spared, and her two -month -old fetus lost her life in this harsh incident.

The matter was so bad. It was ridiculous that when the police arrested four suspects, they actually played the game overnight in an Internet cafe.They are inhumane and do not realize the seriousness of this matter.


When the police appeared, the four immediately realized that their crimes had been revealed and had nowhere to escape, so they quickly explained their crimes.

According to the four people, the situation of Sun Gang’s family noticed not long ago. The house was remote and did not install monitoring equipment. The two often went elsewhere to go home for a long time.So for the first time, the two went out, secretly sneaked into the house, and stole a lot of cash.

The couple did not call the police after they found that the money was lost, but they chose to install the monitoring equipment.This made the four think that the couple were very timid and scared, so they left very proudly.

But they excessively indulged themselves, and soon spent the stolen money. Several suspects once again thought about it and decided to patronize Sun Gang’s family again, hoping to get more property.

But after the four criminal suspects were searching for property, they were about to leave, and suddenly heard the sound outside the door.The original quiet room was instantly full of tension and fear.

The husband and wife went home and found that everything in the room was turning messy.Their brows were locked, and the anger cursing sounded the entire room.

At this time, the four suspects had already hid quietly, hoping not to be discovered.However, when they secretly observed the couple, seeing Li’s beautiful appearance, a kind of evil desire and nervousness poured into their hearts at the same time.

They rushed out to control the two.One person found the rope and tied Li, and the three controlled Sun.Then pulled the two into the room, and the four gang up in the face of Sun in front of Sun.Sun was struggling to resist them not to hurt her wife, and she was pregnant.

How could the four listen to him and conducted sexual assault for Li Mou for 8 hours.Hungry on the way and let Sun Mou cook meat for them.They claimed to let them go after eating.

Sun Mou obediently made a large bowl of red roasted meat.After eating, the four also wanted to engage in Li Mou’s next round.Sun couldn’t stand it, and he picked up his sword and rushed, four.

The four controlled Sun and pierced his knife into his body directly, so that Sun Mou did not give up his resistance.So one of them directly pierced the knife into Sun’s head.

Watching his husband yell at his wife, he pushed Li to kill Li in a panic.

Seeing that it was about to be dawn, the four took off their bloody clothes into the river, and found a remote cave to throw them into the bodies of the two.

The four criminal suspects thoughtfully believed that they had hidden crimes perfectly, but they left many flaws.

4. 4..

The terrible thing is that the biggest of these four is 24 years old, the youngest is only 17 years old.These young people’s crimes are so vicious.

The evidence of the police investigated and collected and the trial of the court eventually made a fair judgment on these criminal suspects.

Fu Gang, Zhang Xuejun, and Wang Jiying were sentenced to death for his cruel crimes and ignorance of life.

As a minor, Zhao Feng’s participation and legal responsibility in the case were lower than that of the other three, so he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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