Nightmares, or signs of disease!If these situations appear, we must pay attention to …

(Touching your head) Speaking of how many people do nightmares, how many people will have these situations in their dreams: shouting, punching, or dreaming of being chased by a beast and moaning loudly or dreaming of fighting with others and wounding the pillow …

The copyright picture of the gallery, does not authorize the reprint you thought it is just a nightmare?Beware!It may be a disease warning!Let’s look at it together with a bad dream. Is it a precursor to the disease?There are quarrels, fights, chasing running in the nightmare … At the same time, there are also acting, shouting, punching and kicking. Be careful that behind these symptoms, there may be a major problem -Parkinson’s disease.Parkinson is a type of chronic neurological degenerative disease that is often occurred in the middle -aged and elderly people, which has a great impact on the quality of life of patients. Many families have a great burden on this.Among the patients with Parkinson who have been diagnosed, more than 50%of people have a manifestation of nightmares, and the start time of this symptom is earlier than Parkinson.(RBD).

The copyright picture of the gallery, unauthorized reprinting some people think it is normal to have nightmares, but it is not.If you occasionally do nightmares, it is normal; but if the frequency is high, it appears several times a week, and dancing, yelling, etc. in your sleep, no matter whether you have diagnosed Parkinson’s disease, you should go to neurology or internal medicine as soon as possible or not or not.Parkinson’s medical clinic provides a detailed history to the doctor, including: medication, whether there is a history of alcoholism, previous medical history, work and rest habits, and other members of the family.Why do you always have nightmares?Psychological pressure and depression are commonly said that "there is something in the sun, there is a dream at night", and the horror scenes that you worry about in the dream will repeat your worries to form a nightmare; you lose your loved ones, major changes in life and work, and current work and life pressure.Excessive tension, anxiety, etc. are also psychological reasons that lead to nightmares.This is the most common reason, and everyone may have more or less experience.

Gallery copyright picture, not authorized reprint physiological factors

Insufficient sleep can easily cause nightmares.Studies have found that people sleep after being interrupted, and it is easy to have nightmares. Making nightmares will make it more difficult to fall asleep, which will form a vicious circle.

Some factors of the outside world will directly affect sleep, such as excessive temperature, too low temperature, stimulating stimulation, errors in sleep posture, etc., causing physical discomfort; exposure to excessive irritation or horror during the day cause abnormal brain excitement.One study in more than 6,000 people with heart disease "Dutch Medicine" found that heart disease and nightmares have a certain relationship.Elasticity will increase the probability of a nightmare, and chest tightness and chest pain will increase by 7 times.This may be because cardiovascular diseases can cause reduced brain oxygen supply.Sleep respiratory suspension is also called obstructive sleep apnea and low ventilation syndrome. The clinical manifestation is that night sleep snoring is accompanied by respiratory suspension and drowsiness during the day.Sleep respiratory suspension will cause hypoxia and severely disrupt the quality of sleep during deep sleep.After continuous airway positive pressure (CPAP), most patients with sleep and respiratory suspension will no longer have nightmares.How to reduce dreams?There is usually no need to treat, whether the treatment depends on whether the patient is required and whether it is a symptom of the diseases that need to be treated.1. Dreaming frequently, you should carefully identify the cause and give corresponding treatment. If the antidepressant and sedative hypnotic drugs are discontinued, it should be gradually reduced (avoid suddenly stopping the drug).Treatment of related diseases.

The copyright picture of the gallery is not authorized to reprint 2. Cognitive psychological therapy, improve patients to afford ability, and help patients correctly recognize the current situation and accept reality.3. Develop good sleep habits.4. Adjust your lifestyle, avoid over -full dinner, do not drink alcohol and smoke. Before going to bed, you must contact things that are more active in emotion before going to bed. Do not look at negative news and horror movies, drink coffee, strong tea, etc. to affect sleep.5. Maintain regular exercise: ensure that an aerobic exercise per day is guaranteed to relax your heart.But you can’t do severe exercise before going to bed, otherwise you will excite your nerves and affect the quality of sleep.

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