No money is not recommended to get married


Don’t live too much in life

After returning to Guangzhou, I went to see my friends who had been in my stomach for seven months.

Since returning in Nanjing, she has issued a task for me–

Arrange an entertainment that pregnant women can play and refuse to go to the park to take a walk.

I wouldn’t do it for a while, and I even thought about bringing pregnant women to listen to "Liang Zhu".

Later, the pregnant woman checked whether she could watch the concert. Baidu said no, and finally she had to propose to go to the tavern herself.

Well, yes, yes, let’s clear your stomach.

The high -speed rail ticket was arrived on Wednesday afternoon.

As soon as I arrived, pregnant women call crazy:

Pregnant woman: "Where are you, what are you doing? Why don’t you come?"

Me: "Busy, eat, order milk tea."

Pregnant woman: "What kind of milk tea, I want it too"

Me: "Pregnant women can’t drink milk tea"

Pregnant woman: "Yes, otherwise you are, I go out to find you."


I wanted to go to a street, but I was urged to rush over.

What is a bit speechless is that this sister’s death serial CALL made us quickly appear. As a result, it was only five minutes when she met. She fell asleep!IntersectionIntersection

I clearly remember that she went to her house to sleep from three o’clock to her almost six o’clock.

In the evening, eat, look for a small tavern after eating.

We were close to a young tavern, and the tavern song was a bit loud.

She stopped at the door and waved her hand by herself: "No, no, my child in this tavern is estimated to be deaf."

Later, we found an open -air drink and spit all the way men until 12 o’clock.

I’m tired, shouting a pregnant woman sister: "It’s out of twelve, let’s go home."

The pregnant woman reached: "I’m sitting cool here."

At twelve o’clock, I don’t want to go home yet.

To be honest, this is the first time that I have seen such a "rebellion" and no pregnant woman who has no one.

There are no one out of the street at twelve o’clock.

We took a car home and listened to the driver to tell a similar story along the way.

When the driver didn’t recognize the road, it was soaring all the way.

We told the driver: "Big brother is slower, we are not in a hurry, there are pregnant women in the car."

The driver’s elder brother slowed down and started his story time.

"I also took a pregnant woman yesterday. My stomach was very large and looked like I was about to give birth.

It ’s a neuropathy when it’ s fast and dawn. Your current child, you still love to play with you with pregnancy."

Pregnant women grasped the point: "Then I point home, it’s good."

We did not express surprise to the pregnant woman who went home in the early morning, but raised her thumbs to boast of her informal.

Well, the nature of children, the rights of everyone.

No matter which stage and time period, as long as you want to play with the premise of guarantee safety.

Pregnant women say that people do not have to live too much.

And pregnant women are also people.

Mom too.

We all have unrestrained rights.


A template for marriage.

I am not optimistic about marriage, but I applauded the marriage of this pregnant woman.

She insisted on going to play, wanting to go, and walking into the tavern with her stomach, not a problem with marriage, or melancholy during pregnancy.

It is also a young man who worked hard and worked hard. After desperately working hard (holding his stomach) for a while, he eager to rest and release.

like me.

In April, I went back to her wedding, and a friend of his peers asked me: "Do you think people who are married now are stupid?"

I also talked about this in the previous article. At that time, I just felt that it was suitable for you to not be suitable for me. Everyone had their own life and respect and blessings.

But later, some things that this pregnant woman talked to me made me see a normal marriage model.

She got married, a little hurried, a little sudden.

But before they got married, their career began to go track.

Not much earning is enough to support the expenses of a small family.

For marriage, she said, "I am still very optimistic about marriage."

Because from her husband from school uniforms to wedding dress.

Three years in high school, four years of college, and two years of work.

For nearly ten years of love long -distance running, we know each other.

Moreover, the families of the two people did not have a burden on them, and their careers were on track. In this case, marriage naturally has sufficient reasons.

For having children, expand to the problem of bringing children and the problem of mother -in -law.

Children involve raw and education.

Like many young people who are working hard, her idea is to give birth to the child and stay in her hometown to the mother -in -law.

But she didn’t want to take it for granted.

That is, I do n’t think that my mother -in -law must help with children, which is not a legal obligation.

It is just that the traditional family division of labor is done. Many people default that this is necessary, but it is not.

So what if my mother -in -law does not help?

Understand her and respect her.

Then please ask Auntie.

This is the view and idea of pregnant women and sisters to me.

And she admires me not only the idea, but the implementation of the idea.

She said she had saved the children in her belly and asked her aunt to ask for money.

This idea and move, at first glance, there is nothing, but it is very clever.

Because the first one is to avoid the contradiction between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, and the second is to avoid the emotional disappearance caused by children’s trivial matters after marriage.

However, although she wanted to do so well, in fact, her mother -in -law would be willing to help her.

So I admire her another point is that she doesn’t have to be so thorough at all, she still tries to avoid the possible risks that may have.

Everything is ready, and get married.

Did you find it? In fact, there must be an economic foundation.

Especially marriage.

For a long time, my family has been having me, and I can prepare everything, and no matter how prepare it is not enough.

In their opinion, money can be earned after marriage, and people can mature instantly after marriage, and children can naturally afford it.

All this can be solved as long as you get married.

And I think it should be solved to get married.

They said it was impossible to solve it, but I think pregnant women are a model.

I have always said that you have to do one thing, and you must do it again without your ability.

If not, don’t do it.

For example, building a house, no money, then it is not necessary.

For example, getting married, no money, it is not necessary.

There is no need to do so for the so -called entire society, so to do something beyond your ability and bring a burden to the entire family.

It’s really not necessary.

What should I have for marriage?

I think it can be like a pregnant woman sister.

There is a stable career, and the families of the two sides will not have a burden on the small families. For example, there are gamblers’ father, such as families who are burning and crying every day, and they are mature and stable in their feelings.The ability to think of things and implementation, and the trivial openness in digestion life, that’s it.

In fact, the requirements are not high.

So I wish you a lucky enough to meet.

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