Non -plague must be guarded!But what should I do if the pig farm has a popular diarrhea?Diagnosis, prevention and control, management

Non -plague, everyone is self -dangerous, preventing and controlling the African swine fever epidemic has become the number one major event in the pig industry.But we need to pay attention to the prevention and control of other pigs’ infectious diseases unless the swine fever is swine fever.Related data shows that in the past two years, the ranking of major diseases in the pig farm is the top three.Intersection

Pig flow diarrhea (PED) is a kind of contact intestinal infectious disease caused by pig flow diarrhea virus (PEDV).All pigs are easily infected, and the younger pigs are young, the higher the mortality rate after illness (the pigs at the age of two weeks can basically reach 100%). Once the disease is outbreak, it will bring serious seriousness to the pig farm to the yard.Economic losses.

Let’s simply summarize its characteristics: (1) Domestic poisonous strain infection, TGEV rarely exists.(2) PED mutant strains are highly homologous with bat coronary virus genes.(3) The current virus is difficult to continuously train artificially.(4) The biggest feature of the new type (type 2) PED: Four seasons are often "invaded".(5) The virus is mainly transmitted through feces and milk.(6) PEDV detoxification is about 6 weeks (TGEV detox period 6 days).(7) The virus can be cleared 6 weeks after healthy sow infection, but the antibody disappears from 8-12 weeks.

So, how should we prevent and control management about pig flow diarrhea?We can be roughly divided into three steps: diagnosis, control, and management. The three of them complement each other and are indispensable!

Regarding PED diagnosis, the first thing to do is clinical observation.The main manifestations of the diseased pigs are water -like diarrhea, accompanied by vomiting.The sows are sluggish, anorexia, and diarrhea.Adult pigs only vomit and anorexia, which can be relieved in about 4 weeks.The symptoms of piglets are extremely similar to the infectious gastritis. Pigs will vomit after breastfeeding, or have spray -like diarrhea.The sick pig was originally gray -white, and then it became yellow.

After these symptoms, we need to take samples for inspection.The sampling is divided into samples during the onset and stable period.The sampling method during the onset is as follows: Unbuilded sow feces: 5 copies, feces 10-60 days before pregnancy sows: 6 copies (60 mixed samples), mammalnium chrostrole milk: 5 copies (head).Note that each of the above samples represents the samples of several pigs.The sampling method of stable periods is as follows: Unburreous sow feces: 5 copies, feces 10-60 days before pregnancy sows: 6 copies (60 mixed samples), 60 days before giving birth, sows of sowsPartial (5×6) (antibody), mammalie fecal feces: 5 copies.

In terms of prevention and control, we mainly do immunization.Immune vaccination can be implemented in three stages, namely the explosion period, unstable period, and stability period.

During the large -scale outbreak, the whole group of sows were vaccinated twice, and the interval was 1 to 2 weeks. It is best to choose living seedlings.Polyclication with the fetus twice, the interval is 4 to 2 weeks, each time 1.5 heads.The piglets are 0.5 after the age of 7 to 14, and the second age of 21 to 28 is immune.Pay attention to monitoring during the process, and collect the samples of pre -delivery sows, reserve sow and disease pigs every two weeks for QPCR.

In the unstable period, the prenatal was vaccinated twice, and the live seedlings were selected and the dead seedlings were selected.The piglets are 7 to 14th inoculation of 0.5D, and the secondary immunization of the age of 21 to 28 is 0.5D.

In the stable period, the prenatal and tires were vaccinated twice, with an interval of 4 to 2 weeks, and every 2 months of the whole group of sterling oral vaccination.The piglets were vaccinated 0.5D at the age of 14 to 21, and the secondary immunization was 0.5D two weeks later.

After PED’s onset, farmers should do a good job of comprehensive management.Pay attention to the strict implementation of healthy management and reserve pigs.Pay attention to the elimination of weak babies and sickness, strengthen the disinfection and management of feed, drinking water, and feces, and keep the delivery room dry and warm.The key is to relieve immunosuppressive to prevent PED from recur.

In terms of drugs, piglets can adopt the abdominal cavity tonic, choose warm and alkaline electrolytes, aged piglet mouth supplement and antibiotics, and adult pig mouths to practice electrolyte solutions.

When pig epidemic diarrhea explodes, farmers need to immediately isolate and test the diseased pigs to determine the cause.When preventing pigs’ epidemic diarrhea, good breeding management and strict biological safety are the basis. Reasonable immune solutions are the key to preventing and controlling.For different diseases, remember to take different vaccination strategies.

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