Not only contractions, there are three kinds of pain to have children

Everyone on the earth knows that the pain of women with children and continuous contractions for several hours. Some people say that they are similar to cutting off their fingers. Although they are exaggerated, many women have childbirth phobia.

Many places have carried out activities for men to experience childbirth. Among them, few people who can experience the pain of childbirth have been fully experienced.It is difficult to bear.

In fact, for women, in the process of childbirth, in addition to the contraction pain during production, there are two kinds of pain waiting for them after delivery.Moreover, that pain can be imagined by ordinary people.

Press the bottom of the palace, that is, the maternal produced by a cesarean section needs to press the belly.The role is to promote the shrinkage of the uterus, prevent the uterine contraction, and major bleeding, or the uterine sagging.It is a treatment that a maternal must have children.And this kind of palace bottom, pain is no less than childbirth pain.

Beltic pain belongs to the second pain in the delivery room, and the third pain is the shrinkage of the palace.

Because some maternal recovery is not good, you still need to inject the shrinkage of the palace, and the shrinkage of the palace can also be better than pressing the belly. However, it is not a normal infusion.This contracted pain is similar to the contraction pain during childbirth.Think about it, from the big uterus like the ball to the fist for three days, can it not hurt?Sometimes, as soon as some maternals hang on the contracted liquid bottle, the tears are rushing. Here, the child’s uncle has to persuade: don’t cry, and then cry, the milk is gone.

It is precisely because of the fear of having children that in China, most of the mothers have chosen cesarean section. As more and more families now want two children, many mothers have also begun to choose to give birth.However, the pain of delivery is still a big stone on all expectant mothers.Here the editor tells this mother about the method of relieving pain:

1. Learn to adjust your breathing and relax. The more famous ones are "Lamazize Breathing Method". If you need it, you can search and practice online.

2. After four months of pregnancy, exercise and exercise in moderation, massage and yoga effects are good, and it is important to maintain physical and mental health and joy.

3. During production, you can divert your attention. Although there is a pain in giving birth, many Baoma said that he can still endure it.

4. It really does not work, and there is a supplementary production technology such as painless delivery, but it should be noted that painless delivery is not really painless, but it is easier to afford pain.

In short, to be a mother, the hardships are unavoidable, but there is no need to worry too much. With modern advanced medical technology, the mother and child will definitely be safe.Those who feel useful remember to collect or forward it

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