Novel: Pregnant wife, bleeding under the bleeding of the president to save the child, the president left indifferent: the death is just right

Lin Wanbai widen his eyes and looked at him, thinking that he believed himself.

"Zuo Si …" She stood up hard, and the clear eyes stared at him straight, her eyes were expected.

Later, Lu Mengxue’s face was gone, just before he was proud, and he was stretched nervously.

Gu Zuoji stood in front of Lin Wanbai and slowly squatted down.

"What do you have evidence to prove?" He asked.

Lin Wanbai quickly grabbed his arm and said, "Prove that Lu Mengxue is not what you see at all, she is actually a sinister and thoughtful woman …"


A loud slap in Lin Wanbai’s face fiercely.

"What are you saying Mengxue?" He stared at Lin Wanbai coldly, and his dark eyes did not have the slightest feelings.

Lin Wan’s white head was biased, and his mouth had a bloody smell.

"Gu Zuo Si …" She understood in despair. The expectations in the bright eyes were all broken into scum and dark, "Do you don’t believe me?"

Gu Zuo Si dismissed the question of Lin Wanbai at all. He just stared at her, harshly cold warnings.

"Mengxue is different from a bitch like you. In the future, if you vilify her again, I will clean up you once!"

After speaking, Gu Zuozi turned around, pulled Lu Mengxue’s hand, and left directly.

Lu Mengxue lowered her eyelids, and her eyes were all relaxed after the rest of her life. When she turned, she could not help throwing it to Lin Wanbai on the ground a sarcasm.

"Zuo Si, thank you for trusting me …" Lu Mengxue said softly, and his body leaned on Gu Zuo Si.

Gu Zuo Si took her waist and had a gentle voice: "Of course I believe you, how could I believe in the woman who was full of lies?"

Lin Wanbai bit his lips hard.

She is full of lies?

She has never cheated him!

The pain of the lower abdomen was even more severe. Lin Wanbai quickly crawled out and used to crawl out. The bleeding between the legs continued, and a shocking trace was drawn on the ground.

"Doctor, nurse, life -saving …" She desperately called for help.

In the quiet corridor, a kind passerby finally passed. When he saw Lin Wanbai’s blood, he helped her call her doctor.

Seeing the nurse and the doctor then ran towards her quickly, Lin Wanbai dared to rest assured and passed out.


Must be kept.

When Lin Wanbai woke up, it was dark outside.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she quickly touched her belly. Fortunately, the child was still …

With his heart, Lin Wan lay down steadily, watching the dark sky outside the window, and he was so embarrassed.

After yesterday’s matter, she is now a little dead to Gu Zuo Si …

The man had only Lu Mengxue in her heart. For her, the children in her belly had only disgust.

Therefore, even if she successfully gave birth to the child, Gu Zuo Si would never love the child half -point. He would only treat the child coldly, just like when he was facing himself.

Instead of letting the child follow her, Gu Zuo Si tortured and ignored it. It might as well leave the child directly.

In this case, her life with her children can be calm …

Thinking that Lin Wanbai made up his mind, and when the child in the belly was stable, she left here.

As for the divorce … Lin Wanbai temporarily avoided this idea, she was a little died of Gu Zuo Si, but this marriage, she didn’t want to end like this.

Deep in her heart, she was always looking forward to it, looking forward to the day when Gu Zuoji turned back.

After this bleeding, Lin Wanbai lived in the hospital for a week before he could be discharged.

After returning to the villa she had lived for two years, Lin Wanbai’s first thing was to clean up and prepare to leave the plane early the next morning.

After the night, after Lin Wanbai tangled for a while, she sent a text message to Gu Zuo Si, saying that she was going to return to the countryside to have children, and Gu Zuo Si did not reply.

Lin Wanbai shook his head and smiled bitterly, obviously expected, but his heart was still a little uncomfortable after all.

The next day, Lin Wanbai set off immediately with luggage.

But when she opened the door, she hit Lu Mengxue on the face.

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