Novel: She entered the door half a month before and after, she was pregnant, she didn’t, her mother -in -law began to urge

Looking at the silly three cousins, Wei Qing took the corner of his mouth and looked at Huo Si’s eyes and turned around.My sister came out. "Then he said to the dull Wei Ziqian," Three cousins, this is the eldest daughter of General Huo, the eldest daughter of General Huo. "

Wei Qi secretly stepped on Wei Ziqian, so he called him back, and he was busy stuttering: "Originally … it turned out to be a girl Huo, it was really a door tiger girl, aunt, girl style, non -ordinary woman!"

The two sisters are still here, so they can exaggerate the girl who has just met once?Wei Qi glared at him quietly!

When Huo Si saw him, he couldn’t help but endure: "Wei Gongzi has a reputation, but his father taught two tricks when he was a child, nothing!"

Looking at Huo Si laughed, Wei Ziqian’s face flushed, and his eyes stunned. He didn’t dare to look at her, and whispered: "Girls don’t have to be modest.Extremely good! "The face was even more red.

At this moment, the rescued girl came over to thank.She is the eldest daughter of Shun Tianfu Yin Hejin. When she came to buy jewelry today, she accidentally bumped in the lobby of Lin’an County. She was slapped by the bad -tempered Lin’an County master.Huo Si finished picking things and was about to go out. He saw this scene. When Lin’an County mainly raised his hand and hit someone, he stopped her. What happened next, Wei Qing also saw it.

The girl was afraid that Huo Si and Wei Qing apologized evenly. Huo Si smiled and comforted her a few words, and told her to go home quickly to apply her face. The woman’s face could not leave scars!

This girl He also knows the grace. If there is a need in the future, it will be reported!

After she left, Wei Qing went out for a few words and went home together.It ’s not a place to speak here. Second … Wei Ziqian is really shameful!

In the carriage, Wei Qi picked the corner of the curtain, and looked at Wei Ziqian, who was still looking back immediately, turned to Wei Qing: "I knew that the third brother was so uncomfortable, so don’t come out together!"Suddenly!

Wei Qing laughed: "If you can’t come out, where can he have the goddess in the heart?" Wei Ziqian had already appreciated the woman. Today, Huo Siliang was shot, and his skills were so powerful. They were all boys and girls.It is inevitable.

"He looks like he looks like today?" Wei Qi rolled his eyes.

"It should be successful!" Wei Qing thought about it, and laughed again. "We just wait to see it. There will be news in the past few days!"

Although Wei Ziqian was a little shy, he was not a twisted nature. He liked it.Going back today, I am afraid that I will say that I will know the second wife, so that she will ask her to explore the tone of the general’s house.

With the good -looking style of the second lady, whether it is or not, it is the past few days!

The two returned to the house, and went to Jing Entang with the old lady, and they went back.

Wei Qing did not rest after lunch. She sat on the courtyard and was watching.At this time Wei Qi came over again, looking at his face.

She sat next to Wei Qing and laughed: "I really told you to say it. The third brother couldn’t wait for a day. He came to his mother to say that the Huo girl, but it scared her mother!"The shy young son had a favorite girl when she went out for a trip. The second lady was surprised than that of Lin’s mood when Wei Ziyi was about to mention relatives!

Wei Qing raised his eyebrows: "The second sister -in -law should be happy!"

"That’s that?" Wei Qi went on, "My mother has seen a few faces of Huo Huo, and also thinks that she is good. Thinking of the third brother of the left and right, he planned to explore the meaning of Mrs. Huo!" Lin had done itThe middleman of the Seven Princess and Holang was also a fate with Mrs. Huo. She had a good relationship. She told her to be Huo Si’s media.

Wei Qing nodded, and said with a smile: "The three cousins and the Huo girl are also good!"

Wei Qi snorted, and his mouth was unknown: "How can a girl like him? If this can be achieved, it is cheap him!"

Wei Qing heard the words and laughed dumbly, and said, "You said before, the two codes were as cunning, and no girl was willing to marry him!" Of course, after saying this, Wei Ziyan threw it with a smile on the lotus.The hospital copied seven days of female training!

Wei Qi rolled his eyes: "What happened to Erjie married him? Out of the day of the day and late, Eryi has a temper and said nothing. He didn’t know it in his heart?"

"It is reported that in order to have a disaster in Jiangnan, the DPRK and China have been arguing. Although the two brothers belong to the Dali Temple, they can be related to the people’s livelihood.

Wei Qi heard her words and sighed, but rarely saw her.She said slowly: "The second sister also understands, so I have never said anything, but I am a little anxious."

Chen Nanwei and Su Bangmei entered the door for almost half a month before and after, but now Su Wanmei has more than a month of pregnancy, but her belly has not moved, and she is inevitable.And the second lady finally got married until she was 20 years old. Where did I not want to hug her grandson early?So this pressure naturally fell on Chen Nanwei’s head!

Wei Qing was clear, but he couldn’t help him. He could only calm: "But sooner or later, and wait for the two brothers to finish this time!"

Wei Qi nodded and didn’t tangled.In the turn: "Speaking of the Jiangnan water flood, for this, it can be very lively in the DPRK!" She laughed again, joking, "An Wang is really indomitable, this was just released, and then he jumped again.It’s! "

There are many floods in Jiangnan. Compared with the past, this time, it is really not big. This errand is not difficult to do.And Jiangnan is rich, go to this trip, I wonder how many benefits can I get, who is not jealous?

Therefore, for this matter, Wang Wang, who had just thought of returning from the government, stopped, and began to engage in things, and strongly recommended the people to relieve the disaster.

As a deadly opponent, the prince could not call him successfully.Of course, the prince still has conscience and wants to solve the worries for the people.

In this way, the Prince Party and the Anwang Party were stunned, during which the Emperor’s Party was mixed with the Emperor Party, so the Golden Palace of the Golden Temple in these days sang one after another!

Wei Qing laughed: "It is only a few days of lively, but the bamboo baskets are not playing water, making a joke!" Emperor Jialong did not rest assured that his four sons, even more about his clear attitude, he would never callAn Wang Ruyi!

Wei Qi also nodded: "It should be a fan of the authorities, even what I can see clearly, but Wang himself cannot see through!"

"How about seeing through? Who hasn’t had an ambition!" Wei Qing said lightly.

Longzi Fengsun, who was one step away from the supreme position, how can he be willing to be able to live in others?

When the two chatted for a while, Wei Qi returned.

The second lady was also a speed. She found Lin’s that night and went to Huofu the next day.After Lin returned, he did not delay. He went directly to Jinyuyuan and got a positive reply.

Huo Si was fast, and Wei Ziqian was also sixteen. Therefore, Mrs. Huo did not take Qiao. After agreeing, she exchanged Geng Tie. The marriage was set in May next year.

Ho Lang’s family affairs were August, but three months later than his sister, but he was the master, and he was normal for marriage!

Wei Ziqian has been full of spring breeze these days, laughing at everything!Of course, the learning should still be in the case, and next year will be imperial examinations!

In fact, the families of Kyoto valued a lot of gestures and unpredictable family style. Wei Zizhen and Wei Ziyan had no chance, but Wei Ziqian often asked him to marry his girl.However, Mrs. Er was strict, and she thought that Wei Ziqian had to talk about the family membership before talking about her family affairs, so she kept dragging.If it wasn’t for Wei Ziqian to see Huo Si himself, the second lady would not set his relatives at this time.

Later, at the full moon banquet of Chang Ning, Wei Qing saw Huo Si, and then joked her: "Sister Huo said on the same day, it was true!"

During the birthday of Wei Qing, Huo Si came to Dingguo Mansion, and said, "The Jingguo Gongfu is beautiful and leisurely. I like it very much. I wonder if I can enjoy it in the future?"Isn’t it just as she wished?

Xu was growing up in the northern Xinjiang of the northern Xinjiang, and Huo Si was not like a general girl’s house that the cheeks were red and low -headed.

"It’s not me who has a fate with you." Wei Qing shook his head and laughed, "And said in the future, the state government, you want to appreciate it, you can do your best!"Sitting together and laughing, it was lively.Especially in the future, Huo Si is the aunt of the Seven Princess.

Many people who come today are that the five princesses have come over. Most of them have told Wang Wang, and they look much better than the Master of Ning Wang Xiaocun.After she came, she didn’t have trouble, but only sat with the Lord of Lin’an County, but she was surprised!

During the birthday of Wei Qing, everyone knew what the five princesses went. They also knew that the five princesses did not lose their temper and did not smash the field.

But in the end, most people have not seen it, nor do they believe that the five princesses are such good -tempered people.Therefore, today I was quietly concerned. Seeing that the five princesses really sat there to drink tea steadily, they sighed!

Even the five princesses have turned their temperament, and Kyoto has less gossip in the future!

At noon, the sacred decree came, and the name of Chang Ning was given "Sheng".Chang Ning and the emperor’s grandson belong to the word "Yu".

In Tianyu, the elders after the age of the baby only given their names. Needless to say, when the Royal family, the name will be on the jade, and the full moon will be named.

Emperor Jialong was not difficult to understand. Lao Qin was the uncle of the Emperor Jialong. When he ascended the throne, Emperor Jalong had always respected the emperor.But the old Qin king died early, the elderly was lonely, and there was only a grandson under his knees. He was still a firm royal. The Emperor Jialong could not give this glory!Anyway, he is not a son. He can’t involve the interests of the party. What’s wrong with his nephew?

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