Novel: She is severe pregnancy, and the whole person is so thin that he can only cook for her

Ding Sha was happily holding the small account for him, and put the spreading book in front of him and pointed at the number, "Ah! You see! We earn a lot of money!"

"More than our original estimate!"

Xiao Yan glanced at her net profit, and looked at her little face because of her excitement, and the sullen breath that had been stunned in her heart was dispersed.

Just dislike it, as long as she is happy.

It’s a big deal … I will work hard to treat her more, so that others can’t compare.

Xiao Yan helped her, "Sand is really amazing! We have made so much!"

Ding Sha clamped his book on his arms and started to calculate his fingers with his fingers.

"Well, it’s not too much. We will buy you a car next to us, and you have to buy some clothes for you. You have to buy some furniture and electrical appliances in the room …"

"It’s coming to autumn and winter soon, and there are a lot of thick quilts and thick clothes that will be bought …"

Talking about Ding Sha sighed, "Money is really spent …"

Xiao Yan pursed his lips, "I will earn it."

Ding Sha saw his eyes that he knew that he was a little sad and touched his face. "I know, I believe you. We are getting better now, and we can save money."

Xiao Yan whispered, but thinking about how to make money again.

Ding Sha’s body is getting heavier, and it becomes drowsiness, and it is often until noon to wake up.

Zhuang Xunzi held the work of the waiter in the lobby. Occasionally, she was washing dishes without busy. She was used to this and was very clean.

Zhuang Xunzi helped the food in the back chef in advance, and then went to the cashier to settle the account in front. Xiao Yan observed it. She calculated that the account was quickly, and she would hardly make mistakes.

"Little boss, I want to tell you," Zhuang Xunzi said while washing vegetables.

Xiao Yan cut the potatoes next to him, and glanced at her, "Say."

"It’s autumn now, and the boss’s belly has a big belly. It is time to buy her thick clothes." Zhuang Xunzi wanted to say it for a long time, and never dared to dare.

"And this pregnant woman is becoming more and more uncomfortable in the late pregnancy, and many things have to be prepared in advance. Then what mats and pillows, etc., have to be prepared."

Xiao Yan heard that she was talking about Ding Sha, and also put down the busy work in her hand. She listened carefully and said, "What should you buy to write a list for me, I will buy it in the afternoon."

Zhuang Xunzi smiled at a sigh of relief, "Okay, I will write it for you after a while."

She saw that Xiao Yan was not as fierce as she looked, and she was a little bigger. She dared to chat with him a few words, "I see the boss’s belly is also five or six months old?"

"It’s almost six months old," Xiao Yan’s expression became unknowingly softened. He and Ding Sha have no such experienced female elders, and he was always worried.

Someone is willing to talk to him more now, and he is also willing to listen.

"That boss is too thin," Zhuang Xunzi frowned, "Is it awesome?"

"I vomit everything a few days ago, so I love to eat sour plums," Xiao Yan also worried.

He did not dare to let Ding Sha sit in the small shop to smell the smell of oil, so he moved the lounge chair to the door and let her rest. "It’s better now, but I still eat less.

"Love to eat sour? That is not the same as a kid." Zhuang Xunzi said, "But there is really no way for this pregnancy vomiting. Let’s change the trick to do more. If you can eat more, eat more.","

Xiao Yan whispered, thinking about what to do in his heart.

Zhuang Zizi also said, "By the way, I heard that there was milk delivery outside yesterday. Did you order milk for the boss?"

Xiao Yan shook his head, "I have always packed milk for sand and sand."

Zhuang Zizi shook his head straight, "That’s not okay, drink the kind of freshly squeezed milk every day, it is delicious and nutritious. He boiled a layer of milk on the surface, fragrant and sweet."

Xiao Yan remembered, "I’ll ask in a while and order the sand and sand."

Zhuang Xunzi dumped the dishes on his hand happily, "Yes, drink more milk, the little doll can grow white and beautiful, and it can grow taller!"

Xiao Yan couldn’t help but imagine how the baby looked like. He didn’t know what he thought of, and he smiled slightly.

Zhuang Xunzi also said, "But, both of you are handsome, this little doll must be more handsome."

Zhuang Xunzi opened the curtain, "Stir -fry a fish -flavored shredded pork, and make a bowl of rice."

"Okay." Xiao Yan picked up the ingredients he needed, shredded pork, fungus, and green pepper and carrot shreds in the plate, and then put some green bamboo shoots.

The shredded pork used salt, starch, raw pumps, cooking wine, and then prepared fish flavor without fish.

Stir -fry the shredded meat in the hot pot until the color is white and remove, use the bottom oil to stir -up, ginger, garlic, then pour the bean paste and stir -fry the red oil, stir -fry the vegetables until the shredded pork, pour the meat, pour it in inStir -fry the fish flavor a few times.

A sweet spicy fish flavor shredded pork is ready.

Zhuang Xunzi made a bowl of rice and walked out with the dishes. There was only one guest in the shop. It looked like a half -big child, and his clothes were white.

He sat in his seat uneasily, and the fish fragrant shredded pork was the cheapest on this shop menu.

He heard that Wang Dong said many times the dishes here were particularly delicious, and he wanted to eat it once.

Zhuang Zizi put the rice and vegetables in front of him, "the vegetables are fine."

He was startled, "Thank … thank you."

Zhuang Zizi likes children, and hears his head and touches his head. "Take it while it is hot. There are free egg soup in the store.

Speaking of the tin barrel on one side.

The boy’s eyes were bright, and the amount of food was not small. He could definitely be full, and there was a free soup …

He said quickly, thank you, he took out his pair of chopsticks and started to eat.

Sweet and spicy is super meals. The bulging in the boy’s mouth can feel that the mouth is still madly secreting saliva in the mouth.

Tongzi was afraid that he was choking, and poured him a cup of warm water and gave a bowl of soup.

"Create evil, such a small child," Zhuang Xunzi said without returning to the kitchen, and stood at the door and whispered to the same sister -in -law.

Tongzi nodded distressed.

In the end, the boys ate all the rice, and even the plates were scraped clean with rice.

After drinking three or four bowls of soup, I wiped my mouth a little bit.

Zhuang Xunzi watched him coming to checkout and smiled gentlely, "Full?"

"Full." The boy nodded embarrassedly, "How much is a total?"

"A total of sixteen." Zhuang Xunzi said.

"I ate two bowls of rice." The boy took out two wrinkled ten yuan from his pants pocket, "it should be eighteen yuan."

Zhuang Zizi asked him four pieces, "We are calculated by the person’s head.

The boy paid the money.

Since then, the boys have come every three days. Zhuang Xunzi and him are familiar with him. He knows that he is called Sile and is a student in the city junior high school.

Si Le and Wang Dong are good friends, and Wang Dong often feeds him, because Si Lejia is not good.

His mother was an unmarried child. After giving birth to him, he drank every day. Si Le often saw a drunk mother at home.

He not only takes care of his mother, but also has to bear the life of himself and his mother.

At a young age, you must not only take care of his studies, but also pick up bottles to make money.

He knew that learning could change his destiny, so he had always studied hard and worked hard.

But when he grows up, he is too hungry. The daily food cost of his plan is not enough, and he is often hungry to burn in the stomach.

Wang Dong told him that the shop was delicious and affordable. Si Le couldn’t help it for a few days. Whether it was good or not, as long as it was affordable, it would be given a lot.

After listening to the tears, Zhuang Zizi was used to use his private room money to use him, but Si Le didn’t want it.

Zhuang Xunzi inevitably couldn’t help but talk to Ding Sha Xiao. From that day, Si Le’s vegetables have changed more, and sometimes they can be packed and took away.

Si Le knew that the boss took care of him and was very grateful, and he vowed to repay them.

The autumn wind rotated with the yellow leaves, and the weather seemed to suddenly become cold overnight. Ding Sand put on thick cashmere pants, and replaced with thick pregnant women’s skirts, wrapped in warmth and warmth.Thick.

In the evening, I was about to close the shop with Zhuang Xunzi, and I saw a dark thing lying on the corner of the shop’s entrance.

Ding Sha take a closer look, a child who was fainted!

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