Novel: She was held in the basement for three years as soon as she got married. After a coma, she woke up and found that she was pregnant.

"Qian Mo, wake up."

Su Qianmo seemed to hear Lin Yuan’s voice.

"Qian Mo! Wake up quickly. Today we are going to his father -in -law’s house. We must not be late." Lin Yuan’s voice became more and more real.

Su Qianmo knew that this was a dream, but woke up reluctantly.

Lin Yuan was her husband. The two fell in love at first sight at a banquet. They had never quarreled in love for two years. After graduating from the two, they immediately held a wedding.

But I didn’t want to. On the day of the wedding, Su Qianmo was brought to the ground of their wedding villa by his twin sister, locked up, and never seen Lin Yuan again.

When Lin Yuan saw Su Qianmo not awake, he simply rushed up and planned to wake people wake up.

Su Qianmo has carefully and greedy this kiss. In the past three years, every time the two have met in the dream, they have flashed, and they have never been as real as today.

"Lin Yuan …" Su Qianmo murmured, and slowly opened his eyes and looked at the handsome face in front of him.

Lin Yuan’s breathing gradually worsened, and his body was tighter. He felt that Su Qianmo was particularly hooked today.

But it’s not time, Lin Yuan frowned and stopped, and then kissed her and walked away, motioning her to get up quickly, or she was late.

Su Qianmo felt more and more real, so she patted her face.

It hurts.

Oh my God, it is really not a dream!Could it be said that it came out?Intersection

Su Qianmo quickly got up and picked up the mirror in front. The girl in the mirror was clearly herself, but her face was moist, her hair was long and dark.Different flowers.

Su Qianmo couldn’t believe it for a while, but seeing the reality was so real, he couldn’t help crying.

When Lin Yuan saw his wife crying, he rushed over immediately.

"What’s wrong? Baby."

Su Qianmo looked at Lin Yuan, who was worried in front of him, and hugged him, sobbing.

Could it be said that in the past three years, I was dreaming, and I finally woke up today?

This truth was confirmed when Su Qianmo returned home to see his father.

As soon as Su Qianmo entered the door, he cried with his father.

"Oh, what’s wrong with you?" Su Father held his daughter and thought she was bullied.

Su Qianmo’s father is the chairman of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce. In this troubled world, whether in the business or politics, it is very influential. As the chairman, she is naturally pampering.

"Dad, I just miss you." Su Qianmo said.

Father Su smiled, pulled her into the room, and entertained Lin Yuan and sat down.

At this time, Su Qianmo suddenly remembered another thing. If this was dreaming before, where is Su Xiaoli?

"Dad, what about Su Xiaoli?" Su Qianmo asked suddenly.

Su Mu was stunned, "Your child is confused. Your sister has been going to the ocean for two or three years.


Su Qianmo was stunned. What was going on, Su Xiaoli has gone abroad for several years?How can this be?Intersection

Su Qianmo couldn’t figure it out. He was tied to the water jail yesterday. He came out today. He was told that Su Xiaoli went abroad?

No, if Su Xiaoli went abroad, where did her mother go?

As soon as I wanted to ask, Su Qianmo was fainted and fainted.

When she woke up again, people were already lying on the hospital bed, and her father and Lin Yuan looked at her.When Lin Yuan saw her waking up, her eyes were red, and her hands were stretched and said, "Qian Mo, you are pregnant, we are going to be a parent!"

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