Novice mothers must not miss the "golden period" of the rehabilitation of the basin floor, otherwise be careful of urinary incontinence

If the postpartum mothers have disorders, they will cause urinary incontinence, and symptoms such as spraying nasal, cough, laughter, and even sexual life are not harmonious.However, many mothers missed the timing of early prevention and treatment due to shyness, which led to more serious women’s pelvic floor dysfunctional disorders (FPFD).Mother’s Day is coming. In order to care about the health problems of the postpartum pelvic foundation, the caregiver of Weng Xueling, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, reminded that the "golden period" of the basin rehabilitation within 42 days to 3 months after delivery isEssence

Can caesarean section avoid pelvic floor muscle injury?wrong!

According to the caregiver of Director Weng Xueling, the bottom muscle of the pot is the muscles at the bottom of the pot, like a large suspension, supporting and supporting women’s bladder, uterus, rectum and other pelvic organs.

When the mother is giving birth to the baby, the muscle of the basin of the basin has experienced the weight of the embryo’s gradually growing throughout the pregnancy and the more direct and stronger squeezing during childbirth.Barison, the organs in the network cannot be fixed in normal positions, and symptoms such as incontinence and pelvic floor organs may occur.Although the postpartum body has the process of self -repair, it is difficult to return to normal state. Therefore, it is necessary to timely repair the pelvic floor muscles to maintain elasticity and function.

Many mothers mistakenly believe that the squeezing damage of the pelvic floor muscles and fascia can be caused, and the cesarean section can avoid the bottom muscle damage, which is a misunderstanding.During the pregnancy, as the fetus slowly grew up, the fetal position was moved down, and the bottom muscles of the basin were also damaged, especially the fetal weight, excessive amniotic fluid, and some chronic diseases, such as cough and constipation, etc.The impact of the basin of the basin will also increase the development of the pelvic floor dysfunction.Therefore, no matter whether or not you have given birth, you need to take the basics of rehabilitation in time in time

Director Weng Xueling said that pelvic floor dysfunction can lead to urinary incontinence, feces incontinence, sexual dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain, pelvic organs prolapse, and will become more and more serious with the age of women.The high incidence and extremely affecting the quality of life and physical and mental health, also known as "social cancer".Therefore, screening and prevention of FPFD have become the target of preventing health care for women’s quality of life in the new period.

Within 3 months after giving birth, the "golden period" of the rehabilitation of the pot bottom

This period of time from 42 days to 3 months after delivery is called the "golden period" of the rehabilitation of the basin floor. During this time, muscles and nerves have just been damaged, and their cells are more active.Director Weng Xueling suggested that after 42 days after giving birth, the mother was checked and evaluated as soon as possible."The treatment effect of this period is more effective. With the help of the instrument to wake up the damaged pot bottom neuromuscular muscles, increase the muscle strength and elasticity of the pelvic floor, which can restore the pelvic floor function as soon as possible."

Is the rehabilitation training complicated?According to the caregiver of Director Weng Xueling, the rehabilitation training of the pot is very simple and comfortable.When the mothers were re -examination 42 days after giving birth, the pelvic floor rehabilitation therapist performed a one -on -one for a comprehensive potential potential, muscle strength, and fatigue, and formulated personalized training and treatment plans.During the treatment, the mother only needs to lie down by the instrument under the guidance of professional therapists under the guidance of professional therapists to perform electrical stimulation and biological feedback therapy for the bottom muscles of the basin. 15-30 minutes each time, 15 times for a course of treatment. 90%of mothers only need a course of treatment.Can.In addition, the therapist will also teach the use of the Kigel movement and vaginal dumbbells that use their mothers for a lifetime. Moms can do self -training at home at any time.

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But the reality is that there are not many mothers who actively ask for treatment. They do not realize that the postpartum training can improve sexual life, restore the posture while preventing the symptoms of difficulty in urinary incontinence after many years.Affected by traditional concepts, it is believed that after giving birth to only bed in bed, or busy taking care of the baby 3 months after giving birth, many mothers have missed the best time to treat the best treatment.Guard Weng Xueling suggested that mothers who missed the golden period of rehabilitation within 3 months of delivery also needed to come to the hospital for pelvic floor rehabilitation training as soon as possible to prevent the symptoms from becoming more and more serious.

Writing: Nandu reporter Zeng Wenqiong

Intern: Wu Haiyin

Correspondent: Zhang Yang, Liu Xinchen

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