Nutrient experts are the most recommended food matching. Many people are still eating every day

1. Potato shreds+rice: I ate two staple foods

Potato shredded rice is a dish that many people often eat.However, Xu Weisheng, the Institute of Nutrition and Health, China Disease Prevention and Control Center, introduced in the Health Times in 2019. The main component of potato shreds is starch. In addition, heavy oil will double the calories of this dish.Therefore, don’t just use this dish with rice, whether it is equivalent to eating two staple foods.

Photo by Kou Xiaowen, Health Times

The scientific approach should be to remove 2/3 of the potatoes when stir -fry the potato shreds, add 1/3 green red pepper, 1/3 carrot, and then a little shredded pork.Only more nutritious.①

2. Lotus root+rice: I ate two staple foods

In an interview with the Health Times of the Seventh Medical Center of the Seventh Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital, although lotus root is auspicious rhizome food, the rhizomes of high starch are the so -called staple food, the content of carbohydrates and even the content of the carbohydrates and evenIt’s higher than yam.Many of our dishes have met the matching of staple food and meat, such as potato stewed beef, yam stewed chicken, lotus root rib soup.

Lotus root is like other staple foods that can easily cause blood sugar fluctuations.He reminded sugar friends not to treat it as vegetables, and try to choose leafy vegetables when eating vegetables.If there is lotus root in a certain dish, it is recommended to reduce the amount of rice at a ratio of 1: 1.②

3. White porridge+pickles+steamed buns: lift blood sugar

The Department of Nutrition Department of the Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was introduced in the Health Times in 2017. Drinking porridge with pickles and steamed buns is a breakfast choice for many people, but there are big problems in such a diet structure.Both white porridge and steamed buns are staple foods and provide rich carbohydrates, but they cannot provide sufficient amounts of protein, vitamin and other nutrients.In addition, white porridge is a single food with a high blood sugar -generated index because of food composition, which has a greater impact on blood sugar and is not suitable for sugar friends.③

4. Ham+instant noodles: salty plus salty

Instant noodles and ham sausages are "large salt -containing testrs".A 65 grams of ham sausage contains about 1.6 grams, accounting for 32%of the recommended amount of 5 grams of salt per day; a group of instant noodle packages (28 grams) contain about 4.2 grams of salt, which is equivalent to 84%of the recommended amountEssenceTherefore, it is recommended that when eating instant noodles, the salty flavoring bag can be put less.④

Cai Honglin, a nutritionist at Wuhan Union Hospital of Hubei Wuhan Union Hospital, suggested in an interview with that convenient noodles should not be eaten with foods with high sodium content (equivalent to high salt content) such as ham sausage., Supplement the missing vitamins and dietary fiber in the instant noodles.⑤

5. Beer+Seafood: Be careful gout

It sounds cool when eating delicious seafood.However, the chief nutritional foodist at the Seventh Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital pointed out in the Health Times in 2021 that most seafood is a high purine food. The beer contains the highest purine with beer.Raising blood lipids can also increase the concentration of uric acid in the blood. When eating a large amount of seafood and beer, alcohol will accelerate the accumulation of lactic acid produced by food and inhibit the discharge of uric acid, which can induce acute gout.

If your own uric acid level is already very high, you need to strictly control the consumption of sea and animal organs.Of course, if the uric acid is not much higher than the normal value, and there is no gout attack, the seafood river is also delicious, but it is not advisable to eat too frequently, don’t eat more, especially don’t drink.⑥

6. Hot pot+ice drink: it hurts the stomach

On a hot day, ate a spicy hot pot in the air -conditioned room, sweated a little, and drank some cold drinks to cool down. It felt very comfortable.However, Huang Suiping, director of the Spleen and Stomach Department of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangdong Province, reminded the Health Times in 2021 that I had just ate a few foods that I was caught from the hot pot.People can’t help but make such tossing, which can easily cause cold evil invasion, and abdominal pain and diarrhea follow.In addition, thermal expansion and contraction, the esophagus stomach wall is stimulated in a short period of time, the blood vessels and adrenal glands have changed drastically, and those with weaker heart function and the risk of rising blood pressure.⑥

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