Obstetricians bluntly stated: Do not drink these three "poisonous water" anymore, which has too much impact on the fetus

When each mother was at first as a mother, she basically had a half -knowledge about parenting. Later, she slowly explored on the road of being a mother, and then practiced the ability, just like that sentence, "The woman is weak, and it is a mother. "

Xiaoxin is also a novice mother. Shortly after falling in love with her husband, she felt that the other party was very suitable. After she got married, she became pregnant soon, like many newlywed couples.After Xiaoxin became pregnant, her husband took care of herself even more, and her mother -in -law was very good to Xiaoxin.

Xiaoxin during pregnancy is very cautious. Only the mother -in -law’s "not", Xiaoxin will not touch it for the fetus, but Xiaoxin has a hobby. After waking up every afternoon, Xiaoxin likes to drink black tea. My mother -in -law thinks this way.There is nothing bad for living habits, nor does it stop Xiaoxin.

When the fetus was 26 weeks, Xiaoxin suddenly found that the baby’s fetal movement became frequent during this time, so he started to be nervous, so after he came to the hospital for examination with her husband, he found that the fetus was not different.

At this time, the doctor asked about Xiaoxin’s diet in detail, and finally learned that there was a problem with Xiaoxin’s black tea. Black tea contained caffeine, which had a great impact on the fetus, and Xiaoxin regretted it.

During pregnancy, the diet of pregnant women should pay special attention. Sometimes, a small movement that may not be taken for granted will cause trouble to the fetus.After having a baby in the belly, these drinks can be called "poisonous water", and pregnant mothers must pay attention.

1. Carbonated beverages

Many pregnant mothers know. Drinking too much carbonated beverages, not only pregnant women, but also affecting normal people. It is also a pregnant woman. Drinking carbonated drinks for a long time has a great impact on the fetus.Sometimes, when pregnant mothers are not pregnant, they have the habit of drinking carbonated drinks, but after pregnancy, for the baby, do not continue to drink such drinks, affect the health of the baby, and you must avoid your mouth.

Two, coffee

Coffee is the favorite of many people in the workplace, especially in the afternoon, without spirit, sometimes a cup of coffee can play a good role in refreshing.But after pregnancy, you must completely quit coffee.Because coffee contain caffeine, it must be avoided for those who are pregnant. It will endanger the health of the fetus and even cause abortion or premature birth.Pregnant mothers must be cautious.

Three, raw water

Drinking cold water is the most enjoyable thing. Sometimes, there is no cool open at home, and the pregnant mothers are thirsty, and they will directly pick up a cup of tap water and drink it.Behavioral, ordinary people may have diarrhea, let alone pregnant women, and there are many bacteria in the water. After drinking, the baby in the belly will be affected.Therefore, even if the pregnant mother is hot, it cannot be drunk directly because it is addicted. It must be boiled to drink.

The living habits during pregnancy are very particular. Pregnant mothers who do not understand can ask experienced Baoma, or when they go to the hospital, ask a professional doctor. The doctor will definitely explain it with the pregnant mother.The diet during pregnancy should be particularly noted. You must not care about it, especially your family, you must play a certain role in supervising the pregnant woman.

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