Obviously the early pregnancy test paper showed two bars, but went to the hospital for examination, but said that I was not pregnant?

Many mothers obviously tested their "two bars" at home early pregnancy test strips. After two weeks, they went to the hospital for examination. However, the doctor said that she did not want to be pregnant and made many mothers feel stunned and sad.Why does this phenomenon happen?

Why is the early pregnancy test paper "two bars" but not pregnant?To clarify this problem, you must start with the principle of early pregnancy test strip test.Early pregnancy test strips detected the chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) existing in the urine. As long as the HCG level in the urine rises, the "two bars" will be displayed on the test strip.

For normal pregnancy, the level of HCG in women’s urine will undoubtedly increase, but in addition, there are some abnormal pregnancy situations that cause HCG levels.With the "two bars" on the early pregnancy test paper, it is impossible to determine whether it is a normal pregnancy. The accurate results need to be checked according to the hospital’s blood drawing.

Reason one: Residential pregnancy

Extra pregnancy is the "home", and the biochemical pregnancy is that the fertilized egg fails to bed in the uterine cavity.However, the HCG level will increase as soon as possible. The "two bars" can be measured through early pregnancy test strips, and blood testing can also be measured.However, the ultrasonic detection does not detect the pregnancy signs such as pregnancy sac, yolk sac, and heart buds.

In fact, biochemical pregnancy is not uncommon, accounting for about 25%-30%of total pregnancy.In some cases, the biochemical pregnancy is "silent".Because it does not cause special discomfort, it cannot even be found if it is not checked.

Therefore, if the early pregnancy test strip is displayed as two bars, but the color gradually becomes lighter, or the level of HCG is gradually reduced, and the ultrasonic examination cannot be seen in the biochemical pregnancy.

Reason two: Extraceaed pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, fertilized eggs are formed after sperm and egg fertilization. The fertilized eggs must be swimming to the uterine cavity and bed. In the uterine cavity, "settling home" can develop into embryos and fetuses.If the fertilized eggs are bed in other parts of the uterine cavity, the incidence is about 2%.We can be understood as "fascinated by fertilized eggs, and I have settled."

The fertilized eggs are "settled in the house" in these parts, and HCG will also secrete it. The detection of early pregnancy test strips will also display "two bars".At this time, ultrasound is needed to help judge the part of pregnancy.If the ultrasound examination is performed, the lump is found in the accessories area, and a yolk, germ, or primitive heart tube are found, and it can be basically diagnosed as "ectopic pregnancy".

1. Do a good pre -pregnancy examination, check the chromosomes of both husband and wife, and rule out the possibility of defects in fertilized eggs;

2. Do hysteroscopic examination to see if there are symptoms of uterine dysplasia, submucosal fibroids, endometrial polyps, uterine cavity adhesion, and endometrial tuberculosis, etc.

3. Six tests of hormone, check whether it is due to the inadequate ovarian luteal function and insufficient secretion of progesterone, which will affect the failure of fertilized eggs in bed;

4. Do an immune antibody and closed antibody inspection to rule out that the eggs caused by immune factors cannot be fertilized or implantable after fertilization.

At the same time, it should be noted that clinical medicine shows that women who have had a history of ectopic pregnancy before have a particularly chance of suffering from ectopic pregnancy again, especially for female friends who are pregnant again within one year after surgery, so they are not ready to prepare.Women who want children must do a good job of contraception.


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