Odomy of leucorrhea = gynecological disease?This is not necessarily!

Odomy of leucorrhea = gynecological disease?

NO!This is not necessarily!

Not all leucorrhea abnormalities are the prerequisite for gynecological diseases. Some "leucorrhea abnormalities" forms are actually normal.In some special physiological periods, in some special circumstances, leucorrhea is also abnormal, but these leucorrhea abnormalities are not "abnormal"!

Let ’s take a look at several normal leucorrhea abnormal phenomena ~~


Situation 1: Lands increase before ovulation during ovulation period

When women are about to enter the ovulation period, the increase in estrogen in the body will increase. At this time, under the change of this estrogen, the epithelial cells of the cervical glands will be proliferated. Therefore, the amount of cervical mucus secretion will occurIncreased phenomenon.When the sodium chloride content in the mucus increases and can absorb more water, there will be some abnormalities in leucorrhea. During this period, the leucorrhea will show some sparse and clear symptoms.


Case 2: The leucorrhea is abnormal during pregnancy

If you are pregnant, then your leucorrhea will also show abnormal phenomena, which is also caused by female estrogen changes in women.When a woman is pregnant, it will secrete too much viscous mucus. At this time, you find that your leucorrhea is more and sticky, but this is normal and no treatment is required.


Case 3: Take drugs containing estrogen

If you are taking medicine, especially drugs containing estrogen, for example, contraceptives, etc., after taking these drugs, the level of female and progesterone in the body will change, leading to your endocrine disorders, and there will be abnormal leucorrhea in leucorrhea.Performance.


Situation 4: Lands abnormal caused by stressful leucorrhea

If you are always in a relatively stressful state within a period of time, then your endocrine system will be disordered under the influence of pressure. At this time, the leucorrhea will also be abnormal.

The above leucorrhea is abnormal, adjust your emotions, and relieve stress to improve. Do n’t scare yourself, do n’t find the information on the Internet for a seat, or listen to the rumors of advertising.Such a "blind treatment" may cause no disease to become sick!

If you feel a problem, the correct approach is to go to a regular gynecological hospital in time to receive regular diagnosis and treatment!


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