Official announcement!Princess Stephani is pregnant

After seven years of marriage, the Luxembourg Grand Public Reservoir successfully made a successful person, and soon upgraded into a parent.Grand Public Reservoir and Princess Stephani just announced that they are looking forward to the first child.

The Luxembourg royal family issued a brief statement to confirm this good news, and the children of the Grand Public Reservoir are expected to be born in May next year.

Grand Public Reservoir and Stephani Public Concubine Concubine

The couple of Ji Lam and Stephanini also released new official portraits to commemorate this occasion.

Ji Yamum was wearing a casual dress consisting of a naval suit jacket, leaving a shirt and camel trousers, while Princess Stephanie was wearing a chrysanthemum -blue shirt and jeans, and the two looked glory.

Stephani announced pregnancy

In another set of photos, the Grand Congress looked more formal. Princess Stephani wore a eye -catching purple jacket, and the prince was wearing a dark suit and a striped tie.

Grand Public Reservoir and Princess Stephani

The two officials announced their first official activities after pregnancy.Although the weather was raining, the couple were not troubled. When they arrived at the event location, they smiled and were full of happiness.

When asked about them the first time they became their parents, Ji Lam Muman said, "We are glad. I am very happy to share this good news with everyone we met today. People are happy for us. This is not only warmth., It’s very touching. "

Princess Stephanie also shared her feelings about pregnancy: "For a few months, we have been keeping it secret. I am very happy to share our joy with the Luxembourg people."

Stephani announced the first official activity after pregnancy

The birth of a new life is a happy thing, especially the happiness is so late.

Ji Yamo and Princess Stephani got married in October 2012, and their weddings were participated in royal members from all over the world.However, in 7 years after marriage, Princess Stephanie has not been pregnant.

In 2016, when a media speculated that Princess Stephani was pregnant, she clarified in an interview with the French magazine Point de Vue: "I don’t have any plans to become a mother. At present, I enjoy it with my husband."

Grand Public Reserve and Stephani

However, Prince Ji Yamu is the next Grand Duke of Luxembourg. Has his heir is a very concerned about the outside world. Therefore, Princess Stephanie’s delay infertility has been undergoing considerable pressure.In particular, when her two princess Klair and Tyzy had two children each, she and the Grand Congress had no children.Click here: Luxembourg’s throne inheritance is a bit suspended: Princess Stephanie has no children, Princess Claire’s children doubles

There are many speculations about this. Some people suspect that it is the problem of Ji Lam’s Grand Corporation, but more thinks that Princess Stephenini has a congenital problem because she is old -when she is born at the age of 55.

Princess Claire Family

2019 is a very difficult year for couples.In January, Princess Stephanie’s father died at the age of 90 at the age of 90.In April, Jean Duke, the grandfather of Ji Luman, and Luxembourg, died.Earl Lannoy and the Grand Duke did not hear this good news alive.

Grand Public Reserve and Stephani

However, while the outside world wished Princess Stephanie’s pregnancy, they also speculated whether the two had the power to use the power of modern technology, because the couple moved to London to settle in the name of pursuing their studies in 2018, and at the same time reduced many royal official activities.

Although it was not confirmed, the media generally believed that Princess Charlin’s Dragon and Phoenix tires were obtained by IVF technology.Click here to see: Princess Charlin of Monaco: The dragon and phoenix tires are "exhausted"

Princess Xia Lin (left) and her husband took the dragon and phoenix to attend the event

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