On the day of her daughter’s full moon, her mother -in -law suddenly had a stomachache. As soon as she checked her pregnancy, she insisted on having a second child.

My name is Xiaohua, an ordinary Chinese woman, a ordinary family, a husband who loves me like a life, and a daughter who has just been full of moon.This story is about an unusual day of my family.

That day was the day when my daughter was full, and the atmosphere at home was lively like the Spring Festival.Relatives rushed to come with a full moon ceremony to bless our little princess to grow up healthy.My mother -in -law, an old lady in her fifties, has been busy, take care of my guests, take care of me and my children.

After lunch, her mother -in -law suddenly hugged her belly, her face pale.My husband stepped forward and asked, "Mom, what’s wrong with you?" My mother -in -law smiled and said, "Maybe I have eaten too much, it’s okay." We all thought that the old man had a bad appetite and didn’t care too much.

However, over time, her mother -in -law’s pain was not alleviated, but she became more and more powerful.

Her face was more and more pale, sweaty.My husband hurriedly said, "Mom, let’s take you to the hospital to see." Although my mother -in -law was cold and sweaty, she insisted: "It’s okay, just lie on my own."

However, looking at my mother -in -law’s pain and snoring, we could no longer ignore it.My husband and I hurriedly helped my mother -in -law and hurried to the hospital.

As soon as the doctor checked, our whole family was stunned.The doctor looked at the B -ultrasound, and then looked at us, and said, "Congratulations, your mother is pregnant." My husband was stunned, and I was stunned, and my mother -in -law was stunned.

The mother -in -law looked at the doctor, and her tears suddenly slipped from the corner of her eyes. She trembled and asked, "Really? I … am I really pregnant?" The doctor nodded, and the mother -in -law suddenly laughed, and the tears shed out.She looked at us and said firmly, "I’m going to give birth to this child."

I was at a loss for a while.I looked at my mother -in -law’s smile and looked at my husband’s stunned expression, and I suddenly felt an unspeakable pressure.I don’t know how this sudden news will change our lives.

I have a mixed taste in my heart. I am worried about my mother -in -law’s body. After all, she is in her fifties. This age is too risky.I am also worried that this sudden child will affect our lives. After all, we have just had a child, and life has just entered the right track.

I found my mother -in -law and tried to communicate with her.I said, "Mom, I am worried about your body. This age is too dangerous." My mother -in -law looked at me, with a firm light in her eyes. She said, "Xiaohua, I know you are worried about me, but this is God, but this is God.I can’t give up the gift given. "

I can’t convince my mother -in -law, and I can’t accept this fact.My husband and I also contradictory.He stood on his mother -in -law, and he said, "Xiaohua, this is the decision of mom, we should respect." I looked at him, and my heart was full of helplessness. I said, "But I am worried about my mother’s body, and I also worry about our lives.Will be affected. "

I feel extremely stressful, I don’t know what I should do.I feel helpless, I feel confused, and I am scared.

Just when I was helpless, I saw my daughter.She fell asleep quietly in the cradle, her face was red, like a little angel.I looked at her, and suddenly there was a feeling in my heart.

I suddenly understood that I couldn’t just consider myself, I can’t just consider the present.I want to think about my family, I want to think about my children, and I have to think about the future.

I looked at my daughter, and my heart was full of determination.I know, no matter how difficult the road ahead is, I have to stick to it. I want to face and fight for the people I love, for the family I love.

I decided to support my mother -in -law, although I knew this would be a difficult decision.I told my husband that we would face it together and bear this responsibility together.

My mother -in -law saw me support her, and her eyes were full of gratitude.I know that this decision will bring a lot of difficulties, but I am willing to face it for my family, for love.

This is the story of me, Xiaohua.

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