On Valentine’s Day late at night, my husband received: "I’m pregnant, you marry me" Wife Bobe reply to save marriage

In today’s society, when people choose to get married or love, they are more and more interested in watching a person’s "cost -effectiveness".This is actually normal.Everyone wants their partners to be great, and they want to improve their living conditions through marriage.But it was wrong to let him forget this.

Many little girls now like uncle, and even a good man with a family.It sounds good, likes to pick up cash, feel that others love their wives and care about family members, so I want to chase such men.But if this man finally gave up his family, how could he become a real good person?

So this atmosphere in society is worthy of criticism.They destroyed others’ families for their happiness, thinking that this was a shortcut and truth.Such people can’t get the happiness and happy families they want, and they can only be reduced to a bitch.

Netizen Chen Wenjing encountered such a thing.She met a person who wanted to destroy her family.Fortunately, Chen Wenjing is witty and calm, so she has no way of others.In the end, she cleverly resolved the marriage crisis and drove away the third party who wanted to destroy her family.Let’s take a look at her story.

Love couple, happy family.

Chen Wenjing and Yu Wenjie are enviable pairs.Chen Wenjing is a flower in the university, and Yu Wenjie is the principal of their class.Because it was just a fellow, I walked very close, and finally came together to become a lover.

After graduating from college, they got married and made their previous classmates jealous.

After graduation, they returned to their hometown together instead of staying there because Yu and Chen lived in a big city because they were all only children. If they lived close, they would better take care of their parents.

Less than two months after getting married, Chen Fa showed that she was pregnant, so she was no longer distressed about whether she went out to work or was a housewife.She decided to stay at home to bring children and plan to be a full -time mother.Yu Wenjie went out to find a job, because his degree and work ability were excellent. With the help of his father -in -law, Yu Wenjie got a very good job, and his salary was ideal.

Yu Minhonghe is a very happy couple.Although Chen Wenjing has become a full -time mother, she did not completely forget herself.She should be dressed to play.She will not keep it.As long as there is a plan, Chen will send the child to his grandparents’ house.

Although her parents have always taught her to take care of her family, Yu likes a confident and beautiful appearance. I hope she can really think about herself and not be a woman who only knows to sacrifice the family.Three years have passed.Rarely, Chen Wenjing is as beautiful as before, just because she has become a mother and wife, more mature and calm than before.

Yu Wenjie is also a good man in Gu’s family.Although it was promoted once in three years, Yu Minhong had never been obsessed with work and did not take the job home.He can work overtime without overtime.On the contrary, he is very efficient and is appreciated by leaders.

Model husband is valued by others.

However, if a person is excellent enough, it will attract others’ appreciation, but some people simply appreciate it, and some people think of other things after appreciation.

This is the case for an intern of Yu Wenjie.Because Yu is already the deputy manager of a department, when the intern comes, Yu is also assigned two positions.Both have excellent education.One is young people and the other is a lively girl.

Although Yue is their leadership, she is actually only three or four years older than them, and her new girl has a very outgoing personality.Since the assistant manager, she called her brother for two days.

If Yu Wenjie is not married, the little girl calls him like this, he is still useful.However, how to listen now, how to listen now, say that the girl has not changed several times, and once even called out in front of the leader, the voice was particularly intimate.Let the leader look at these two.There are many things in it.This is Yu’s first time to get angry with the intern.The little girl was so scared that she didn’t dare to call her brother again.

Yu felt a little guilty, so he just told this.After listening to this, Chen Wenjing joked: "You are so charming. There are still little girls who will like you."

Yu Wenjie was helpless about his wife’s play, but jokingly joked, Chen Wenjing still fell in love with.After all, the little girl knows that Yu has his wife and children.

Repeated provocation.

Chen Wenjing’s sixth sense as a woman is indeed true.The little girl has some background.Less than a week after separation, the manager sent the girl back, saying that some leaders were designated to the teacher to take her.

Yu couldn’t violate the wishes of the boss, so she had to avoid her everywhere and direct work in the place where there were many people.But the little girl always wrapped him intentionally and accompanied her after get off work.She had to sit at the dining table for lunch, which made Mr. Yu a headache.

One day, Chen Wenjing sent her child back to her husband’s house and asked Wen Jie to accompany her to shop.Knowing that Yu Wenjie would not work overtime today, Chen Wenjing did not tell him in advance, but drove the car downstairs and waited.Unexpectedly, seeing Yee came out of his face, the little girl next to him leaned on him.Chen Wenjing still felt a little funny, so she quickly got out of the car to save her husband.

Unexpectedly, the little girl first saw her and put her hand directly on Yu Wenjie’s arm.Yu Wenjie was startled and hurriedly left her.When she looked up and saw Chen Wenjing, Yu Wenjie’s face became pale.

But Chen Wenjing didn’t know what the little girl was thinking.Before Yu had time to say anything, she stepped forward and held his arm.

"Husband, go shopping with me today and buy a new shirt for you. This old dirty will throw away." Chen Wenjing had something to say, the little girl pulled off her face directly and said.

Chen Wenjing believes that the little girl can retreat after that.I don’t think she underestimates the skills of today’s youth.One day, Yu rarely spent the night, and the phone could not be turned on.Although Ms. Chen knew that Yu Minhong had a social gathering, this was the first time.Until the next day, Yu Cai returned home with bitter face.He looked at Chen Wenjing and hesitated, but he still said it."Wife, what should I do? I drank too much yesterday. Waking up in the hotel this morning, the intern was lying next to me."

Ms. Chen was furious, but considering the person’s personality, she decided to trust Mr. Yu.After confirming that Mr. Yi really did nothing, Ms. Chen calmed down and waited for the rest of the story.

This is half a month, until the night of Valentine’s Day, Yu Wenjie’s mobile phone suddenly received a text message.

"I’m pregnant. Marry me."

Yu handed the phone to his teeth and was bitten.After calming down, he had a clever move and returned a text message: "I have been ligated for a long time. Whose child are you pregnant, I still want me to be your boss? Why don’t you have a test?"

Yu Wenjie saw a helpless smile, but the text message sent, and the other party did not reply.The next day, Yu Wenjie came to the company and learned that the little girl had resigned.He was relieved.

When Chen Wenjing learned the news, she knew that she had driven away the man who wanted to destroy her family and saved her marriage.

Yi and Chen can protect their marriage together because they do not have secrets with each other, because Yi is magnificent and large with Chen’s trust.In the end, Chen Yi got rid of the person who wanted to interfere with his marriage and successfully preserved and saved his marriage.

Many trusts in marriage are related to what your partner does.In marriage, you cannot focus on pure self -purification.Instead, learn to control your words and deeds, and grasp the sense of degree and distance with the opposite sex.Communication is important.Once contradictions and misunderstandings are caused, timely communication and clarification can avoid marriage into the dead alley.The most important thing for two people to live together is trust.The reason why Yu Wenjie and Chen Wenjing can always trust each other forever are because Yu Wenjie will tell Chen Wenjing with everything.Although we have been saying good -faith lie, it is wrong to hide them.When a hidden person finds itself, things may be out of control.Therefore, in marriage, if contradictions and misunderstandings have occurred, it is better to interpret it in time.Do you know who wants to get involved in other people’s marriage?

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