One article explains the best time, temperature, and consumption of honey water. The correct method of drinking honey water is here

Xiaobian has liked to drink honey since childhood, because honey is a healthy and delicious food.

The best way to eat honey is to brew honey water.

But I found that many friends caused the nutritional loss of honey due to the wrong brewing method.

So today I will share with you the correct way to drink water water.

First, let’s talk about the best time to take honey. You can drink a glass of warm water and drink a glass of honey water first.

Or eat a cup after half an hour after breakfast. Eat the second cup for one hour before or after Chinese or after the Chinese meal. This time period of consumption of honey water is conducive to the body’s heat brought by the food.

Eating the third cup one hour before going to bed can help sleep.

Second, let’s talk about how to choose the utensils that brew honey water, because honey water is a weak acidic liquid, and it combines with metal to produce a chemical reaction. Therefore, glass and ceramic utensils should be selected when brewing honey water.

Third, the temperature of the water to brew honey water is also critical. When honey encounters high temperature, it will destroy the active and nutritious ingredients inside.

Boving honey with 30 degrees of water temperature will help to remove fire, detoxify, and clear heat.

Boving honey with water temperature at about 50 degrees can promote digestion and strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, the best water temperature for honey water is below 60 degrees, above 30 degrees.

So how do we know the water temperature of brewing honey water? There is a simple way to pour the boiled boiling water into the cup and touch the cup wall with the back of the hand.

Fourth, how much grams of daily honey is appropriate? It is recommended to be 50 grams per day, 25 grams at a time, once in the morning and evening.

If we usually use a spoon, a spoon of about 10 grams, 25 grams each time, about 2 to 3 spoons.

After honey poured into the cup, stir a few laps in a clockwise clockwise, then stir it a few times counterclockwise, stir well with honey and put it for ten seconds to taste a sip after a quiet level.This is the natural characteristics of pure honey.

The above is the correct method of drinking water in detailed honey water. Next, I will introduce some of the quality and pure soil honey.

1. The treasure of the honey -the soil honey from the Taibai Mountain in Qinling

As its bottle wrote, Honey Treasure is from soil honey from Taibai Mountain.

Honey Jane relies on the beautiful Taibai Mountain, with rich honey source and pure quality.

Over the years, it has been taking the responsibility of creating the pure soil honey in China.

They launched a activity that could apply to customer service for "try first, pay for, and not be satisfied with no money". This simple and direct way reflects the determination of Mi Zhizhen to make a good product. It is said that Honey TreasureThe quality of honey is one of the best in the five northwest provinces. Many old customers in his family used to buy McCaru honey imported from foreign countries before. Later, I accidentally tasted the honey honey.Caru honey, the most important thing is that McCan honey imported from abroad is often more than three or four hundred yuan, and Honey Treasure only needs more than one hundred dollars, it is really a conscience!

In addition to the powerful activities, the honey honey is given an additional set of cups, spoons and a constant temperature heating pad. It is coming in winter. I believe that this gift can warm you all winter.

2. Kangmile-Original eucalyptus honey from Australia

This honey is pure eucalyptus honey, which has a mellow taste, not greasy, and drinking water with natural sweetness.This honey now has a coupon, and 250 grams is less than 20 yuan.This honey bottle mouth is very good and easy to use, not leaking or sticky.

Third, Russia-Russian honey with full sweetness

This honey comes from Russia and looks like butter, like a snowflake paste, is very thick. It is very good to drink or drink with lemonade directly.

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