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Hello everyone, I am a puppet. Today I recommend three female respect for you.

Author: Huixianzi

Wonderful fragments:

How are you doing recently?"Nuoya sat down on the grass, and was boring anyway, just chat with this man who looks more like a man!

"Fortunately!" Zi Mo was standing behind her. For this woman, there was a deep gratitude in addition to admiration. If he did not meet her last time, he may not be over the wall, and it would not be possible to return to it.Fengcheng encountered Li Weimin being investigated and retrieved his own property, let alone encounter her mother. She is his blessing!

Author: ZJ 华 作 作 作

Wonderful part:

Shangguan Juechen didn’t say anything. After looking at the Shangguan Ru Ge in his arms, he shook him and called: "Ru Ge, wake up, we went to the inn, and went to sleep.Um?"

Looking at Guan Ruge, he just turned over and continued to sleep. It seems that this time was really exhausted, and he could only eat dry food in the carriage. It was really wronged.However, no matter what, rice still has to be eaten.

Then he called: "Ru Ge, such as songs." Because they have no blood relationship, the Shangguan Juechen no longer calls Qi Brother.

Shangguan Ruge only felt that this was the most stable sleep. The dream was all sweet, and his body was surrounded by warmth.It seems that someone is calling him.So he woke up from his dream, rubbed his eyes, and saw a somewhat familiar but strange woman holding him in the dim space.

I saw that she didn’t have much expression on her face, but she looked very beautiful, giving people a cold and beautiful beauty, a green silk, floating behind her, and the Shangguan was like a song.The Situ Heng he saw was even more beautiful, and he couldn’t return God for a while.

Shangguan Juechen looked at his dull expression, and a little funny for a while, and then said, "Go to the inn, let’s eat something first, and then rest, is it okay?"

The voice of Shangguan Juechen finally pulled back to Shangguan Ruge’s consciousness. Seeing that he was still lying in this woman’s arms, he immediately became red, a little overwhelmed, hurriedly climbed up, and said, "You, who are you? What about Daddy and Mei Dad? "

Obviously I didn’t know it, but there was a sense of familiarity. Shangguan Ruge felt that he was going crazy.The heart fluttered, and the flutter kept jumping, so I pressed my hands and held the heart to jump out, trying to make myself not so bad.

When Shangguan Juechen saw this small movement, he laughed: "It’s a little fool. I’m not just Shangguan Juechen? Let’s go, go to the inn to eat." After that, I didn’t explain anything, so I got out of the car and said to the saying that it was said to be said to be said to be said to be.It is the best inn in this town.

God, she, she is Shangguan’s dust. Originally, the fact that she had not stayed surprised by him. Later, she saw her extraordinary medical skills even surprised him. Now, she looks like her.Ru Ge felt that her heart was about to load. Is this the true face of her. Ah, at this time, Shangguan Ruge remembered that she was green silk, which means that she has martial arts, and it is still the realm of Qinghua!Too incredible!How many things he doesn’t know exactly?

In fact, no matter how shocked, Shangguan Ru Ge has never asked Shangguan Due why, he knows that she should have her own purpose. One more thing is not as good as a matter of less. He doesn’t want to leave a tongue in her heart The impression of the husband seems to be in a state of rapid beating since leaving the official family. He has been eighteen, and he knows why, because, because of three months, he likes her, one is worse than him than him. A four -year -old -Shangguan Dushu!

As soon as I entered the inn, Shangguan’s extraordinary appearance immediately got the attention of everyone. I saw that she had no concern, and went straight to Mei Ruo’s table, opened the stool and sat down.The name of the sister) The bottom of the eyes flashed a stunning, and there was deep alertness, but just for a while, as if I understood something, I didn’t say anything, and it was relieved.The people in their hands are not eating white rice, and they know their own basis, and Mei Ruo is different.

Author: Seven Fish

Wonderful part:

The sound of the water behind the screen was very fast. I frowned and just wanted to persuade him not to worry. When I raised my eyes, Xue Mu put away my wet hair, blushed out of the screen, and the white library was stained with water halfway.Paste it on him, looming the skin tone inside.Xue Mu was still with a little mist, his mouth tightly, and his eyes stared at me ashamed.

When my heartbeat was stagnant, I froze and felt the heat on my face.Turn around and open the door and shouted at the door: "Xiao Er, bring the meals in."

Xue Mu did not want to move so fast, and saw that she was unsatisfactory and twisted her eyebrows and turned to the end to hide into the bed.Small second -hand and feet were rammed with good dishes, and two people helped to change a bucket of hot water.

"Everyone is gone, come out for dinner ~" I said with a smile on my eyebrows, remembering that I was so panicked when I was so panicked.

Xue Mu rolled over and got out of bed expressionlessly. I quickly picked up a dry cloth and wrapped his hair and pleased it.

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