Oral ulcer is not a serious ill

Oral ulcers will increase, which may make people feel very painful.It is also called eloquent ulcer or ulcer, which has many induced factors, including stress, illness, or biting meat on the inside of the mouth.But don’t worry, there will be some tested methods here to help you quickly cure the annoying oral ulcers.

1 Rinse your mouth with salt water.Put one or two teaspoon salt in a cup of warm water and stir until dissolved.With a bite of salt water, stir in the circle, turn from one side of the cheek to the other side, and then vomit.Don’t swallow salt water.Repeat several times a day, usually do after meals and before going to bed.

2 Rinse your mouth with a baking baking.You can replace salt water with soda.Put 1 teaspoon of sulfur in half a cup of warm water, and then rinse your mouth according to the same method as salt water.

3 Rinse your mouth with a mild mouthwash.Wanting can remove bacteria, so as to avoid worsening oral ulcers, and maybe pain can be relieved.Any brand of mouthwash can work.Rinse once in the morning and evening, and you can rinse again after lunch.Don’t swallow your mouthwash.Sometimes the bacteric agent in mouthwash causes or aggravate oral ulcers.If mouthwash will sting your mouth, stop using it immediately until the ulcer heals completely.You can also try to use liquid mouthwash without alcoholic.

4 Use magnesium milk.Buy magnesium milk in grocery stores or pharmacies.Gently apply a little magnesium milk to the sore, which can achieve a soothing effect while promoting wound healing.You can repeat several times a day.

5 Apply hydrogen peroxide at the ulcer.Mix the equal amount of water and 3%hydrogen peroxide, just a little bit.Dip the solution with a cotton swab and gently apply it to the ulcer.The first time was mainly to clean the ulcer, then change a new cotton swab, dip the solution again, gently press it on the ulcer, and wait a few seconds to remove it.Repeat once in the morning and evening.Don’t swallow hydrogen peroxide.You don’t need to use too much hydrogen peroxide, you can just get a cotton swab.

6 Apply a little honey on the ulcer.Put a small amount of pure honey on the ulcer area, which may relieve pain and reduce inflammation.Use a clean cotton swab to dry the ulcer area, and then apply honey with a new cotton swab.It has the strongest antibacterial effect to buy Manuka honey.If you can’t find it, you can fight bacteria if you buy a pure honey.

7 Self -made medicine rinse.Put the equal amount of sage and chamomile in a small amount of water and soak.Wait until the water cools to a comfortable temperature, and rinse it with it.Some people think that this can improve the pain caused by oral ulcers, but there are not many research on this.Rinse 4 to 5 times a day.

8 Drink the good juice of the right oral cavity.Some people find that carrot juice, celery juice and cantaloupe juice can improve oral ulcers.However, this method has not been studied by research, so there is no reliability basis.You can squeeze them alone, or mix the results in the past and enjoy every day.

1 mouthful of broken ice.Ice cubes can help swelling and temporarily stop the pain caused by the sores.If possible, use the tongue to press the broken ice directly to the ulcer until it melts.Put the broken ice in the thermos or foam cups to prevent them from melting rapidly and easy to carry. It can be crushed all day.If the broken ice is too frozen for you, then drink at least all day to drink cold water.Let cool water stay in your mouth for a while, pat the ulcer gently, and then swallow it.

2 Do not eat sour and spicy food.Spicy, sour, and rough foods can stimulate the ulcers, cause pain, and may delay healing.Eat light and easy -to -digest foods to make the sore easier to heal.Avoid carbonated beverages, citrus fruits and hard foods, such as grilled bread.Foods containing many salt and spices cannot be eaten.

3 When brushing your teeth, the movement should be gentle.The toothbrush is sliding and scraping in the mouth, which can cause ulcers and make the existing sores more painful.Use a soft toothbrush to try not to touch the ulcer to avoid it expand.Before the ulcer is healed, use sensitive toothpaste, such as Best Neng or comfortable.

4 Take an over -the -counter analgesic medicine.If oral ulcers can’t heal as quickly as you want, try at least try to relieve discomfort and make yourself feel better.Take non -prescription painkillers such as ibuprofen, or use non -prescription pain relief gel.All local pharmacies are sold.If you have any diseases, or you are currently taking other drugs, you must consult a dentist or doctor before buying drugs.Children under 16 are not allowed to take aspirin.Don’t give children aspirin.

5 sucking zinc sugar ingots.Some pharmacies are sold.Although the effect has not been proven, some people find that they can relieve discomfort and speed up healing.Take it according to the instructions on the packaging.

6 Take vitamin supplements.Vitamin B and C may help oral ulcers healing, but further research is needed.After consulting doctors or pharmacists, you can purchase vitamin supplements in the pharmacy.Only intake the recommended dose.

7 Take lysine supplements.Lysine is a kind of amino acid, which may help oral ulcers.However, this needs to be further studied.First consult a doctor or pharmacist to confirm whether you are suitable for lysine.

8 Take purple cone flowers.The local pharmacy has a purple cone flower supplement.It mainly stimulates the immune system and may promote the healing of the mouth.Consult your doctor or pharmacist to confirm whether you can take purple cone flowers safely.

1 If the mouth ulcers are large or very painful, it is best to go to a doctor.Most small sores heal itself within a week or two.If there are multiple ulcers, the ulcers are very large or painful, and after three weeks, they have not healed or spread.Go to see a doctor or dentist, they have many prescription drugs and treatment plans to help you.Doctors or dentists can help confirm that your condition is only oral ulcers, not tooth abscess or rare oral cancer.

2 Get external painkillers.You can buy over -the -counter painkillers, but some drugs need to be prescribed to buy.It is best to consult a doctor or pharmacist which medicine is most suitable for you.There are many creams, creams, liquids, and gels on the market that can help relieve pain and speed up the healing of the mouth.Use products containing the following ingredients: fluoridal acetate, benzoaine, and hydrogen peroxide.

3 Get medicine with medicine.If there are many ulcers, mouth rinsing is much more convenient than applying gel one by one.Ask your doctor or dentist if you can get a mouthwash containing Demetatsone or Lidaine.They can alleviate pain, and the dexamethasone can also reduce inflammation.

4 If ulcers cannot heal, take prescription medicine.Used other treatments, but ulcers did not heal?Then you may need to take oral medicine.Discuss with your doctor what you have, and let them know your medical history and the drugs you are taking.Some drugs that treat other diseases can also be used to treat stubborn oral ulcers, such as sulfur and aluminum and autumn water.If oral ulcers are serious and it is always difficult to heal, doctors may also take oral cortical steroids.They have many side effects and are usually only used as the last treatment option.If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or autoimmune diseases, you must notify your doctor, you may be more suitable for other treatment methods.

5 Let the doctor burn the ulcer surface.Doctors can use chemicals or instruments to burn the ulcer surface and destroy damaged tissue to relieve pain and speed up healing.

6 Taking supplements to prevent recurrence of ulcers.If there is any insufficient nutritional body, oral ulcers may recur.Ask your doctor if you need to supplement folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, zinc or other vitamins.This helps prevent recurrence of ulcers.You can check the blood to confirm whether there is any insufficient nutrition.If oral sores are caused by other diseases, the fundamental cause must be thoroughly cured to prevent it from recurring.The sores and lip herpes are "different".Lip herpes is caused by herpes virus, and the sores are not.You can also use lemon juice and honey.Mix a little honey and lemon juice to form a paste.Use a cotton swab or clean finger to apply it on the affected area.You can also apply lemon juice without adding honey.This method is effective.

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