Orange Evening News / Park Minying’s Love?Wang Jiaer’s official Xuan Shi Tan, Nangong Yu got married

Nangong Yu Chen Yazhen gets married

In love for seven years, I am finally getting married!

Blessing Nan Shu and Ya

Today, according to the Korean media, Nangong Yu and Chen Yazhen will hold a wedding at the Shixori Hotel in Seoul on the afternoon of October 7th.

The wedding will invite relatives and friends of both parties to host non -public weddings.

It is reported that Nangong Yu and Chen Yazheng were assisted in the movie "Light My Fire" in 2015. Nangong Yu is the director of this play, and Chen Yazhen is starred as an actor.

Subsequently, the two were convenient for public love in 2016, and they have been in love for seven years.

Back to the love records of the two, orange is really sweet

In the 2017 KBS acting reward, he said, "Thank you, I love you."

In the 2020 SBS acting reward, he said, "Thank you very much for so long to guard against me and have been with my dear Ya."

In 2021, the MBC acting reward, he said, "Ya Yi, thank you for staying with me, I love you."

Orange Review: Will the two of them give birth to a Luo Yimin (after all, the appearance of the uncle Nan and Luo Yan is almost the extent of the biological father and son)

Park Minying’s Love

D Club finally goes to work!

After Park Xujun was exposed to shopping with his girlfriend, Park Minying was also exposed to love.

"Shuangpu CP" is BE after all!

Today, the Daisha Shiwen has exposed Park Minying’s secret love. It is said that the man is a retired mysterious rich man named Jiang Zongxian, the president of a virtual asset company.

After Park Minying announced on December 29 last year that the contract with the former economic company expired, the 30th company signed a new company on the 30th.

And this new company has a close relationship with her mysterious boyfriend.

Later, D Club also photographed the high -end apartments where Park Minying entered and exited the man many times, and the mans he left were also presented by the man.

D Club is so concerned this time not only because of his amazing financial resources and mysterious identity, but also

More because the man was suspected of being suspected of fraud and sentenced many times, and his sister was suspected of tax evasion …

(In fact, Park Minying’s new boyfriend and the Korean entertainment industry have been much greater than expected)

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Ju Jingying donated 500 million to provide women with HPV vaccines

Recently, some netizens posted that Ju Jingying donated 500,000 to the Chinese Women’s Development Foundation in December last year to provide women with HPV vaccines.

Now the donation has been implemented, but she has never mentioned itself.

Everyone knows that this is because a girl sent it on Weibo on Weibo.

She said that when their school is directly under the National Women’s Federation, when the organization is organized to play HPV for free for the classmates,

I knew it was the vaccine donated by Intoyou and Ju Jingying.

Let’s say that, Sister Ju is so beautiful, kind, and also concentrate on the beauty of her career. Who does not love?Intersection

You have to exaggerate the degree of passing by.

Orange Review: Girls Help Girls, Sister Ju!

Sun Yan, Xiaohua Xiaohua wrote a note to Deng Chao

Today, Sun Yan showed various small notes and gifts prepared by his daughter Xiaohua to his father Deng Chao on Weibo.

On the note, there are some warm words written by small flowers to Deng Chao. In the tender text, they are full of love for dad.

Deng Chao cried directly after watching it

Not to mention that Deng Chao would cry when he watched it, even if we were an outsider, it would be moved!

Sure enough, her daughter is always a little cotton jacket that her father.

Orange Review: Ge Brother moved daily, everyone urged sister to enter the group everyday!

Wang Jiaer’s official announcement of the World Tour

Today, Wang Jiaer Studio officials announced the news of the World Tour Concert.

Six stations in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, London, Paris, and Dubai, the tour time from November 2022 to April 2023.

Let’s say that overseas fans have won numb this year!

After chasing the music festival, pursue the sale, and now you can watch the concert.

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Che Yinyou Han Sui Li Poster Poster

This is a visual feast,

Not to mention cooperating together, it is simply "Yan Dog’s Paradise"!

Recently, Kakaopage, which was shot by Che Yinyou, Han Suxi, and Lee Hyun Hyd, the "Evil Girl Marionett" for the first time announced the poster of the three people.

Che Yinyou: Duke of Kidley

Han Suxi: Princess Cardina

Lee John: Prince Lei Jepu

I have to admit that the person with the cast is too good, right?

As soon as the collection of men and women, this configuration, who can not be motivated?Intersection

It is reported that the net is a romantic fantasy work adapted from the original novel of Han Yilin writer.

But the poster shot by the three is just an event for Kakaopage propaganda network. It is not really starred by the three

Orange Review: However, if the posters are shot, can’t you come to a live -action cooperation?Intersection

Film and television drama comprehensive information

The official announcement of "The Suns with Me"

Today, the urban emotional drama "The Suns with Me" starring Xiao Zhan, Bai Baihe, and Tian Yu was officially launched, and the lineup was announced.

It is reported that this is a "new sister -in -law love growth story" with the background of the workplace. The male lead Shengyang is the newcomer of the workplace (Xiao Zhan) who has entered the society.), The two people will support each other because of their lives, facing worldly rumors, and finally harvesting love.

Original episodes+top flow blessing+powerful actor, the show can be said to have a passing lineup to turning on Reuters, all of which have caused high discussion heat.

No, as soon as Reuters came out, it also quickly appeared on a high -level hot search.

Let’s see how high Xiao Zhan × Bai Baihe’s adaptation is?

Sister Bai in 172, this time I finally relying on people, this time,

The white shirt is really full of atmosphere!

Orange Review: Looking forward to the chemical reaction between the two!

Xie Nan dare to say

Unexpectedly, as a host, Xie Nan could speak so well even!

When talking about Wu Jing, every paragraph is very funny,

It is not the kind of embarrassing, perfunctory paragraph, it is really a stalk that everyone played on the Internet seriously.

For example, wearing a green sportswear expression package, the homophonic stalk of Wu Jing’s name,

Even CP: Wu Jing × Duan Yihong, bluntly, "You and I can be fake, you must be true with him."(Don’t play me too much)

When talking about "Internal Entertainment Status",

There is”有 有”, that is, the traffic star has been singing again,

There is”有 有”, that is, the traffic star has made a new scene again.

When it comes to the reason why everyone likes archeology,

Don’t ask, ask, "The current star posting Weibo is for business, and the traffic comes from this business hall."

Let’s say that the two leaders Lu Yu and Xie Nan last night really performed very well.

Regardless of the stalk or on -the -spot response, it makes people say "The Leader of this episode is right!"

Orange Review: It does make sense to attack this sentence in the surgery industry!

Wang Hezheng’s scared response in "Secret Escape"

The reaction of Orange is like this: there are not many things that can be afraid,

But I didn’t expect it to be like

Although we don’t know what the river embankment has seen, but this mouth is too big, right?

Is it okay to be directly scared to "eat children"?

It is no wonder that the river embankment once rejected the "ghost story" in the interview. He was really timid!

However, when you see this picture, Orange finally understands why everyone says that he is a handsome monkey, it really looks like a "monkey".

Orange Review: Our BKing’s face is temporarily unable to keep it.

No one can laugh and read the classmate records

The dusty memory was suddenly opened,

The embarrassing toe is ready to start working …

Narciss farewell

The schematic multi -end is sad

Non -mainstream pain literature

Mood expression



Directly poke the pulmonary tube

Sometimes if you think about it, there is a record of such a classmate.

After I was old, I took it out and smiled occasionally (I hid it for a while when I was young)

The last sentence

"Forget me" is unified nationwide!

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