Parenting: Those dreams when you are pregnant!

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have expressed their dreams of real dreams, as if they really happened.

In fact, this has something to do with hormone changes in the body after pregnancy. Hormones not only affect the emotions of pregnant women when pregnant women are awake, but also play a role in sleep, so these dreams are particularly real!

But it is strange that the hints of fetal dreams are really accurate!

@小: I belong to the constitution that should not be pregnant. We haven’t moved for more than two years. I dreamed of going to the market with my colleagues to buy flowers at night. My colleague said: Do you have a flower in your family, why do you buy it?I said: I especially like this flower, I have to buy it back.The dream was particularly real. At that time, I felt that I was pregnant, because I said that dreaming that flowers would have a daughter. After a few days of measurement, I was really pregnant. Later, she was also a little daughter. It was really amazing!

@: When I first tested my pregnancy, I dreamed of a big black snake followed me at night, and I couldn’t get away. Later, I told my mother this dream. My mother said that it might be a son.I gave birth to my son, and I feel incredible until now!

@: When I was a second child, I was improperly contraceptive and unexpected. In fact, I did n’t plan to ask. Dabao was a son. I felt very stressful. One night when I dreamed, I dreamed that a little girl always followed me.Tell me: Mom, don’t want me!When the dream was awake, that feeling was still very strong, I felt that my stomach must be a daughter. Later, I was looking for an acquaintance to be a B -ultrasound in more than five months. Fortunately, I did not beat it.

@: When I was pregnant for four or five months, I dreamed that my vegetable garden was cooked for two or three days, and I also ended a lot of loofah.Born a son, the result was really a son!

Pregnancy is really a wonderful thing. It is said that the child has a eyes before the age of 3. You can see what adults can’t see. Perhaps the dream of fetal dreams is how the baby communicates with his mother in his belly!

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