Parenting knowledge: I have been pregnant for 40 weeks, it is time to welcome the baby’s arrival

Once you are in the 40th week, your baby is ready to deliver, and you are undoubtedly ready to welcome them!They may now be about 50 cm and weigh between 6 and 8 pounds, which is a healthy weight.The vision of the baby’s birth has developed to about 2.5 cm, so they cannot see your face when they are born, but if you have been to, they can recognize your voice and partner’s voice.Talk to them in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

If your deadline has passed, your dysmenorrhea will pay close attention to your situation, and in some cases, you may provide you with ultrasonic scanning to check the health of your baby and the placenta (if you are, you may startWorsening) is too much).Your midwife will also regularly monitor the exercise and heartbeat of your unborn baby. If you have any concerns, you will recommend summarizing

Only five percent babies were born (so do not expect it!) The skull has not been fused. If it is closely fitted through the birth canal during childbirth, they can overlap them a little.

When you pass the 40th weeks, your mother -in -law will be keen to make things changes to prevent any potential problems.If your deadline has passed, she will discuss your choice with you.She is likely to initially recommend a "sweeping" for you, where she uses her finger to perform internal examinations and sweep your cervix and try to release the membrane.This will release prostin, which will start your labor.With the progress of pregnancy, the woman’s breathing was not so deep until the lightning (the baby fell into the pelvis) on the last day of the pregnancy.Extractional anesthesia is a gold standard for relieving pain, but can increase childbirth time.The most popular delivery day is Tuesday!Your placenta triggers hormones, which marks the beginning of milk production.

In addition to hugging your new baby, what else can be considered this week, and now you are a mother and all other magical "first"?In the past 40 weeks, you and your newborn have been traveling. This is just the beginning!Make full use of every precious moment to enjoy those wonderful "understanding you" with your baby’s son or daughter!You will never know that you may like it very much, you will want to do this again in a few years!

If you have reached the 40th week, then there is no doubt that you will feel more and more ready and make your little guy impatiently show up in the world.This is not surprising.You have your own date of date, and although you are told that this is an estimate, you must not persist on the date. When you pass it, you will start to get tired!At this point, you may be tired of hearing everyone’s suggestions.People mean good, but sometimes your suggestions are not helpful.Or -TMI!Each pregnancy and childbirth are different -just because your friend has 4 days of childbirth does not mean that you will be pregnant!Take a lot of smiles and a little salt.

You may be provided with membrane scanning.This is an internal inspection that can help stimulate labor hormones.If this does not work, your dillagers or doctors will recommend the date of inducing.Sensing is planned in advance, this is your choice, so please make sure you ask any questions to understand the reason for the recommendation."Now you are likely to expire, and you may want to know if you need to assist delivery in the end. Unnecessary.

The word "auxiliary childbirth" is not a word that mothers really want to hear, especially if your heart is born in nature and "let go".However, if your baby is in an awkward position, signs of embarrassment, or you have worked for several hours and become too tired to promote it effectively, your doctor may think that using tweezers or ventouse is the best to provide you with youAction plan.Baby is fast and safe.

So far, you may not have the real shrinkage of Braxon Hicks.This means that you are in the first stage of childbirth. When your cervix starts to open and expands to about 3 cm, the contraction may be 20 minutes apart.They may not be obvious, it feels like mild spasm or menstrual pain.You are likely to work well without much discomfort, and you may even find that you can continue to do normal daily work now.

In the later stages of your pregnancy, you may really be difficult to fall asleep, and there will be a lot of things about the coming.Other factors that may keep you sober include your body to prepare for the night of sleep, and how uncomfortable you may feel in the later stages of pregnancy, and find that it is almost impossible.There are some tips to help you get more peaceful sleep.

Struggling to sleep during pregnancy?These prompts may be helpful.You are sleeping all day, but when you climb on the bed, you just can’t fall, it sounds familiar?Here are some tips to improve your "sleep hygiene" and help you sink into that cute sleep place happily.

Comfort -ensure that your mattress and pillow are supportive and comfortable, and find the best sleep location.Dodge caffeine -stop drinking tea, coffee or cola drinks four hours before going to bed.Relax -Ask the relaxation skills in your prenatal class.Try a warm water bath in an hour before going to bed -the change of body temperature helps to sleep.Create a comfortable before bedtime -such as taking a hot bath and drinking a cup of warm milky drinks.Soon your body will associate these activities with sleep, which will make you feel gorgeous.There is no screen before going to bed -some experts think that the blue light sent by them keeps you sober.Darkness and drowsy -you will sleep better in the dark room, so dig out those heavy curtains or grab the eye mask.Sleep snacks -Avoid eating big meals late at night and eating snacks containing colorful acids, which is a natural amino acid that promotes sleep.Türkiye, bananas and fish are good sources.Sleep cabin -can only use bedrooms to sleep and have sex, so there is no phone, TV, eating or working.Teach your body bedroom equivalent to sleep!Finally, don’t worry -lack of sleep will not hurt your baby.Why not go to another room to do something else, such as reading?Ignore clock -ignorance is happiness.Or, if your thoughts are competing, write down your worry list -and then forget it until the morning.

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