Parenting said: After pregnancy, there are a lot of changes. After frequent urination, not all of them are normal.

Generally speaking, women are pregnant, and it is more difficult in the early days, because I vomit in the toilet as soon as I get up every day.The physical response is different. Frequent urination is a reaction of pregnancy. There will be no normal things. Some of them will have this situation, but there will be no pregnant women.Symptoms will be different.During pregnancy, almost all pregnant mothers have the feeling of increasing urination. I have to run several times a day, and sometimes I have to get up several times at night at night. I feel that my sleep quality is seriously affected.I don’t know if you are troubled by frequent urination?

Why is there frequent urination

Why do you have frequent urination during pregnancy?

1. Increased kidney blood flow

After pregnancy, the total amount of blood in the body increases by 40% to 45%, so during pregnancy, the blood flow to the kidneys also increases.Because urine is formed by the water and other substances from the glomerus when the blood flows through the kidneys.Therefore, the blood flow of the kidneys increases, resulting in the direct result of the addition of 25% of urine.The amount of urine increases, and naturally you need to run a few more toilets.

2. Ecessary uterus compress the bladder

Another reason for frequent urination is the compression of the uterus on the bladder.Because the bladder and uterus are "neighbors", when the uterus gradually becomes larger, the bladder will be compressed, which reduces the capacity of the bladder.Some mothers even felt that like their baby was sitting in the bladder, she couldn’t hold it at all, even if she cough or laughed, there could be leakage.

What should I do if I always urinate frequently

Because frequent urination is caused by a normal physiological change during pregnancy, there is no way to avoid it. The pregnant mothers can do the following points.

1. Drink less diuretic drinks to avoid increasing urination, such as coffee and tea.

2. You can drink less water before going to bed to avoid frequent nights affecting sleep quality.

3. Drinking water should not be reduced during the day.Water supplements are very important whether it is for mothers or babies. Do not drink too little water and drink too little water because you want to run a few times because you want to run a few times.

4. Persist in doing a good job of pelvic relaxation, which can help you avoid stress urinary incontinence, but pay attention not to exercise too much.

5. Do not urinate, urination can easily cause urinary tract infection or stones of the urinary system.Even if you feel very troublesome, you still hope you don’t reduce the number of times to go to the toilet by urinating.

What are the abnormal phenomena

Although frequent urination is a normal phenomenon that will occur during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to whether they are real frequent urination during pregnancy or frequent urination caused by some diseases.

1. Is there any other discomfort when urination: such as pain, incomplete urination, and lower abdomen pain, which is likely to be caused by urinary tract infections or urinary stones.

2. Is there any "three more and one less": because diabetes can also cause extrauria, "three more and one less" is a typical symptom of diabetes, that is, "drinking, diuretic, more food, and weight loss."If the pregnant mother is urinating, it is accompanied by other symptoms mentioned above, and she needs to seek the help of a doctor in time.

In fact, everyone’s human body is different, and pregnant women are also different. Some people will have frequent urination after pregnancy, but some people may not have this situation, and some people may have frequent urination in the early stages of pregnancy.Some people may not appear in the late pregnancy. Anyway, these times will be different. Not everyone is the same.There are few pregnant women, and most people will have this.Therefore, when pregnant mothers feel that they are frequent, they are accompanied by other symptoms. It is recommended that you consult a doctor as soon as possible. After all, "there is no small thing during pregnancy".

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