Patients with polycystic about the natural conception process and transmit a good pregnancy

Life is long, there will always be some unforgettable moments, either happiness, helplessness, or joy, or sadness, which is unforgettable.In the early morning of October 16, 2016, my little angel came to the world and called her milk name. Although I did n’t wear glasses, I was able to see the little guy that the doctor was cleaning in the direction of the birth bed where the doctor was cleaning.At the beginning, the mother’s happiness was bursting, the pain of sutures sutured and the torture of the long and three -night long -term output of four days and three nights disappeared.This long -awaited little guy finally arrived as expected, and said in the original words of the doctor: "Your child is very precious and cherish it." In addition to the aging factors, the most important reason is that I am a polypayerMother.

❤ Choose power

In recent years, I often go out with the stars in the morning and go home in the moon in the evening.Fast work rhythm, irregular diet, health, endocrine disorders.At first, I did n’t care about menstruation. I always felt that the work was too busy to see a doctor. I even felt that there were more wealthy time to solve many problems every few days.It wasn’t until one day when I suddenly realized that I had reached the age of the Shengwa, and I suddenly realized that I hadn’t come to my aunt for half a year!The aunt did not have ovulation without coming, and it was even more difficult to get pregnant and gave birth to a baby.So I started a long way to seek medical treatment.In order to be able to concentrate on seeking medical treatment, I even quit my job hard, because I believe that in different stages of life, there is only one most important thing, and then I want to have a child’s wish and so strong.Everyone’s energy and time are limited, and sometimes there is really no way to live and work.❤ At first encountering polycystic, the baby plan is blocked

The moment when the doctor was diagnosed as polycystic, like five thunder bangs.The definition of Baidu Encyclopedia on polycystic is the full -name polycystic ovary syndrome. It is based on menstrual disorders (menstrual scarcity or amenorrhea), ovulation -free, polychic, obesity, infertility, etc., as the main clinical manifestations.It is characterized by polycystic change to the characteristic, with excessiverogens, insulin resistance to high insulin leather, increased LH/FSH ratio, and persistent ovulation -free’s a bit more popular, that is, the polycystic is equal to infertility.Thinking that there may not be his own child in this life, there is a burst of despair in his heart.

I added several polycysts and good pregnancy groups one night from the hospital to try to obtain more concise and effective treatment suggestions from the sisters who are sympathetic to the disease, but with eggs.Each person has different constitutions, and the characteristics of the disease are different. There are no samples like textbooks for replication or reference.In addition to learning some related nouns: Kaohsiung, promoting, insulin resistance, Da Ying-35, Cromifen … Just like some people often say that they are familiar with a lot of great truths, they still have a bad life, although they have done a lot of homework to understand,The real action still crosses the river with the stones.❤ Traditional Chinese and Western medicine running

During the medical treatment, I gave full play to my persistence spirit of Capricorn. In order to get more comprehensive medical suggestions, I became a frequent visitor to many three hospitals, switching back and forth between traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and comprehensively different diagnosis and treatment solutions.Make decisions by yourself.The doctor of the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine prescribed Chinese medicine to regulate menstruation ovulation. It is recommended that the basic body temperature in the morning every morning, and record the basic body temperature curve of each month to see if there is ovulation (the body temperature before ovulation will remain at about 36 degrees 5, when ovulation, ovulationIt will drop a little bit, and after ovulation, the body temperature starts to climb to about 37 degrees, and it continues until the next aunt will come to the original temperature state).Based on the monthly basal body temperature curve combined with the B -ultrasound, determining the next diagnosis and treatment plan is usually a few flavors of traditional Chinese medicine.So the first thing to open your eyes every day is not to go to the toilet (even if you are full of urine, you will endure it. If you are afraid that the activity will cause the body temperature data to be inaccurate), the body thermometer that is explored by the pillow is put into the mouth and pressed the bottom of the tongue, and thenStart to silence in my heart.Thunder couldn’t get through, and for half a year, the form of the temperature of the body was used several books.The doctor of the Western Hospital helped test the blood sugar and found that the blood sugar was abnormal after the meal. The diagnosis was written on the diagnosis. In fact, it was a precursor. It was scared to death.❤ Comparison with weight, lipid -shaking ACTION

Although the Chinese and Western medical laws are different, the doctors have reached a consensus on controlling weight.The weight loss will increase by 5%, and the chance of recovering ovulation will increase by several.Then I always thought that I belonged to the fat world, and began a long -term struggle with fat.Milk dinner, apple dinner, or only half -full day; tried various sports: Zheng Duoyan’s weight loss, skipping rope, badminton, swimming, jogging, five kilometers per night, etc.In short, it is to hold your mouth, open your legs, and take the initiative to say goodbye to the former love, and never touch sugar, chocolate, coffee, and desserts.I bought a home blood glucose meter and a drop of blood glucose index after meals a day.The weight scale was replaced, only to be able to accurately display the subtle changes in the data.These small changes may be insignificant in the eyes of others. Ghost knows how much I have paid for the data of the zero o’clock every day.

❤ Feel the slight changes in your body

In the first two months, every time I went to the hospital, I had not changed much except to adjust the traditional Chinese medicine and decreased to continue taking the two -meta.The only thing that can get a little comfort is BMI (Body Mass Index, which is the body quality index. The weight of the weight of the weight is divided into a square value of the square height. The normal range of BMI is between 18.5-24.99.Or very obese) index is gradually declining.

In this way, I take medicine, exercise, run the hospital, and exchange experiences with other patients. Although I do n’t go to work, the schedule is actually scheduled.After three months of ovulation, the ovulation began to improve, and the blood sugar became normal, throwing off the burden on the precursor of diabetes.❤ Ecstasy, two bars

The days are so mixed from the vibrant spring moon to winter.Stop the medicine for two months before the Spring Festival, and plan to put a big leave for the body that has been invaded by the drug, and repair it naturally.If you try to be naturally unsuccessful, there will be methods such as ovulation and surgical treatment.Seeing that the Spring Festival is approaching, and the two of them are busy hosting various new year gifts. In his one -week Spring Festival holiday, we have to rush to the two places of my mother -in -law’s house. I am busy and forget about this. There is no burden on my heart!When I went back to my mother’s house on the third day, I felt that my aunt was late. On the way, I went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick. OMG, two bars, two bars and two bars, and they came out of the bathroom to walk out of excitement and walked.Bad!My husband was anxious to make me be careful.At first, I knew which day I was pregnant. I was just like a neurotic disease. I had to sacrifice a pregnancy stick every morning. It seemed that the baby would run away from the stomach!

❤ Grame -hearted older pregnant mother

After nine months of "Step Step", I accidentally see red from the lower progesterone to three months.Also relied on the love and unlimited hopes for the baby to persist to harvest a super invincible little cute.

❤ My natural good pregnancy scripture

After saying so long, I want to share the following points with the polycystic sisters who are preparing to prepare for pregnancy:

Cherish your body and pay attention to health, otherwise health will also slap you fiercely.

Chinese and Western medicine must be seen, learn from multiple opinions, and choose the most suitable treatment plan.No one knows your body better than you.

Regulate lifestyle and control weight, never ignore the strong impact of small details and habits.

Usually, the more anxious, the more you can’t get it.Relax your body and mind, every effort and mind can see it from heaven.

I hope my personal experience can help the sisters of Polyssis,

Take less detours and win the bid as soon as possible!

In the end, blessing everyone can be pregnant naturally, and have a healthy, lively, smart and cute baby.

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