Pay attention to eating chicken. Don’t buy these three chicken.

Like chicken shared with you today, I believe everyone is also very common in daily life.It is also a very popular meat product in this season, because the nutritional value of chicken is very rich.It is rich in a large amount of high -quality protein and zinc, iron ore, amino acids and trace elements, as well as some vitamins and organic components of our human body.These nutrients can increase our appetite, promote gastrointestinal motility and enhance our immunity, and supplement all nutrients needed for the body.

So in daily life, there are many ways to eat chicken, whether it is used for fried, fried, stewed or cooked.Or baked and eaten, etc., are very novel and delicious, delicious and appetizing.So in daily life, when we buy chicken, we must try to avoid these three chicken.These three chickens have no nutritional value, expensive, and particularly not novel.Even the merchant will never eat it, don’t be fooled.

So today, let’s take a look at Bian Xiao.What are these three chickens?Try to avoid when buying.Don’t buy, who can buy who is fooled.

The first is some chicken with excessive fishy smell. Do not buy it.Usually, when we go to the market to buy chicken, you can smell the taste of chicken.Suppose you find that this chicken has a particularly heavy taste, or some fishy smell, and some odor, then don’t buy such chicken.It must be that some chickens have been for too long, or they have been soaked in some chemicals by merchants, so don’t buy it.

Second, when buying chickens, you must avoid some chickens without luster and luster.Many times, such chickens have been put for a long time or have been soaked by some potions.And it will turn white in most of its colors. The top, color, and luster are particularly dim and have no gloss, so it has been put for a long time.

Third, when you buy chicken, you can press the chicken with your hands to feel its hardness. When we press the time, there may be a lot of water.This water is generally blood, or you find that the chicken’s skin is sticky when you press.Therefore, this kind of chicken is just some chickens that have been put for too long, so it breaks a lot and tastes very good.

Therefore, the above three kinds of chickens are the three chickens we share with you today.When buying chicken in the market, you must try to avoid it.After reading it, everyone should know.

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