Pay attention to expectant mothers!You are very comfortable to do during pregnancy, but you will hurt your baby inadvertently

I believe many people are like this. After waking up every morning, the first thing to do is to stretch a big lazy waist, which will make people feel full of vitality.It feels that the exhaustion is relieved.Stretching laziness is the action that we often do in our daily life.After pregnancy, many of the most unusual action pregnant mothers dare to do it easily. Some pregnant mothers feel that they will be lazy to pull their belly and affect the growth of the baby, so they are worried.Can you still be happy to stretch your waist?Let’s take a look together.

1. In fact, lazy waist is a very ordinary movement. Normal lazy waist is okay for pregnant women.Even if you are pregnant, you are the same as normal people. Some things do not need to be particularly deliberate or too nervous.Pregnant women can also play a role in relieving their bones, especially in the workplace pregnant women. After a long time, they will inevitably exhaust their body.At work.But be sure to pay attention to the problem, don’t be too hard, so as not to cause abnormal fetal movement.

2. It should be noted that in the middle of pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant mother began to grow slowly, and the lazy waist would really have a feeling of pulling the belly.Although you can stretch your waist at this time, don’t move too much, let alone stretch as usual as usual, otherwise it will easily cause contraction.Especially in the late pregnancy, excessive stretching waist can easily cause abdominal pain, causing premature stripping of the placenta.Therefore, at this time, pregnant mothers still need to be cautious.

3. During pregnancy, because the fetal nutrition is required, there will be various reactions if there is not enough supplement. For example, many pregnant women have calcium deficiency during pregnancy.The particularly obvious manifestation is that pregnant women stretch their laziness during the night of sleeping and cause leg cramps.By the time of pregnancy, the performance will be more obvious.Once the phenomenon of leg cramps occurs, you can immediately push your legs or stand on the ground, and then massage the muscles of the spasm to relieve pain caused by cramps.In addition, you should also pay attention to the supplement of calcium. You can usually eat or take calcium tablets.

Pregnant women are allowed to perform some minor activities in normal times. It is also possible to stretch laziness, but the movement should not be too large. Pay attention to the amplitude.Unless pregnant mothers have a threatened abortion, do not need to be too nervous.In short, you don’t need to think too much during pregnancy. It is important to have a good mood.

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