Pay attention when buying ginger, it is best not to buy these 4 kinds of ginger, don’t eat it if you buy it, don’t think about it

Guide: I do n’t know if everyone finds no. This year’s ginger generally sells 10 yuan and 1 catties. A better ginger, at least 13 yuan and 1 catties, and a little dollar will be a few dollars, and ginger is also our household every day. Seasoning, such as stewed pork ribs, fried meat slices, roasted fish and other amaranth, ginger is indispensable, because ginger not only has a particularly good fishy effect, but also appropriately increases the fishy smell of dishes!And people with heavy moisture, often drinking ginger tea, can also remove dampness and detoxification, so in recent years, ginger has always been hot condiments!

But in the past two weeks, I found that the hotel often threw a lot of ginger and wasted dozens of yuan a day. I checked it carefully and found that many ginger was rotten and moldy.EssenceThe next morning, I also brought the employees who purchased fresh freshness to the wholesale market and introduced him which ginger can be bought, and which are not bought.Otherwise, buy back at least half of it.I also suggest that you should pay attention when buying ginger, especially these 4 types I introduced to you today. Don’t eat it if you buy it. Don’t care!

The first: squeeze very soft

Some ginger is pressed under too much during transportation, or has begun to deteriorate before transportation. This ginger is soft.The texture of the ginger itself is particularly hard. This kind of soft ginger is definitely deteriorated. After buying it home, everyone will find that this kind of ginger is dark yellow, like water, closer to this, close to this, and it is close to this.Ginger smell, not only does not have a spicy taste, but also has a little fermented taste. Do not buy this kind of ginger soft ginger, especially middle -aged and elderly people. It is best not to buy it cheaply.

The second: smells irritating

Fresh ginger, half a meter away from it, can smell a very strong spicy taste, and some businesses, in order to prevent ginger from rotting and selling better, will smoke ginger with sulfur.Not only smelling very heavy irritation, but also eating this kind of ginger for a long time, it is also harmful to the body, so when buying ginger, do not buy the color is particularly yellow.At the same time, there is no spicy ginger.

Third: moldy ginger

Now when people buy any food, they will buy good -looking, and ginger is no exception, so now some ginger is washed with water, dried and dried in the market for sale. This kind of water -washed ginger is very easy to mold and deteriorate. Generally, it is usually in the water. Generally, it is usually in the water. Generally, it is usually deteriorated. GenerallyWithout selling it within 10 days, the merchants will sell at low prices, and even some moldy ginger sells for 10 yuan and 3 yuan.And moldy ginger, I do n’t recommend everyone to eat, because moldy ginger may contain first -class carcinogen yellow mold. If you eat this kind of ginger every day, it will be extremely harmful to your body.

Fourth type: peeled ginger

There are some ginger on the market, and when you touch the skin gently, there will be skin falling off. Generally, this kind of ginger either soaked with potions or smoked by sulfur. Normal ginger, no matter how strong we use the skin to touch its skin, we use its skin to touch its skin.They will not fall off, so in the supermarket or vegetable market, see the peeled ginger, do not buy it.

When buying ginger, you must pay attention, "Pinching very soft, smelling irritating, moldy, and skinny" these four kinds of ginger, it is best not to buy it, don’t eat it if you buy it, don’t care!If today’s article is helpful to you, please click on a concern and like it. This is the greatest support for me.Master Hu will also explain to you more cooking tips and health skills. Finally, thank you for watching.

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