Pay attention!The three parts of the duck are the most "toxins", and some people are still eating every day.

With the continuous development and progress of the socio -economic level, there are more and more food on the table at the table. It is the endless treasure that has been unexpected for decades.Ducks are indispensable delicious flavors on the Chinese New Year’s New Year’s table, such as roast duck, old duck soup, duck hot pot, konjac roast duck, and so on.And now this season is the most fattest duck. Many of us will choose to pick a biggest duck to go back to cook duck soup and so on. They are all delicious and delicious.

But do you know in everyone here?There are five parts on the ducks that contain the most toxins!We’d better eat less or better.If you don’t know how many parts are, hurry up and take a look at the steps of Xiaobian!

First: duck thoracic gland

In fact, there has always been a special part of the ducks that we have been ignored by us. Like the rows of tissues that we usually see on the duck neck, it is not the lymphatic in our cognition, but belongs to the duck."Palion".

Because the thymus is also one of the immune organs that belong to poultry. If a duck is inflamed or sick, the thymus corresponding to it will suddenly increase to fight bacteria and poison.Therefore, we should try not to eat this part of the duck we bought!

Second: duck buttocks

In fact, when it comes to duck ass, most people will not eat this part, because many people subconsciously feel that the butt is excreted, and the heart will be disgusted, so this physiological resistance will not be willing to eat.

But there are some old ladies with special flavors. They will feel that duck buttocks have a unique flavor. Because of the part of the duck buttocks, you will always have a taste of it.

The root cause is because all kinds of excreta of the ducks need to be passed through this part.Then someone will refute, isn’t it just fine?But toxins, you need to know that it cannot be washed away. It has been accumulated in its body for many years. Many friends who have observed carefully should notice that there are many small pimples in the parts of the duck buttocks. These are some toxins.Essence

Besides, the position of the duck stocks is rarely fat. This place is also more toxic. We often say that the lymph is also hidden in this position.Don’t eat it anymore!

Third: Wing Tip

To be honest, I like to eat duck wings very much before, because the taste is unique, and sometimes it is marinated with a large pot of wings.

Including that I know that many families may feel that duck wings are addicted, they will be more delicious, so they will often cook it for children at home.

Presumably many people, like Xiaobian, contain toxins in this part of the duck.

Here I have to talk to you. Now most of the ducks on the market are artificially cultivated. In order to get the maximum profits in the shortest time, some breeding merchants will choose to inject a large dose for the ducks.Hormone, allowing ducks to grow up quickly and shorten its growth cycle so that it can be sold as quickly as possible, and the part of the injection of the hormone is the tip of the wings of the duck wings.

So as long as it is a duck outside, we try not to eat its duck wings tip, and a large amount of toxic substances will remain in the tip of the wings.

If it is simply a duck raising in your home, there is no problem with rest assured that you should be cautious if you buy a duck outside!It’s best not to eat too much for children at home!

In summary, the three parts of the ducks must not be eaten anymore. For the health of each of us, and for the prosperity of the future generations!Like the collection, see you next time!

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