Peerless Tangmen: Xiaowu twice pregnancy, dedication of divine power, illness into the cream, Tang San self -destroying the power of the god king

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The peerless Tangmen was paved to the next god of the gods. After all, there is a connection between each work of the Douro series. After the end of the peerless Tangmen, the god of destruction will start to seize the world. After all, heThe ambition is very large. Coupled with the god of kindness and evil, it is now reincarnation in the next session. It is difficult for Tang San to face the god of destruction. After Xiaowu gave birth to Tang Wu Tong, the body actually had problems.While giving birth to Tang Wulin, Xiao Wu was already sick, and when Xiao Wu was pregnant, she lost her magical power directly. This was also the opportunity to destroy the god of destruction.There is no way to use the two gods. After that, Xiao Wu was held up, Tang San also directly abandoned the power of the King of God and was willing to be sealed.Little dance was not good at that time.

Luo continent to keep peace.And Xiao Wu became ill because of his acacia. In the end, her exacerbation, coupled with the order of the god world, did not have much time to take care of Xiao Wu, so that Xiao Wu died after all. In fact, he and Huo Yun.The ending of the child was a bit like, and the two died of illness in bed.

It can only be said that this peerless Tangmen can also be considered a way for Xiao Wu’s death, but Xiao Wu is actually working hard. As a mother, he is still fighting the enemy when he is pregnant. This is indeed a very painful one.Things, for this reason, the life of the Xiaowu God’s world is still good. After Tang Wu Tong secretly ran the lower boundary, Xiao Wu was particularly sad and had been worried about his daughter. This also left a heart disease in Xiao Wu’s heart.Fortunately, the ending of Tang Wu Tong was better, but the reason why Xiao Wu was more because his son disappeared when he was pregnant, and Tang Wulin was sent to Douro Mainland.This makes her even more uncomfortable.

However, the peerless Tangmen is mainly Tang San’s shot, and Tang San is a daughter slave. To this end, he will also shoot many times. I have to say that Tang San is indeed a good father and a good husband. For his daughter and wife, he evenYou can give up everything. Even the power of the king can be abandoned, but to be honest, Xiao Wu’s reputation is still very good. Tang San’s image in the peerless Tangmen’s plot is a bit worse.of.

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