Pei Xinyi struggled, and couldn’t help shouting: "No! I’m pregnant, can’t!"

Jing Shen came out of the study.

"What’s wrong?"

Rong Yan secretly put his mobile phone on the table, turned around, and laughed gently, "Nothing, just have a harassment call."

Jing Shen tipped his head, "I have to travel a trip these days, and now go."

Is this a guest order to her?She managed to find him tonight, and he was leaving?

Rong Yan’s face was ugly for a moment, and then nodded well and handed it on the phone: "A Shen’s mobile phone has just fallen in the living room."

When she was about to pick up her mobile phone, she suddenly had a loose hand, and her mobile phone fell down. She hurriedly stopped the air in the air. When the phone was shot higher, when she fell to the ground, the screen flashed and completely hacked.

Rong Yan hurriedly picked it up, and his tone was a little scared: "Sorry, A Shen, I’m not intentional."

Jing Shen glanced at Rong Rong’s pale face, with an unknown emotions rolling in his eyes, and then left without returning, and the door made a sound.

I don’t know what, it’s a little anxious.

What he didn’t see was that Rong Yan smiled behind him.


Pei Xinyi looked at a new tombstone in front of him.

Parents are lying quietly.

She took out her mobile phone with Mumu, and only a dozen unread news posted on it. "A Shen, my parents’ funeral is to be held, come over as soon as possible." "A Shen, please come here" "Ahdeep……"

All the stone sinks the sea.

Open another message, it was a MMS, Rong Yan sent her, a photo.

Jing Shenzheng and Rong Yan in the photo were traveling intimately.

She thought that she would not feel anymore, but her heart was still in great pain, as if she was having a piece of meat fiercely.

The whole body is cold.

She knelt down suddenly, hugged the tombstone with both hands, and her face was tightly attached to the cold tombstone.

The sound of sobbing slowly came out of the empty cemetery, and the sound slowly louder, and the rainwater spread the sharp and hoarse crying sound of the whole place.

When Jing Tianan drove the car, Pei Xinyi had fainted in the heavy rain.

I woke up again, and the eyes were a white ceiling. I glanced at it for four weeks and found that she was in a ward, and Jing Tianan kept himself anxiously.

Jing Tianan sat by the bed and looked at her seriously, "Xinyi, you listen to me, you may be a mother."

She was smashed by Jing Tianan’s words, swallowed, and spoke difficult: "I am pregnant with A Shen’s child?"

Jing Tianan looked at her, and with a touch of sourness with a light and not detecting smile, she stroked her head. "Don’t worry, this is a good thing."

A lot of flashes in their heads, the death of parents, the ruthlessness of Jing Shen, and the arrival of the children, these stones like a jack of stones were smashed towards Pei Xinyi, and now she has no power to fight back.

Jing Tianan asked worriedly: "Are you okay?"

She turned on the phone, and the photo was lying there quietly. The man in the photo was holding Rong Yan, and a smile she had never seen on her face showed a smile on her face.

He stretched out his hand and touched his stomach, and smiled bitterly. This child came really.

"Jing Tianan, can I ask you one thing?" Pei Xinyi said.

"As long as I can do it."

Just like Pei Xinyi loved Jing Shen for 7 years, he also loved Pei Xinyi for 7 years.

"Can you take me away for a period of time?" Pei Xinyi turned to look out the window.

The sky outside the window has gradually darkened, and the lantern is at the beginning. The city is so prosperous, but it cannot tolerate its own place.


His sincere eyes made Pei Xinyi feel sour.

"Thank you, Xiao An."

Jing Tianan didn’t speak, but silently said in the bottom of my heart: "As long as you want, I will not refuse."

The people outside the door smiled coldly with their mobile phones.

Rong Yan took out his mobile phone and sent the recording file to a person.

When Jing Shen received the recording, Pei Xinyi’s voice came over a little bit.

"Jing Tianan, can I ask you one thing?"

"Can you take me away for a while?"


Without the words, it was turned off by Jing Shen.

Jing Shen’s face was gloomy.

A month later, Blue Sky Airport.

Jing Tianan has already completed the relevant procedures, and it has been arranged properly abroad.

Pei Xinyi squeezed the ticket in his hand and glanced at the sky outside the hall.

You can leave here soon …

She lowered her head in the last row of the waiting hall and unconsciously pulled the mask on her face.

"Miss Pei, take a trip with us." The cold male voice rang.

She raised her head and had four black suit men around her, surrounding herself.

"Miss Pei, offended." Before she thought about it, the black man next to her came over.

There was a pain on her neck, and she fainted immediately.

Holding that ticket tightly in his hand.

"His …" When she woke up, she touched her neck, and she was dizzy.

The door of the room rang, and she turned her head.

At this moment, Jing Shen seemed to be shrouded in Wuyun, and his body exudes dark gas.

"What are you doing … 语" The words were tightly grasped by the coming.

The anger in Jing Shen’s eyes seemed to be boiling at any time, "What do you do? If I don’t come back early, I am afraid I don’t know if you run with other men?

Pei Xinyi lowered her eyes and didn’t want to look at the familiar face in front of her.

He turned her head back.

"Look at me!" His eyes flashed with irresistible anger.

"Do you just want to leave me like this?" His furious eyes flashed and injured for a moment.

She laughed miserable: "Jing Shen, we, we can’t go back."

They have been walking together for seven years, and she still remembers the picture they met for the first time. At that time, she was just a freshman who was ignorant. As an outstanding senior in the previous session, he gave a lecture in the cathedral.She will never forget.

But that after all, it turned into memory.

"I do not believe!"

No, her child!

If this goes on, her child will be fine!

Pei Xinyi was fierce

"Don’t want to let me touch? Who do you want to touch? Jing Tianan?"

Speaking, his hand reached into Pei Xinyi again, tearing her clothes hard.

Pei Xinyi struggled, and couldn’t help shouting: "No! I’m pregnant, can’t!"

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