People often say that "upper men and men and women" have a basis for looking at men and women through pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a happy thing for any woman. Although the process is very hard, these pains are nothing to think of the arrival of new life.During the long pregnancy, pregnant mothers love to chat with others, in addition to related breeding experience, it is to guess the sex of the baby in the belly. Although most of them are experience, they do not pay much attention to the results, but they are still happy.Today, let’s talk about a widely circulated statement in the workshop: "Allow men and men and women". Is this statement reliable?

The so -called "upper men and men and women" refers to when pregnancy time, the abdomen is bulging (usually more than 5 months of pregnancy, that is, "showing")The upper half is obvious, that is, the upper arms, otherwise, if the lower abdomen is obviously raised, it is the lower heart.

So, is the saying of "upper men and men and women" reliable?We can clearly tell everyone that there is no scientific basis like "sour girls" and "pointed belly".The main reason why the pregnant mother’s belly presents the upper and lower arms is the position of the fetus in bed, that is, if the fetus is on the bed in the bed, then with the development, the upper abdomen will slowly appear.The position of the fetus is random, and we cannot be around in advance.Moreover, the gender of the fetus itself also has randomness, and it has been decided at the moment of fertilization, and there will be no situation of "men turning women" or "women turning men" later.

Next, let’s talk about the main differences between the upper heart and the lower heart: First of all, due to the difference in bed position, the baby’s development has a very obvious impact on pregnant mothers.In terms of physiological reactions, the baby who is pregnant will first squeeze the gastrointestinal, lungs and other organs of the pregnant mother due to the position of the position, so it will occur earlier.However, the baby who is nostalgic will be more likely to compress the bladder and intestine because of the lower position. Therefore, the pregnant mother who is in the lower arms will be more likely to have frequent urination, or even constipation.

Secondly, the baby’s fetal movement is also very different. Because the baby is relatively small, the baby will be smaller because of the relatively small space, so the amplitude of the movement will be smaller, and the fetal movement will not be too obvious.The baby who is pregnant can exercise at will, and the fetal movement is even more obvious.

All in all, there is no scientific basis for "upper men and men and women", and everyone does not have to be too true.As long as the baby is healthy, there are the same boys and women, isn’t it?I am the Medical Division. What do you think about judging other other opinions about your baby’s sexuality through your pregnancy?Welcome to leave a comment. If you think the article is useful, don’t forget to like it and forward it to the family and friends around you. Thank you for your support (the pictures of this article are from the Internet. If you have any infringement, please contact delete, thank you)

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