Pets or pets: Do you want to send your pets away during pregnancy?Please make a choice first

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For some pets, I feel that pets are part of their own family, especially those elf who grew up watching all day long, but after pregnancy, they have to do a psychological struggle and ideological struggle.It is because the departure of pet pets is as important as the arrival of new life. Even some can not cut love to let pets transfer to others.Can’t we raise pets?This has also become a problem that many love pets are particularly concerned. Let’s take a look together.

In fact, the most afraid of pets during pregnancy is a terrible link that can lead to fetal malformations, premature birth and unexpected abortion, and these are not the scenes that pets are willing to see. At this time, you must bring your pets and pregnant women during pregnancy.Do an in -depth health and understand whether there is a harm of Toxoplasma.

For the food of fish raw and raw meat, it is a kind of food that must be eliminated during pregnancy, because we ask pregnant women to eat all cooked food during pregnancy, because we can kill the bacterial viruses and parasites contained in the food to the greatest extent.Because these parasites are likely to directly enter the child’s brain through nutritional speed delivery channels, causing serious inestimable consequences to children’s healthy growth.

If you have to keep your pets, please do a good job of health checkups on a regular basis.Both pregnant mothers and pets must be checked regularly to ensure the safest way to feed, because these terrible parasites will affect the child’s intellectual development, and it is also greatly threatened to physical development, so regular inspections are bound to be obtained.

The usual cat and dog cleaning work should be handed over to others. Pregnant women try not to directly contact pets during pregnancy, especially this part of bathing and cleaning, because pets are pets after all.There is a fatal danger. Therefore, if the pregnant mothers really want to raise, they can only look at it from a distance, not close to the pets, so as not to hurt the health of themselves and the fetus.It is a responsibility and an obligation.

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