Poor temperament, irritability and anger, and depressed people are more likely to suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history. Even if many people do not have a deep understanding, daily life has heard people mention it. As earlyIt is made from the clear gas of the heavens and the earth and the law of four o’clock.

It can be seen that the physical condition of a person comes from the innateness of the parents, but also inseparable from the growing living environment, eating habits, and emotion of the day after tomorrow.

In "Typhoid Miscellaneous Diseases", the constitution is divided into several types of dryness, dampness, cold, heat, deficiency, and actual practice, and pointed out that the constitution affects the occurrence, transmission, and prognosis of the disease.

The term "constitution" is first seen in the "Medical Case of Certificate of Certificate" by the famous Wen Diseaseist Ye Tianshi in the Qing Dynasty. The book also emphasizes the status of distinguishing the physical constitution in the period when the patient’s constitution.

The etiology of polycystic ovary syndrome is intricate and complicated. After clinically exposed to a large number of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome, I found that damp -heat phlegm, blood stasis, and gas stagnation are the susceptible physique of polycystic ovary syndrome. Patients with patients, patients, patients, patients, patients, patients, patients, patients, patients. Patients.Often emotions are prone to irritability, anger, irritability, or under high pressure for a long time.

In traditional Chinese medicine, women often talk about liver as the innate, two -seven years, and the tide of menstruation. After that, they have experienced pregnancy, birth, milk, qi and blood, and qi and blood are injured.Internal fire, the liver meridian is flourishing, and the inner burning fluid is seen.

The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow. Patients with their minds and emotional influence have a strong sense of competitiveness and time., Endogenous dampness stagnation, phlegm dampness stops, and long -term brewing is hot and humid.

Regardless of the internal agglomeration of phlegm, damp heat, or yin deficiency and internal heat, it can affect the operation of qi and blood, block the cells of the cells of the cells, and the symptoms such as obesity, hair, menstrual disorders, and infertility.

Clinically, the main Chinese medicine syndrome patients with polycystic ovary syndrome are the type of traditional Chinese medicine syndrome.Many people often only take dialectical types when treating, but they do not consider the impact of emotional. This is actually wrong.

Kidney deficiency, phlegm dampness, and damp heat are affected, and the symptoms of obesity, amenorrhea, and infertility in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome are aggravated.At the same time, in modern society, the pressure brought by women’s society and family roles has increased, and negative emotions such as anxiety and depression have increased. Patients with emotional influence have strong hostility to others due to their own tension and impulse.It is a state of stress for a long time.

Loise anger hurts the liver, the liver is lost, and the gas machine is not smooth. It cannot promote the operation of blood.Emotional impact can be attributed to the category of traditional Chinese medicine emotional disease.

As early as the "Yellow Emperor’s Canon", the view of "all diseases born in qi" was proposed. It was regarded as an important factor in the development of diseases and the pathogenesis of the disease and the pathogenesis of sentimental diseases.Wait for a preliminary discussion.

"Suwen · Yin and Yang Others" records: "The disease of Eryang is heart and spleen, there must be no hidden, women are not monthly." I think the worries are overwhelming, and the heart and spleen can cause qi and blood deficiency.EssenceZhang Zhongjing’s "Golden Thick Women’s Miscellaneous Certificate Certificate and Treatment" said: "The woman’s disease is due to deficiency, cold, and qi.

"Among them," qi "means the meaning of disorders caused by emotional depression. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people should be five internal organs with anger, joy, thought, sadness, and fear of five organs., Sadness is qi, and it is underworld.He is easy to anger, and anger hurts the liver, and liver disease is easy to spread the spleen. It often leads to qi knot, qi stagnation, qi and blood deficiency. Most of the diseased syndromes produced are thoracic, chorus, and diarrhea.Disorders, accumulation of epilepsy, infertility, etc.

The emotion of Chinese medicine refers to the spiritual and emotional activity of the human body, which can belong to the category of the narrow god, also known as the seven emotions and the five will.

Emotional therapy is aimed at the characteristics of emotional pathogenesis and combined with the theory of "five elements in the five elements" theory of Chinese medicine to achieve the purpose of treating emotional diseases or physiological diseases.

Women’s reproductive endocrine system is regulated by the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis. At the same time, the human body’s emotional and emotional center also belongs to the hypothalamus. ThereforeAffects women’s reproductive endocrine system functions.

Long -term mental tension, stress conditions affect the body’s endocrine regulation function and immune function, so emotional pathogenic is closely related to the occurrence and progress of the occurrence and progress of the polycystic ovary syndrome.The significant feature is that the sense of time and irritability of competition awareness and irritability, coupled with the sensitivity of women, can easily fluctuate emotional fluctuations with the changes in the surrounding environment and personnel.Significance.

From ancient times to the present, doctors have known this. When the doctor of the Jin Dynasty doctor Liu Wulu said the principle of the treatment of women’s cure, "Tian Gui is based on Jueyin." That is, after emphasizing the women’s initial tide, they should worryWhether liver qi is tuned or not, so it is an important rule of treating liver and emotional diseases. Kidney deficiency and liver stagnation type is also a more common syndrome of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome., Or both blood circulation and removing blood stasis, choose Chaihuhu Liver Sanda, Xiaoyao San, have a certain clinical effect.

Many patients with polycystic ovary syndrome are manifested as irritable. Therefore, when clinically treating the disease, patients should be persuaded to regulate their emotions, maintain a happy mood, increase physical exercise, and develop a good lifestyle.

Reasonable dietary structure and exercise can effectively improve the quality of life and reproductive ability of patients, and improve the ending of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome.Especially for patients with adolescent polycystic ovary syndrome, if it can reduce the pressure of learning and maintain a comfortable mood, cooperate with aerobic exercise and low -fat diet, the effect is more obvious, which can significantly improve the weight index, waist circumference, sugar metabolism and endocrine indicators to help help helpRestore normal ovulation and menstruation.

For obese patients, weight loss is helpful for establishing regular menstruation, improving insulin resistance, conception, and can reduce their cardiac metabolic diseases androgen levels, which can be reduced by about 5%-10%of patients.Patients to prevent polycystic ovary syndrome evolved from insulin resistance to LL diabetes. Compared with the treatment of di metarisomes, the risk of reducing the risk of 31%compared with the treatment of di metarisomes, lifestyle regulation can reduce the risk of diabetes in high -risk patients by 60%.

In addition, due to the characteristics of difficulty cure for this disease and changes in the shape of multi -gross, tumor sore obesity, etc. caused by the patients, patients are prone to negative emotions and psychological burdens such as inferiority and autism.Work can help patients to establish the concept and confidence of long -term treatment, to advocate patients to regulate their affection, and to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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