Positive milk is the two meats under the armpits?Is there a way to eliminate it?Tell you the answer

This article was originally created by the attending physician of Wei Panmei, the People’s Hospital of Nanshan District, Shenzhen

The armpit, it is called the armpit in medicine.

Every woman hopes that her armpit is like this ~

Sexy concave shapes can boldly wear tube top skirts.

However, just like the chest, the armpit is sometimes more troublesome: the most common is that the armpit has a pile of meat

What?Isn’t the armpit nest concave?Is there still a bulging one?IntersectionIntersection

Dr. Wei’s outpatient clinic has a lot of patients with armpit drums … These girls start to read as soon as they sit down

"I have a lymph in my nest"

"I pinch a large piece of meat in my armpits, it will hurt."

Take a look at the clothes, when did you start, when you were pregnant, did you grow bigger when feeding?Will it change with the menstrual cycle? For example, a bit of swelling before menstruation, and softer after menstruation?

If you return to most "yes"

So there are ten or nine, girl, you are a pair of milk ~~


Don’t be excited, Dr. Wei talked to the girls of the girls in the past and present life.

Milk milk is also called multi -breast disease. It is a kind of congenital development. Humans are on both sides of the embryonic period, from the armpits to the groin line (also known as the milk line)., That is, the start of the breast, (can be understood as two rows of breasts like sow).

Through genetic regulation during the development of the embryo, the initial base of the breasts other than the breast has been degraded. If you think about monkeys, orangutan, apes, etc.A pair on the chest, the rest are all degraded.

A few patients do not degenerate or incompletely degenerate.It can occur on the unilateral or bilateral sides, usually in front of the armpit or under the armpit, and also occurs on the upper and lower, abdomen, groin, and outside of the thighs of the normal breasts of the breast.

Look at the figure below. Except for the "chest" we are familiar with, other points may appear auxiliary milk.Of course, most of them grow in front of or under the armpits, and some even have a completely developed*head.

For example, this is more arrogant.

Such as this kind.

Another example is the more beautiful goddess Ma Yizhen.

At the beginning of the auxiliary milk, it is not completely degraded. Pay attention to the foundation base. It can be understood as the pre -germination state state. Only in a certain hormone stimulus can it bud and grow up, but not every stimulus will stimulate it to stimulate it.grow up.

For example, when the adolescent breasts begin to develop, the auxiliary breasts can only hide under the skin and quietly watching the breasts on the chest grow up, but the auxiliary milk does not feel how powerful the stimulus is, so it does not grow up.

However, when pregnancy and breastfeeding, the estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin in the body increased, and the auxiliary milk was excited at once. Even at the beginning of the lactation, the pair of breasts could secrete a lot of milk as the breast, and the breasts could secrete a lot of milk like breasts.Woolen cloth."

In this way, the auxiliary milk can only be regarded as a kind of deformity and mutation. In a strict sense, the auxiliary milk cannot be regarded as a disease. Positive solution. The simple pair of milk really cannot be regarded as a disease!

However, why is this problem when the girl goes to Baidu —

Then we can see this advertisement everywhere …

And this kind …

I can only say, believe this, go to the IQ tax …

Do you know how the auxiliary milk is formed?The auxiliary milk is the same as the breast, which is composed of fat and glands.

B -ultrasound looks like this …

Obviously it came from the organization (meat).

Can you eliminate medicine?cannot!

Is acupuncture efficient?It must not be!

Can massage lymphatic detoxification be eliminated?Never, no, no!IntersectionIntersection

Is there any way to dispel?

have!Cut!Moreover, find breast surgeons or plastic surgeon!

What?Want to move the knife ????

if not?

However, it is not to kill all the auxiliary breasts.

Clinically, we have a magnificent and large amount of auxiliary breasts without lesions, and we will not actively recommend patient surgery. There are only the following situations: the auxiliary milk is large and ugly, sweaty in summer, pain before menstruation, and pain in menstruation, andIt is beautiful that the small master wearing a suspender group is really annoying and strongly demanded that the auxiliary breasts disappear; the auxiliary milk is not honest, and the tumor is particularly suspected of cancer; infected with inflammation.

In other cases, depending on the mood of the little masters

However, before the diagnosis of auxiliary milk, if the little owner suddenly found the axillary drum bag, do not think it is easy to think of the auxiliary milk, such as this:

This is like this in the B -ultrasound:

This is likely to be a tumor, and there are eighty nine or nine.

In a word, the squeak is growing in the nest, remember to find a breast surgeon for a doctor.

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