Postpartum fumigation 发 Postpartum sweating!This is the difference between quality!

Fumigation, "Mu", non -"bath", non -"sweat steaming"

Many people talk about fumigation and sweating, and they feel that both are the same, but it is not.

The real fumigation is similar to sweating, not sweating. Through the fumigation of the grass, according to the physical compatibility of Chinese medicine, it is used to administer it.

Since ancient times, there have been clear records about fumigation:

"Fifty -two Diseases" was unearthed with the tomb of Ma Wangdui Han, and it was clearly proposed that the steaming of hot medicines fried with traditional Chinese medicine to treat the disease, including fumigation and bathing, such as Luo Ruan smoked hemorrhoids;Disinates and so on.

The "Golden Essentials" of Zhang Zhongjing of the Eastern Han Dynasty also described the prescriptions and techniques that were eclipsed to the lower part of the woman’s lower part with bitterness.

The "Thousands of Golden Master" of the Tang Dynasty medicine, Sun Siyu, described the prescriptions and techniques that wake him up with a large dose of astragalus wind and soup fumigation.

Traditional Chinese medicine fumigation therapy was used for the severe strokes of the emperor’s emperor’s emperor’s stroke, and the role of traditional Chinese medicine fumigation therapy at that time was one of the effects and influences of the Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to "Tianbi -bloody", which means that the fluids and blood in the body of sweat, saliva, and blood are breeding each other and interacting;

If a person’s blood is insufficient, then it will inevitably affect the fluid, and the loss of fluid will also affect the production of blood in turn.

Excessive sweating may not be money, it is life.

1. Easy dehydration

After the baby is born, the hormone changes in the body make the skin excretion vigorously. Some of the moisture gathered in the body during pregnancy is also discharged from the body through the skin. At this timeIt must be very easy to dewater.

2. It is easy to occur

The body temperature regulation of the human body is regulated by the center. If a person stays in a high temperature environment for a long time, the human body temperature adjustment function disorder caused by high temperature will cause excessive heat accumulation in the body, which will cause neurotomic organs to be damaged.

Although the mother is full of moon, the body is still relatively weak. If the maternal stays in a high -temperature environment, it must be stipulated for a certain time. Many people will sweat and even be mentally stunned.

Therefore, for postpartum mothers, postpartum sweating is very unsuitable.And postpartum fumigation 后 sweat after giving birth!This is the difference between quality!

The real postpartum fumigation is through a gradual way, not to let the body sweat suddenly at once, so as to achieve the so -called detox effect!

1. Promote wound healing, and the early recovery of the uterus makes the postpartum dew clean up in advance, which greatly shortens the uterine recovery time, effectively reducing the occurrence of postpartum pain, endometritis, puervic fever.

2. Improve human microcirculation: During the fumigation process, due to the rise in external temperature, the expansion of human capillaries, and the acceleration of blood circulation, it can better promote human metabolism and tissue regeneration capabilities.

3. Improve qi and blood circulation, which is conducive to dredging the breast meridians and promoting milk secretion.

4. Enhance physical fitness, promote the synthesis of vitamin D and the supplementary absorption of calcium, avoid osteoporosis, dizziness, back pain, cramps, etc. caused by pregnancy

5. Improve your nutritional absorption, thereby regulating the lack of nutrients in the body.

6. Improve stretch marks, reduce fat, avoid skin relaxation, and enhance the gloss and elasticity of the skin;

The fumigation of postpartum traditional Chinese medicine itself is a very good method of external treatment. It has inherited the foreign governance method and daily physical therapy.

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