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I just experienced the pain after the experience, I thought it was done.

I did not expect to give me away.

Every time you feed your body and mind, you are resisting.

After confinement, nipple cracking, milk increase, nipple confusion


Part 01

Polaris pain improvement measures

Most nipple pain is caused by incorrect breastfeeding posture (the previous article introduces the correct breastfeeding posture in detail). In order to alleviate nipple pain, the following ways can also be used:


Improve breastfeeding position

Frequent changes to the baby’s posture to ensure that the mother’s breasts are comfortable.


Be prepared before breastfeeding

Squeeze a little milk before breastfeeding to soften the areola, which is easy to be sucked by the baby.


Mild interrupt breastfeeding

After breastfeeding, gently press the baby’s lower jaw with the index finger to let the baby loosen the nipple naturally and interrupt the suction gently.


Cracked treatment

If the nipples are cracking, you should suck a good side or a lighter side of the breast, or stop breastfeeding for 24 hours.

However, it must be squeezed out of milk and feeds the baby with a small cup and a spoon. Do not use rubber nipples and bottle to prevent the baby’s nipple illusion.


Avoid wiping stimulus items

Do not wipe the soap, Vaselin, alcohol or anything that may cause irritation on the nipple.

PS: After breastfeeding, a little milk is squeezed on the nipple, which is naturally dry, which can prevent the nipples from cracking.

Part 02

Measures for raising milk and improvement

Milk swelling is due to the increase in blood vessels in the early stage of delivery and the accumulation of milk accumulation, which cannot be discharged smoothly. At this time, the number of sucking times is too small; or the incorrect and sucking posture can be improved. The following methods can be improved:


When postpartum milk is not secreted normally, the baby should try to suck and make the breast duct unobstructed.


Frequent sucking: Put the nipples and most of the areola in the baby’s mouth during breastfeeding to achieve effective sucking.


Massage: Before breastfeeding, the breasts are wet and humid for 3-5 minutes, and massage along the direction of the breast duct. One hand is fixed on the side of the breast, and the other hand is used to make a ring massage from the edge of the breast to the center of the nipple.


With suitable breastfeeding underwear to avoid affecting blood circulation.


If necessary, please treat a doctor for treatment to prevent mastitis from occurring.

Part 03

What to do if nipple confusion

The nipples are confused, and it is also called nipple illusions, because the newborn sucks the bottle before sucking the nipple, or frequently uses the bottle, instead of unwilling or not sucking breast milk.

Correct the confusion of the nipples should be as soon as possible.The smaller the baby, the shorter the time to use the bottle, the easier it is to correct the confusion of the nipple.

Baby nipple confusion

What should Baoma do


Increase skin contact

If you want to make your baby more familiar with the taste and feeling of your mother, you may wish to add more skin contact.This skin contact requires time and practice.

From daily interaction, you can talk to your baby, touch, bathe, take a bath, and then over -the -body body skin.


Try to sit and feed when feeding

The baby is mostly lying flat during feeding of the bottle, and the bottle is vertical. Due to gravity reasons, the milk flow will be very fast.

But when it is converted to breastfeeding, it will show irritability and anxiety at the same time that the baby cannot drink enough milk.

It can be improved like this: When the bottle is fed, let the baby be changed to a sitting position, and the back is given enough support. The bottle is basically parallel to the ground. In this way, the speed of milk should be much easier, which is closer to the situation of breastfeeding.

During the feeding of the bottle, stop pauses appropriately in the interval of sucking, let the baby rest, and slowly the baby will know that this is the normal state of drinking milk.


Try the bottle under the armpit

Let the baby try to stick tightly with the mother. The bottle is clamped under the armpit. The height and direction of the bottle are as close to the breast.While the baby is not particularly awake, for example, try to try before or when you just wake up, let the baby drink a little milk, and then the family secretly draws the milk bottle from behind, and quickly replace it with the breast.This method needs to be tried repeatedly.

To correct the confusion of the baby’s nipples, it takes enough patience and time, and the support of family members.Of course, insisting on breastfeeding from the beginning is the best choice to avoid the phenomenon of nipple confusion.

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