Precautions for the fourth week of pregnancy

1. During pregnancy diet nutrition guidance

1. Dietary law

In the fourth week, since many women may not realize that they are pregnant, there is no difference between diet and usual.

Just maintain good living habits and maintain proper weight and healthy eating habits.

For example: eating on time is what should be done at this stage.

In addition, it is important to note that you cannot overeating, do not greedy a certain food, and maintain nutritional balance.

2. Eat less meals

Add meals two to three times a day, and you can eat some snacks appropriately.It is best to choose foods rich in carbohydrates, because their energy can be maintained for several hours, so as not to be hungry soon.

However, pregnant mothers should not choose chocolate or sweet drinks, because although they can quickly provide energy, it is easy to make people feel hungry quickly.

Second, living arrangement

1. There must be regular living and living

Due to changes in hormones in the body of pregnant mothers, the physical condition is very different from before pregnancy.

Feeling fatigue, drowsiness, even if you perform mild activities, you will feel exhausted.

This is to note that you must not lie on the bed all day because of poor state or delay housework.

We should maintain a regular life from early pregnancy.

Not only is it good for health, but also adjusts emotions appropriately.

In the early pregnancy, the sleep time can be extended for 1-2 hours than usual, get up early and get up early or perform a proper nap.

But the nap time should not be too long, otherwise it will easily cause insomnia.Regular sleep is also conducive to the baby’s development.

2. Ensure sufficient sleep

Easy to fatigue and sleepy is the common symptoms of pregnant mothers at this stage. Insufficient sleep may cause excessive fatigue, decreased appetite, insufficient nutrition, and decreased physical resistance.These may increase the probability of pregnant mothers and babies.

The sleep time is best extended from 8 hours to 9 hours, and it is best not to avoid negative effects on the body more than 10 hours.

In addition, pregnant mothers also need to develop the habit of sleeping. The nap time is usually between half an hour and an hour. It can relieve fatigue and relieve physical and mental strength.

Remember to take off your shoes while sleeping, put your feet on a cushion, raise your legs, pinch a cushion between your legs, and relax all over your body. Remember not to lie on the table to sleep.

3. The time and water temperature of the bath should be appropriate

Pregnant mothers should not take a bath for too long, because the bathing time is too long, the indoor air does not circulate, the temperature is rising, the oxygen supply is insufficient, and it is prone to dizziness, fatigue, and chest tightness.

In addition, the stimulation of hot water will also cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, which will easily accelerate the baby’s heart rate, and the symptoms of hypoxia will occur. In severe cases, it will even cause the baby’s nervous system to be damaged.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers should not take a bath time for more than 15 minutes and control the water temperature below 40 degrees.

4. Take a walk with your baby

Walking is a mild exercise method, and walking is slower than usual.It should often take the baby to the air to the air fresh and the environment with beautiful environment.And it is best to have the companionship of prospective dad.

Third, pregnancy care

1. Sign cleverly cope with pregnancy vomiting

The diet needs to be light. Try to avoid eating greasy and overweight foods, because greasy foods contain more fat. Such foods have reserved for too long during the digestive system, which can easily cause disgusting.

Eat the taste before eating can increase appetite.

Ginger has the effect of stopping vomiting. Pregnant mothers can transfer some fresh ginger juice when drinking water or milk.

You can also drink some drinks that relieve pregnancy. You can drink lemonade or grapefruit juice in the afternoon, which is very helpful for alleviating pregnancy.

2. Instructions for medication in early pregnancy

You cannot take medicine yourself, especially during pregnancy and pregnancy.

No matter what kind of abnormalities in the body, you have to go to the hospital for examination, and clearly tell the doctor that you are during pregnancy so that the doctor can make a diagnosis according to the situation.

3. Remake for yourself reasonably

Pregnant mothers need to adjust their emotions, do more soothing exercise, transfer pressure, relax their body and mind, and improve immunity to ensure fetal baby and health.

Fourth, prenatal education plan

1. Light music promotes the intelligent development of the baby baby

2. Imagine prenatal education in excitement and expectations.

The prospective dad must enjoy music with his wife, and always remember the most important mission: coaxing the daughter -in -law happy.

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