Precautions that pregnant women need to understand (compiled by yourself)


A few days ago, I published some articles from pregnant women to the hospital. Many fans privately reported a lot of problems. I organized these problems. Friends in need can avoid a lot of trouble!

1. Be sure to eat folic acid during pregnancy. Continue to take it in March before pregnancy. If you check the normally after pregnancy, you can not eat it after March.

2. After pregnancy, you can go to a large hospital for examination and confirm that it is intrauterine pregnancy.

3. If you are confirmed that you are pregnant, remember to get a marriage certificate (if you do not get a marriage certificate, you can only do parent -child certification to go to the man’s hukou). Now the state supports many life, so there is no need to apply for a standard student.For the hukou book, the marriage certificate can apply for a birth certificate for newborns when the validity period.

4. Rural residence: first go to the township health center to build files, and wait for the last few months to go to the county hospital (county people’s hospital or county maternal and child health hospital) or municipal hospital (city people’s hospital or city maternal and child health hospital); urban residence:First go to the community street health center for inspection, and then go to the Municipal Hospital (Municipal People’s Hospital or Municipal Maternal Maternal and Child Health Hospital) in the last few months.

5. Go to the large hospital for a check -up (such as Zhejiang Second Hospital). After registering, you need to check blood pressure, and then wait for the call.If the doctor will give you a list of B -ultrasound, remember to go to the machine to sign in the first time and wait for the call to do the B -ultrasound.

6. Do a sugar resistance test. The inspection process is divided into empty abdominal blood, drinking sugar water (the doctor will send it), the second blood draw, and the third time.

7. Pay attention to your diet (try to cook at home for pregnant gynecological dishes), you cannot eat cold, you ca n’t eat spicy foods, etc. You can buy some nuts in moderation.

8. Equipped with a dedicated large water cup for pregnant women to wash your feet regularly to prevent severe foot swelling.

9. Do not stay up late, do not work hard, do not bend over, play less mobile phone.

10. Buy a folding chair. When the pregnant woman goes out, she can take a rest at any time (such as ride or walk out).

11. Proper prenatal education (singing, playing music, or telling stories, or chatting with pregnant women), be sure to remember this sound when the pregnant woman is happy.

12. Pure milk and eggs are essential, otherwise it is easy to deficiency in calcium; some meats have to be eaten, otherwise it is easy to miss zinc; you can drink some soy milk properly to increase the amount of amniotic fluid.

13. Pregnant women can eat some fruits properly in the early stage. Do not eat too much fruit for the last one or two months to avoid too much sugar to produce.

14. Regarding the food recommended by pregnant women, a picture I summarized by myself is for your reference

15. Do not detect gender and harm your children.Anyway, the child is in his belly. He is born and takes care of it. He has a calm mentality (one equally, one daughter, two daughters, and two sons). Do not ask for a child and a daughter.If possible, I think three or four daughters or three or four sons are also possible.If educating is over, the child is too good.Parents are old, children have a companion. In the early stage, parents ate some bitter children. The latter children took turns to take care of their parents.

16. Don’t be superstitious about the following pseudo -science sayings:

The first type: The navel is a boy with a pregnant woman, and the belly button represents the girl in the inside of the pregnant woman.

The second: Sour spicy girl (a boy who likes to eat sour things represents the girl, and the girl who likes spicy food represents the girl) is even more ridiculous.

The third type: The fetal movement is a girl, and the small fetal movement is a boy.

If you have any doubts, you can trust me privately, I will sort it up about the knowledge of pregnant women, and continue the travel diary in the next article!

If you like this article, I hope everyone likes it, thank you!

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