Pregnancy 37

When the mother was pregnant at 37-38 weeks, the fetus should enter the pelvis. In the pot, the fetus’s head entered the mother’s pelvis. At this time, the mothers were closer to production.Many mothers may have doubts. What will it feel like to enter the pot?How do pregnant mothers know whether the baby is in the basin? At this time, what kind of preparation should pregnant mothers make?

Decression of the chest is reduced

When the mothers are pregnant, because of the baby’s oppression, the mother’s organs will be squeezed into a ball, and the respiratory tract is squeezed, and often feels particularly difficult to breathe.When the fetus enters the basin, the fetus will move downwards. The mother’s upper body will be liberated and breathing is more comfortable than before.

Lower abdomen swelling

Although the upper body of the pregnant mother was liberated, the lower body of the pregnant mother began to be oppressed.In particular, the mother’s abdomen is leaning down. At this time, the burden on the mother’s urinary system will increase, the urine storage capacity of the bladder will decrease, and the mother will appear frequently to the toilet, and even the embarrassing things that leak urine.

Increase vaginal secretions

When the fetus enters the basin, the cervix of the pregnant mother will be opened, and the vaginal secretion will greatly increase than usual. Moms must replace underwear in time to avoid breeding bacteria.

In fact, the fetus can be touched by the fetus. If the mother finds her belly and finds changes, the baby may be born.So what should mothers prepare during this time.


When the mother feels that the fetus enters the basin, she will feel inexplicably nervous, especially for those who have a baby for the first time, fearing that the baby is wrong in this section.Mothers want to see the baby’s joy and relax their mood.

Ready to give birth to a package

If you feel the fetus entering the basin, the mother is ready to prepare for the bag.Because some mothers will appear red when they enter the basin, and even some people will flow out of the amniotic fluid, often they can make mothers too late to prepare items they need.The best preparation for the production package is to have a better preparation. There must be mothers’ supplies, baby’s supplies, especially the baby’s diaper is often ignored by many mothers.

Appropriate exercise

Many pregnant mothers will have the phenomenon of fetus into the basin at 37-38 weeks, but there are many mothers even if the fetus is still delayed at this time, which is also a normal phenomenon. Mom does not have to worry.Moms who have this situation can do exercise in moderation, such as fear of climbing stairs, making yoga, and helping the baby into the pot.

The fetus is not short to produce when the mother enters the basin. The mother must persist until the last moment of the birth of the baby to ensure the health of her and the baby.

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