Pregnancy abdominal pain dialectical


Pregnancy abdominal pain refers to pain in pregnant women.If not regulated in time, it will often cause "fetal movement", even blood, "small production".In this symptom, "Golden Essentials" is called "cell resistance", "Compendium of Materia Medica" is called "fetal pain", and "Zhang’s Medical Tong" is called "pain".The abdominal pain occurred during pregnancy."Medical Zong Jin Jian · Women’s Mind Method Tips" said: "Pregnant women’s abdominal pain, named cell resistance. It must be triald, or those who are between the hearts are mostly stagnant and pain;Most of the fetal qi is disturbed. "This disease obviously refers to the latter.It is not in the scope of the discussion of the symptoms such as diarrhea, diarrhea, symptoms, etc., or abdominal pain with vaginal blood.

Common evidence

Pregnancy deficiency and cold abdominal pain: several months of pregnancy, cold limbs, cold abdomen pain, and heat pain is reduced.The abdominal distension is poor, the tongue is pale, the moss is thin and slippery, and the pulse or weakness.

Pregnancy Blood deficiency and abdominal pain: After May or June of pregnancy, the lower abdomen hurts, and the pain is slow.Dizziness, palpitations, do not want to drink more.The complexion is yellowish, the tongue is light red, the fur is thin and white, and the pulse is slippery.Pregnancy qi deficiency and abdominal pain: For months of pregnancy, small abdominal pain falls, and it will cause dozens of times a day.Panic and shortness, not to work hard, and cause abdominal pain.The tongue is pale, and the pulse is weak.Wind and cold abdominal pain: cold abdomen pain, cold and fever, headache and body pain, less oral food, normal tongue quality, thin white moss, smooth pulse and floating tightly

Pregnancy qi stagnation abdominal pain: several months of pregnancy, pain in the abdomen, chest tightness, swelling or pain, sexual acute and irritable, always sorrowful, do not want to eat, thin white moss, smooth pulse string.

Identification analysis

Pregnancy deficiency and cold abdominal pain and pregnancy wind and cold abdominal pain are all caused by cold coagulation and blocking the veins.For those different, the former is cold from the end, and the body is deficient in the body.The latter is from the outside world, and the guest is in the cell palace.The main points of the syndrome differentiation are: deficiency and abdominal pain. When you see cold abdominal pain, you have hot pain, cold limbs, cold abdominal distension, white and slippery, etc.And the cold evils such as the cold and the veins.Its treatment, the former should warm the palace dispersing cold, to relieve pain, and use Ai Fu Nuangong Pills;

Pregnancy blood deficiency and abdominal pain and pregnancy qi deficiency and abdominal pain.Both are "virtual syndrome".For those with blood deficiency, there are many factors of body blood loss. After pregnancy, blood clustering tires, more yin and blood are more insufficient.Those who have qi deficiency will cause abdominal pain due to lack of qi and qi deficiency, and blood delay.The former is not qi because of less blood, and the latter is poor due to qi deficiency.The main points of the syndrome differentiation are: those with blood deficiency, the abdominal pain is slow; those with qi deficiency, abdominal pain fall.Clinically, the former is often symptoms such as blood deficiency (yellowing, dizziness, dizziness, palpitations, and light red pulse).The latter is mostly inadequate (short -hearted, short -hearted, impatient, pale, slippery pulse) and other symptoms.Those with blood deficiency should treat blood and relieve pain and relieve pain, and should use glue Ai soup; those with qi deficiency should treat qi and relieve qi and relieve pain.If you have blood deficiency and wet, the water is wet and wet, and the spleen and spleen are not transported (the feet are edema) (thirsty, laxative, long stool, white greasy) clinical manifestations, It is advisable to nourish blood and dampness and relieve pain.

Pregnancy qi stagnation abdominal pain: This is "empirical".The liver is a blood sea. After pregnancy, blood clustering tires, liver blood deficiency and liver qi are prone to depression, liver stagnation is qi stagnation, and qi stagnation is poor, blocking the veins and cause abdominal pain.The main point of the dialectical dialectic is: small abdominal pain, the cold pain of cold condensation, the pain of qi deficiency, the pain of blood deficiency, it is not difficult to distinguish the clinical manifestations of abdominal distension and painThe image of depression.Treatment should nourish blood and regulate the liver, regulate qi and relieve pain, and use Xiaoyao San and Wuyao, and incense.

The cause of pregnancy abdominal pain is generally caused by poor qi and blood and blood blockage.The cause of the cell vein blocking is mostly stagnant.If the abdominal pain is severe and sweaty, you should immediately apply first aid to avoid misunderstanding.

【Literature Do not record】

"Jin Kui Yao Lue · Women’s Pregnancy and Pulse Syllabus": "Answer June and July, the pulse strings are fever, the more the fetus is swollen, the abdominal pain is cold, and the lower abdomen is like a fan.Fuzi Decoction is dirty. "

"Women’s Syndrome Treatment Rope and Fetal Gate": "Pregnancy hurts the abdomen, the fetus is restless, the qi attack is left or right, or the time is upside down.

"Gynecological Jade Glores · Before the fetus": "At the beginning of pregnancy, it is often suffering from abdominal pain. This is because of blood fever, and the name is four pains."

"Blood Syndrome · Blood Blood Story Syndrome": "Pregnant women have less abdominal pain, and they still divide the two ends of the blood. In the water, the bladder gas cannot be turned into water, the child is full of dirty, and the water must not be leaked., Blasting and asthma. The trial is a person who does not have the hot knots, and the guidance of Chi San plus mountain gardening, preventing himself to clear it; the trial is cold and the yang qi does not melt, and the waters of the waters are taken., Orange Nuclear Pills and Poria are also treated. In the blood points, the cells are liver and kidney.When the cell chamber is reached, the tire is cold, the upper lumbar spine, the four 物 decoction, the old paper, the Tauru, and the Ai leaf.Light, use the glue Ai Siwu soup. "

"Fu Qing’s Master Female Science · Pregnancy": "The pregnancy is less painful, and the fetal movement is uneasy. If there is a fall, people only know that the pulse is weak.

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