Pregnancy and smoking

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Harm of smoking in pregnant women

Many people know that smoking can cause cancer, heart disease, and other serious health problems.But smoking during pregnancy can lead to more health problems, including premature birth, certain birth defects, and dying with infants.

1. Smoking can make women more difficult to get pregnant.

2. Smoking during pregnancy is more likely to have a miscarriage.

3. Smoking can cause placenta problems. For example, the placenta will be separated from the uterus prematurely, causing bleeding, which is dangerous to mothers and children.

4. Smoking during pregnancy can lead to premature birth or low birth weight -children will be more likely to get sick, and some babies will even die.

5. Smoking during pregnancy and after delivery is a risk factor for infant death syndrome.

6. Smoking women are more likely to have some birth defects such as lip or cleft palate.

How many women in the United States smoke during pregnancy?

Data from 24 states in 2011:

1. About 10%of women report to smoke 3 months after pregnancy.

2. Five 55%of women who smoke 3 months before pregnancy have quit smoking during pregnancy.Women who quit smoking during pregnancy have 40%smoking again within 6 months after giving birth.

The harm of second -hand smoke to pregnant women and children

Breathing other people’s cigarette smoke will make children and adults who do not smoke and adults, and the smoke of other people’s cigarettes is not safe.

1. Pregnant women breathe other people’s cigarette smoke more likely to lead to low birth weight in infants.

2. Babies breathe other people’s cigarette smoke more likely to have ear infection and more frequent asthma attacks.

3. Infant breathing other people’s cigarette smoke is more likely to die from a sudden death syndrome of infant death.

Family and vehicles are the most often exposed to cigarettes in American children. People may also be exposed from public places, restaurants, and workplaces to cigarettes.

What can I do to avoid cigarettes from others?

It is harmful to exposed to cigarette smoke, even if it is only a little bit of cigarette smoke.The only way to fully protect yourself and the person you love is to create a 100%smoke -free environment.

1. Can be banned in your family and cars.

2. Ask people not to smoke around you and children.

3. Make sure your child’s childcare or school is banned.

4. Choose restaurants and other enterprises for non -smoking, thank you for smoking ban.

5. Teach children to stay away from other people’s cigarettes.

6. Avoid all cigarettes.If you or your child has respiratory problems, if you have heart disease, or if you are a pregnant woman, it will be more dangerous.

7. Learn the harm of second -hand smoke as many as possible.

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